Hmm, today was a bit of a wash out when it came to getting things from town that we wanted. I got up early to go with my Dad to the (fairly) local auctions. I didn’t think I would enjoy going to these, but this was my third time. It is only a small auction room, and depending on what people give it can be pretty crammed, or barely anything. But one thing that is always there is chairs, cupboards, china… and books! (My Dad owns a book shop – check it out ‘The History Box’ Annan). There were several boxes of books today…. maybe twelve? Unfortunately none of them were really much good, so we were only going to bid a couple of quid on each. That was a mistake! One of the proprietors of a VERY large book shop was there… AGAIN. I mean, fair enough, everyone is entitled to buy what they want stock wise… but it is really polite to buy up every single box of books in the place? They are completely loaded money-wise, and their shop is amazing. Crammed from the very door all the way to the huge basement with twisting corridors, all the way up to the third floor. I mean… come on, give small businesses a chance!

I had my eye on a rather large box of sewing bits and pieces. There were ribbons and lace, just bits and bobs, a large stack of safety pins, big, heavy box of buttons, some yarn, etc. It looked pretty good, just to have a good sift through. I only wanted to have a small bid on it, so I told my Dad to go to a maximum of £2. The bidding started at £5. Typical! Ended at £12, so I wouldn’t have got it anyway. I’m looking forward to there being some decent, proper wool there, or a fleece… mind you, I think that would be pretty popular too. Can’t wait to see if there is a spinning wheel!

Afterwards, we drove up to the new HobbyCraft shop. I love this place. I HATE the expense that they sell items for however, but I do try and go when there is a sale. It is such a pretty place, so bright and airy, and so inviting. There is a big table full of clearance stuff when you go in, but I have learnt not to keep rummaging through there otherwise I will keep buying stuff I don’t need! I came in specifically for the 3 for 2 yarn sale that was on. I bought ten balls of yarn, a book and some gorgeous ribbons.


These are so pretty. 100% wool. Freedom Spirit Chunky. (£1.80 a ball, 3 for 2). 200g of the reddish colour, and 50g of each of the others. I have no idea what to make with this… but it was too good an opportunity to miss. Any ideas what to make?


I cannot rate these yarns highly enough! Patons Smoothie is possibly the most magical yarn I have ever worked with. It knits and crochets up like bamboo cotton, has a lovely drape, and just feels so beautiful. They are 100g and you can get so much out of them. I am in love! These were to make up the half finished colours in my set. (I went online and bought every single one of their solid colours that was not in HobbyCraft. I will show my Patons Smoothie stash later on). They are a little expensive at £2.99, but at 3 for 2 work out not too bad. On PurpleLindaCrafts online, they are £2.65 each with fabulous delivery service. I have crocheted some wonderful booties out of this yarn, but plan on perhaps making some baby tops, as it has a very similar look (IMHO) to some cashmere yarns.


I looked down underneath one of the tables in HobbyCraft and couldn’t believe my eyes. Rowan Coccoon for only £2.99! It was such a shame there was only one left because I would have bought loads! It is 80% merino and 20% kid mohair. I feel stupidly happy to actually have some Rowan wool because it is so expensive. (£7.95ish per 100g). The colour is ‘Petal.’ Very sweet, very delicate colour. Again, I don’t know what to make, but as I recently had twelve knitting magazines won from eBay, I will hopefully find something in there. Perhaps a nice cowl or some mittens.


I can’t believe I got this for £2.99 either! This is a brilliant book, with fantastic illustration. You can knit male and female characters, with nineteen different sports to cater for. You can even knit the objects too, such as a canoe and a bow and arrow! Can’t wait to start on these. I’ll leave you a funny picture from the back of the book. I was in stitches…


xXx Love Kais xXx


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  1. Hobbycraft has this alluring way of trapping you in a time warp of sorts and can spend ages there! I totally took advantage of the whole 3 for 2 yarn top 🙂

    Both book shops sound interesting!

    • Aww thanks. Our shop is only a small shop, mainly specialising in history and military stuff. I know right! HobbyCraft is insanely good! I would go there every day if I could… I want to win the lottery!

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