Hello again. 

Today hasn’t been too bad again. I started to train at the Post Office today. It was pretty easy going… just a lot to learn. The manager made me work the computer for every transaction which although scary, certainly helped me a lot. I can’t say much about it obviously, for security reasons and all that jazz, but I enjoyed my day. It’s just a shame I can only work there for four hours a week. Ah well! Still a great day. 

I got home, ate some much needed toast and settled on the sofa with Freddy for an afternoon of knitting and ‘4 in a bed.’ Sounds a terrible title! It is about three or four B and B owners who go and inspect other B and B’s and score them marks out of ten of how nice it is. Yeah… course it is. So much bitching going on, foul play and ridiculous behaviour. It really gets me angry when I see most of them run their fingers over picture frames or over the top of the wardrobe and make funny faces when they see the tiniest amount of dust! There is dust in the world. Fact. I mean, they make the silliest, stupidest comments ever, e.g. her knife was facing the wrong way round. I mean, come on! She made so many belittling comments to the couple who had a beautiful B and B. (Her B and B, although in a posh area of London… sucked big time. It was awful!). But I shouldn’t complain really if I am watching that rubbish! 

One thing I do like watching on TV and I cannot understand why is cooking programmes. I watch ‘Come Dine with Me’ occasionally, and I love ‘Masterchef.’ I liked the ‘Great British Bakeoff’ when that was on too. I have no idea why, because I cannot cook and hate doing so! Well, maybe not hate doing it, but I am too lazy to actually start. When I am up and cooking I don’t mind it so much. Talking of dinner, I have to make my own tonight, bleurgh! I’m sure there are noodles somewhere…. 

So, what else has been happening? I finished a small wash cloth today, in the shape of a leaf. It is blocking just now, and I hope it will block correctly because I have never blocked cotton before. 

Here is it, unblocked and the ends not sewn in. 


It is made from Puppets Lyric Knitting and Crochet Cotton.  It is lovely to work with. My local HobbyCraft seems to only stock white and beige. I was very happy to know that they do more colours that that! I have seen them for £2.00 on a website, so I may place an order for some more. It is £2.29 in HobbyCraft. I tried to email them asking if they would be stocking more colours… but for some reason it failed. Their online site is awful. For such a big company I would expect a decently running website with a good catalogue. I have heard that they will be updating it with a full catalogue soon, so I will wait! By the way, its a 50g ball, with roughly 70m if you use a 4.00mm needle. 

I was so excited to see how much my cress had grown since yesterday, so I went and checked on it about an hour ago. All the seeds have germinated! 


I took the top layer of the paper towel from the cress seeds, and half of them were stuck on it. So, I simply removed this towel and placed it in another tub. Now, I have two lovely tubs of cress growing. Can’t wait to see tomorrows results!

Got to go now, here’s a picture that made me smile today. 



He posed like this just for the camera. Such a clever boy. 🙂 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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