I thought I would squeeze in another post tonight about what was happening with my cast off, unfinished lace shawl/veil. I managed to cast it all off eventually… it took almost forty minutes!


But I managed to complete it by 00.06am. No wonder I was shattered this morning.


It is eighteen inches across unblocked. The tape measure is from HobbyCraft too… Mum got it for me for Christmas 😀

Then I had the problem… where to block it? The bed isn’t suitable because it is little mans (Freddy’s) territory and I’m terrified he would get pins in his paws. Then I remembered that there were some thick piles of material in the conservatory (brother is a fashion designer). He won’t mind me using them… or I just won’t tell him… I tried laying them out….


And Freddy claimed it as his space 😀 But he shifted eventually after I threw his smiley ball. I laid out two thick piles of material out like this…


I then laid down the shawl and pinned it out, bit by bit. I started pinning the middle, stretching what I needed to. I think that other people may pin it straight away by the edges, but I wanted to start off small. It is how you think you want to do it you go for 🙂





I then simply put the steam settings on my iron and just passed it over the shawl, getting fairly close, but not enough to touch the stitches. And I left it! I shall leave it until tomorrow, because I don’t think it has set quite how I want it, so I will re-steam it. And then the completed photos tomorrow!

xXx Love Kais xXx


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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