I’ve not posted for a few days, but that’s ok, I can’t post every day… sometimes there is just nothing note-worthy to talk about. I have however had a pretty good few days and one ok-ish one.

On Friday I went to go and assist in the local dog charity shop with my Mother. I really enjoy doing this work. I have no problem volunteering in charity shops, and because it is with dogs it makes me want to do it so much more. (Dogs are a MASSIVE part of my life). I spent most of the morning sorting out knitting patterns. There was a shelf which was simply stuffed with odd paper patterns, books and the odd puzzle box. I managed to sort it all out and put them into separate folders. I had to sit on the floor to do this, but as you would imagine, I kept as close to the wall as possible, and there was a wide berth around me for those who wished to walk past. (I know how frustrating it is when someone is in your way, so I kept myself as small as possible). Unfortunately, as usual, there is always someone who complains. Now, if I was making a nuisance of myself and spreading everything on the floor I would have understood. If the person who complained had asked me themselves, I would have understood. But no. This person, or rather, couple, complained loudly, in front of my Mother, ‘I can’t even get past because there is someone in the f-ing way.’ How rude is that? He hadn’t even tried to get past. The thing is though, this couple is in every Friday, before 1pm. They are ALWAYS rude. They are always making snide comments. And they STINK of cigarette smoke. It’s overpowering. I refuse to serve them. They shout over about the prices of things in the shop and complain if it is too high. (This is the cheapest charity shop I have EVER been in). They buy anything and everything, and you can guarantee that they will be in in the next few days because they don’t want it anymore, and want their money back. I mean… seriously? They bought a mirror the other day, a heavy framed mirror. They carried it home, and bought it back to the shop because it was too heavy for their wall. They are insane. I just turn my back on them and I know it annoys them. If they want me to respect them, they can start respecting me and everyone else.

But! I had to go get my boyfriend from the train station only half an hour later, and I told him the story. He was annoyed that someone would talk about me like that. I told him not to worry and that they are just not worth it. We had a lovely few days together. He only stayed from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, but we enjoyed every minute. We got a take-away from the local Chinese and took it home… nom nom nom! We had a little man staring at us the entire way through our meal. (Freddy). But we did not crack! The food was just soooooo good. The boyfriend had been going on and on about wanting to go to the take-away again because he had loved it the previous time he had been at mine. But that time we stayed in the very small restaurant. It was nice, but I think we would have liked a larger… and not so empty place.

On the Saturday we went into a car boot sale, and a small market. It took about 35-40 minutes to get there. Usually I don’t find anything I like, but this time I did. On one of the middle stalls there were two large crate like boxes, and each one were filled with balls of wool! At only 50p each! I had a good rummage through them, and I think I came up with some pretty damn good finds.


I was particularly pleased with the red wool on the right. Freedom wool, by Twilleys of Stamford, 50g. Got two of those. I also got 4 x Hayfield Authentic Cotton Rich Lightweight DK, 63% cotton, 37% acrylic, 50g. 2 x Stylecraft Kon-Tiki DK, 50% cotton, 50% acrylic, 50g. The last one is a simple Aran with 20% wool, 65% acrylic and 15% nylon, 100g. I’m sure I will find a nice pattern to go with this one, perhaps some chunky mitts, and/or a cowl of some sorts.

Sunday was a relaxing day, with just a trip to the tip (we have been sorting the garden) and dropping my boyfriend off at the station. On the way to the tip, I noticed that on the fences where sheep were grazing there were tufts of raw fleece. I was very tempted to get out of the car and grab it, but due to time constraints, did not. This perhaps might be something I may be tempted to do in the future, in summer time. Perhaps take a bike and pedal down to the areas where I have seen it. It’s just taking bits and pieces from the fence that would get washed away anyway. It’s just practice stuff. Ooh, talking about that, I ordered some lovely Merino wool tops on Sunday night too, at awesome prices. I got cerise, sunshine and forest green for £9.17 altogether, with only £2.50 postage! Postage is what puts me off so many products on eBay, but this isn’t surprising really, with the amount of people scamming and making up prices. If I see a product with a ridiculously high postage price, I just won’t even bother looking at it… how can people justify this blatant stealing? Mind you, the postal service is just theft these days. I feel sick at the thought of sending parcels at the prices they charge. Even a standard letter is a stupid price… 60p for a 1st Class Stamp that won’t get there any quicker than a 2nd class one?

Today has been a bit of a… well, panicky day. I had to go into hospital for a pre-operative assessment. I am going to have a tonsilectomy and an adenoidectomy, and as I have never had an operation before, I am, in a word, terrified. I had to get completely checked over, bloods taken, urine sample, ECG, everything. I took my knitting with me and a magazine, but I never got a chance to do them. The staff at that hospital saw me early and were just lovely. I had to answer a bunch of questions and do a pee test…. urgh! Thankfully I had just drank at least a litre of tea before hand! Then the nurse told me that I had to do a blood test. I’m pretty squeamish and can’t handle pain… not when I know it is coming anyway. I’m a wimp. She gave the ‘it’s just a scratch line,’ and I was like…’I’ve heard that one before.’ Haha. But I haven’t had it done before so I was panicky. It hurt quite a bit because I wasn’t perhaps relaxed enough, but she couldn’t get the vein. She got someone else to try this a bit later on. I then went and had an ECG to check my heart, and that was all normal. Then to the anesthetist. He was lovely and tried to calm my fears. I had to talk to him because of the risks involved with someone like me. I have very, VERY bad sleep apnoea. For those who don’t know what it is, this is when you stop breathing in your sleep. The Doctor didn’t think it was too bad at first, but it turned out that yeah, it was! I stopped breathing for almost a minute at a time, and this wasn’t just once in a while, this was every other minute, for the entire night. They saw that I had massive tonsils. The tonsil on the left side blocks that side of the windpipe, so I am effectively taking in half of the air that I could be taking in. I also have, just to be picky, enlarged adenoids too. This explains why I have never been able to breathe out my nose comfortably (mouth breather, what a horrible expression) and I always feel like my nose is blocked. The Doctor told me that when I have these out I shall feel like a new woman. I hope so! I’m just worried for the pain and the questions of, will I wake up afterwards? As that is a risk because of sleep apnoea that I will react differently to the drugs they give me. They are going to keep me in overnight in the High Dependency Ward to keep an eye on me afterwards. I know there are going to be some fabulous Dr’s and nurses there and I do have faith in them, but there is still that scared feeling at the back of my mind… but everyone has that. I will need to decide on what knitting to bring in to keep myself occupied throughout the day!

Something that cheered me up was buying this nice book from one of the charity shops. It was a bit more expensive than I would normally buy, but it just seemed such a lovely book. What do you think?


It was printed in 1987, and the patterns are wonderful, and the stitch library is extensive. It shows knitting, crochet and sewing patterns. Check these out…



Aren’t they lovely? Lots of old looking patterns, but some I will def. have a go at, especially the baby crochet clothes. I would very much like to improve my crochet. I made two crochet wash cloths the other day, the ends just need weaving in. I will post photos later on.

Anyway, I think I must go now, I am starting with the flu. Achey head, achey joints, thick, fuzzy head, anything cold hurts to touch. I think it is time to go for a sleep.

Good night all, sweet dreams.

xXx Love Kais xXx


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