Isn’t this the most gorgeous sight to see when you come back to your room after getting a cup of tea? Makes my heart melt every time 🙂



Well, the blue items he is sitting next to were perhaps the first thing that I made this year. They are a pair of simple, fingerless mittens, made out of acrylic. What amazes me is the warmth of them! I have been using them for all sorts. They are brilliant when out shopping because I am sick of whipping my gloves on and off. Keeps the majority of my hands warm, and I just curl my fingers inside to keep cosy when outside.


You may also have noticed the white blob of work also next to my beautiful Freddy. This was meant to be a wedding veil, or a shawl. I started this, I think a couple of years ago, but as you can see I never got far with it. I am pretty damn pleased with what I did get done, but it is just sitting in the cupboard doing nothing. 576 stitches are still on the needles! I am going to cast it off, block it, and then… try and find a use for it! I have never blocked anything before, so this should be interesting. This was my first VERY big dpn project.



I am looking forward to seeing how big it is when I finally cast off… that is what I will be doing when I leave the post for tonight I think. I shall try and put up the photos tomorrow of the before and after blocking. There is a website link to the whole of the shawl in case anyone would like to see it. It was a very simple shawl to make, and grew very quickly. Unfortunately I just lost where I was in the shawl due to constant pick up, put down moments, and I know for a fact it just won’t get finished. I shall save the yarn for something else, and perhaps try again on something different. It is called the Firmaments Lace Shawl. Beautiful.



Here is a close up of the diamond stitches. These look almost like spades from a pack of cards.



I was so glad I didn’t make any mistakes in this part! These are the diamond stitches, and are so effective. Just a simple knit and yo stitch and voila!



This is what it was knitted out of. I bought two balls of the yarn, because the pattern said it needed to, but I hardly seemed to get anyway through the first ball! I cannot remember the price…something calls out £4 something, but I can’t be sure. I got it from our local Haberdashery market. I love that place… but they could do with some more sales stuff!

Anyway, am going to start on the mammoth task of casting off… let’s see how this turns out!

xXx Love Kais xXx


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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