I’ve been a bit bored the past few days and don’t seem to have much motivation to do anything. I’ve been so fed up with the job situation lately. I am a qualified primary teacher, and there are just no jobs out there. Everyone says, ‘Oh, yeah, they are screaming out for teachers.’ Uhhh, no, no they aren’t. Every job posted has at least one hundred applicants. Most of them will be NQTS. (Newly Qualified Teachers, like me). I don’t understand what I am doing wrong with my applications because I am just NOT getting ANY interviews. But any feedback I have had lately is that I have no work experience. I can’t get work experience because people won’t give me a job. I can’t even do work experience in Scottish schools either until I’m in with the GTCS and on the local supply list. Has anyone tried getting onto the GTCS? Yeah, riot of fun! It’s ridiculous the amount of paperwork that has to be sent off. I have had a small problem with my PVG and it’s taking so much longer to do than normal. Did I mention the fact I have to pay for this registration? £179!!! (And as far as I am aware, you have to pay to stay on the register every year too. It’s disgusting). It is so Catch-22 when trying to get a job these days. I don’t get the job I want because I don’t have any work experience *insert frustrated scream* and I can’t get a retail or part-time job because I’m overqualified. I mean, I find myself wishing that I had never gone to University most of the time. It was a complete and utter waste of four years of my life. 

Anyway, perhaps I should talk of happier things? Well, since I have plenty of time to myself *ARGH* then I am trying to learn some new skills. I went to our local haberdashery and had a good look through all of the pretty materials, and in the sales bin at all the wool and yarn that was there. (There wasn’t too much of the good stuff left; when the sale started I took almost all of the cotton yarns and the other interesting ones… all £1 each!). I had planned the night before that I wanted to have a go on the sewing machine that has sat on my dresser drawers for the past few months. I would like to make a double pointed needle roll bag. I plan on having a nice outside material, with a contrasting inside with slim pockets to slip the needles into. I would then put some cotton tape around the outside to hide the edges; then it would be rolled up and then tied with a simple ribbon. I perhaps would need to create a plan first. What do you think of this material? 


Yes, that is Freddys paw in the corner 😀 But yeah, I LOVE the white material with the roses on it, so I think I will use that first to be the outside of the roll. I will use the red piece with the flowers on it to be the contrasting inside. I also bought some contrasting polka dot material which I can’t wait to use either! I think I would like the white with red dots on the outside, with the opposite on the inside. I think the cotton tape I bought will go brilliantly around both pieces too. I didn’t know if we have any thread in the house either… no-one sews at the moment because my brother who sews now lives in Glasgow. And some more pins, because I had bent most of them attempting to block my previous made items. (Well worth it I think :D). I made a quick sketch of what I would hopefully like to achieve by the end. 


I understand it anyway! 😀 I shall probably make a start on that when I manage to sort out most of my room. It’s a bit of a tip at the moment because there is so much stuff I want to get rid of on a car boot sale. We also need to sort out the shed and the conservatory. Both are crammed with our book shops extra stock! And the conservatory is full of my stuff from when I moved back home after University. I haven’t looked in those boxes for probably almost a year… I wonder what I will find!? 

I sorted out quite a bit of my yarn today. Mainly my good stuff, and not just the big bag of random balls of acrylic, and the smaller bag of all the odds and ends of the balls. I worked out that I had seven KG’s of yarn! 😀 Oh, I almost forgot, I got some lovely mohair yarn delivered this morning. Some beautiful pink and purple colours. 


Isn’t it such pretty stuff? The pink is a lovely pale shade of pink, whereas the purple is very light too. The photo makes it look almost blue. But they are most delicate shades and I think they would contrast one another very nicely. (I wonder how many times I have said contrast in this post?!) I made my Nannys some lovely angora and mohair fingerless mittens for Christmas, and I thought I would make a whole load more for other people with this yarn. It is 100% acrylic, but soooo warm and cosy! So fluffy! The pink one cost only £2.42 the whole pack, and the purple one cost only £2.20 the entire pack, so I think I got a really good bargain. 

I have also been watching some more of Jeopardy today. Fantastic show. I’ve stopped myself three or more episodes from the end now, so I have something to look forward to. I remember enjoying it as a child, but am adoring it now. I never realised it was soooooooooooo good! I am so attached to the characters, grrr! I wonder what I can watch next… the person who put it on Youtube has some other old programmes to watch, so I might have a look at what else there is. I perhaps need to keep watching ‘Otherworld.’ Does anyone remember this? I think it was made in the eighties (before my time) but my parents cannot recall it. It’s about a family that somehow get transported into another world and need to keep blending in with the others before they can find their way home. It’s pretty odd, and they seem to be in each world a pretty long time (in one world the eldest son goes into an elite training programme and completes it). I am terrible at explaining things, so the best thing to do would be to go on Wikipedia. I enjoy scary programmes, anything to do with the paranormal. I enjoyed watching both series of Bedlam, both seasons of American Horror Story, and a few others. Can anyone recommend something I can really get into? I get so much knitting done when I’m watching something that grips me. Makes me knit faster for some reason, haha. When I’m getting scared my fingers blur! I found myself grabbing the dogs paw when I jumped at something on Jeopardy, haha. 

Anyway, I’m off to go and try a sock mitten pattern I just found on Facebook. Looks like it could be pretty interesting. Dad said he wanted some fingerless mittens for when he is typing, and this might be a very simple option… until I knit or crochet some anyway. AND my boyfriend is coming for a couple of nights which is awesome! He lives in Glasgow so we see each other every weekend. I like our relationship this way. We don’t get under each others feet by seeing each other constantly, and we look forward to seeing each other more. Well, it’s lasted almost six months like this and we are still going strong. Can’t believe it’s been that long already though! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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