Ooh yet again, more than a week since my last post. Never mind! There has been a few things happening this week. 

I got some supply work! It was only for the day in a Year 2 class, but it was an absolute pleasure. The children were mostly very good, just excitable. If anyone is interested, making fortune tellers is an excellent activity for children this age. They find them completely fascinating and they are so versatile. We did ours with the theme of space. They had to choose four colours for the astronauts space suit, then pick the number of people that were in space with them, then the final number was how many people were out of the space ship with them at a certain time. The ‘fortunes’ were what had happened to them in space, e.g. eaten by space rats! or found space treasure! But the kids honestly adored it, I feel sorry for their parents being asked ‘pick a colour!’ constantly until bedtime. But it is a lovely activity to while away an hour. 

What else did I do? I knitted a lovely newborn or slightly larger than a newborn size cardigan. It is a rather chunky light blue acrylic with little dark blue spots. It fits my new born doll perfectly. It has been finished off wonderfully with some white flower buttons with a dark blue edging. 


Here it is laid out flat to see a little more clearly. 


The main body of it nearer the bottom is of a sort of feather and fan design. Very simple, very quick, and very easy. It was knitted from the top down, the arms were worked on dpns afterwards. So, no sewing up afterwards except for the ends that were poking out. The design is on Ravelry. I loved knitting this as it was very satisfying. I didn’t think I would have enough yarn to finish it, and I didn’t! I searched the house for two small hats that I had previously made with the same yarn (I thought I would have enough, but didn’t) so I could undo them. But they were no-where to be seen. I was very pleased that there is a B and M very close to my boyfriends house in Glasgow, so I was able to nip in there and grab another ball of the exact same colour! Not many people may know it, but B and M has some lovely acrylic in there for… £1.29 I think, and £1.69 chunky, which is what I bought. It also has some real wool in there at the moment at £1.99, in dark pink, green and… I think purple as well. Poundland has some lovely yarn in Clydebank as well, only 50g a ball but some beautiful colours. 

Oh, talking of yarn! I made an amazing discovery in Clydebank. In a shop called ‘Watt Brothers’ at the back of it is a huge wall just filled with yarn! Wendy, and Robin wool, and acrylics. Very good prices. Big, thick, chunky wool at only £1.19 a ball, and same with acrylic. The acrylic is 5 for £5! I don’t know how I didn’t just buy one of every single colour. Perhaps next time I have some money I will go and buy some. I am attempting to try and use up my stash at the moment. I think I am getting through it quite well, e.g. purple shrug, wash cloths, and baby cardigan. 

I haven’t been at home for a few days as I have been staying with my boyfriend. I went up a day earlier which was lovely. We didn’t do too much really as he was at College some of the time. We did have a nice wander about in Clydebank however, and a super romantic bath with some candles. That was wonderful, especially because he thought of it. We also watched ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ and ‘The Faculty.’ 

I have been really worried about the job market again lately. I got rejected for an interview AGAIN. I’m getting sick of it now. I had a good look online for some more jobs, but every job seems to be through an agency. If I am not signed up with that agency, I can’t apply for that job. I mean, what the hell. It’s SO unfair. So, I had a look at what courses I am able to sign up for. Because I already have a (seemingly useless) degree, I am unable to get funding for anything else other than a PGDE/PGCE. (Post Graduate Degree/Certificate in Education). Which I didn’t get into Uni for. So, I can’t afford it! I cannot even use the £200 funding from the ILA because I have a degree. So, basically, if you have a degree, you’re screwed, no-one will help you. I was better off without a degree. Right, and now the good news. I managed to find a course completely online for teaching English. It is the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)  course. It was £189 for a 120 hour course. It was £249. Once you have this certificate you can teach practically anywhere abroad, and it looks way better on the certificate. Since the location of where I live is pretty naff when it comes to conventions and classes, I opted for the complete online course, because I have had teaching practice beforehand, obviously. 

This course includes 60 hours of TEFL online, 20 hours of online Grammar study, 4 x 10 hours specialist TEFL certificates (business, one to one, limited resources and children). It also included a free 60 hour TEFL Teacher Lesson Pack and free resources. I have done the first module in the 60 hour, and managed to get 84%, so a pass. There are quite a few really good resources with it, so I have been doing lots of reading. I have missed doing course work, I enjoy learning. I don’t think that I will be doing any tonight, but it will start again tomorrow. 

Ooh, my cress has been growing fairly well over the few days that I have been away. It has definitely been getting longer. 


It’s getting pretty good now! I tried a little bit of it, and it tastes loooooooooovely! 

Right, I am off now to finish watching South Park and to do some more knitting. I have started making some little yellow duck feet booties. There are 0-3 months old. The yarn I am using is pretty naff, so it is really only a practice piece. I have learnt how to do the ‘wrap and turn’ sequence, after ageeees! I am still quite unconvinced of its necessity and much prefer other methods of making socks. But then again, learning new skills! This is how far I have got. 



I shall see if I can finish the first one tonight. 

Anyway! Here is a photo of Freddy. Love you, my little man. He could so be a model. 


xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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