This has been a good week again. Just been doing the usual really. Let’s have some photos of my week. 


The cress is growing fairly well, but it seems to die at some points, and then the next day it seems revived. I don’t understand it! I think when we next have a salad or a sandwich I shall put all this cress in it, then replace the paper towels and fill the whole things with cress seeds. 


These are some old German books that my Dad got in a box of books from the auction. Some of them are still very useful, but some have some very odd phrases in them, well, not odd, but perhaps phrases we would no longer use. Here are some examples – 

1. ‘I say, Porter! Come here!’ 

2. ‘I did not engage a berth.’ 

3. ‘We shall certainly complain to the British Consul.’ 

4. ‘The air -service is excellent.’ 

5. ‘You are wrong. You must take nourishment.’ 

These made me giggle a little at the time, but I’m sure they would have been used at some point or another. I am a very big fan of trying to learn German. I am not fantastic, and I can read it better than I speak it. My boyfriend is going to go to Germany in eeek, fourteen days! Only two weeks!! I am trying to get him learning some phrases. He has learnt a few basic ones, which is pretty good going. I just love the thought of being able to speak in a language that very few people will understand in this country. I love Germany, or at least the thought of it, and I am desperate to go to Berlin, and to Hamelin. I need to buy a passport first though, haha. I would love to do the FairyTale Ride throughout Germany. Boyfriend is going to go to Dusseldorf, and then on a train to Berlin. Soooo lucky! He is going to bring me back some German magazines, which I am so looking forward towards seeing. Maybe a German newspaper too. Ein Deutsches Zeitung. (Think that is how it is spelled anyway). 

Hmm, what else? Talking of boyfriend, (referred to now as A), I bought him a present! It was just from a local charity shop, but we are going to use it when we are in Blackpool at the beach in Lytham St Annes. Cannot wait! 


A is really into Batman and DC Comics, and Marvel Comics and all that stuff. Spiderman, Batman, Superman… he loves them all! I’ve bought him little bits of comic stuff when I see them. And I thought that he would love this. Can’t wait to try it out. At Christmas last year, I bought him a DC Comics quiz book. He loves it, and so does his friend, also mad on the stuff! 


This is my little lady, Isa. She is over two now, and such a gorgeous little girl. I love her so damn much. She is so friendly, has NEVER bitten anyone and is just a delight. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a wonderful hamster as her. She will run all over you and is so friendly. Once, I put her down my top, and she feel asleep on my chest, which was wonderful. 


She has beautiful red eyes. These are not the best photos, but these are what I have taken in the last few days. Ooh, talking of photos, my beautiful camera is bust! I was so sad. It won’t turn on at all. And it beeps if I try. I think the lens is out of place personally, but I don’t know how. Ah well, A has given me his old camera and it’s pretty good for now. Just drains the battery fairly quickly. That’s why I loved my camera, the charge seemed to last forever! 

Right, lets the see creative side of this week then. 


This was a very simple knit, although it took quite a bit of time, being most stocking stitch! It is a nappy cover. I was trying to do the smallest size, but it isn’t by the looks of it! It’s too big to fit comfortably on my Phillipa doll, and FAR too big for the newborn doll. But maybe that is because Phillipa doesn’t wear a nappy? Anyway, it needs some buttons added on to it to make it complete. I got this pattern from Ravelry. I love the colours of them. The blue was just some acrylic I had in my cupboard, and then the pinky-red was some I got from Bergere De France ‘Stitch’ magazine.


The socky shaped like a ducks foot is made from Patons Smoothie Yellow. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with. Smooth and soft. The only criticism I have is that when you start working with it, the strands separate which is kinda annoying. But it sorts itself out after a while. I have not made the other one yet, so that is a job that needs doing when I have a spare time. 

The purple and mint green socks were pretty quick to knit up too. The way to knit the heel is different to anything I have ever knitted before. It uses Wrap and Turn. I never understood this before, and now suddenly, BAM! I understood! Then in quick succession, I made some socks! The first sock I made (underneath the other sock) has several small mistakes. There are some gaps at the sides of the heel where I had to change colour, and also I knitted the decreases in the wrong place. But it worked out okish, so I’m fairly pleased. I completed the second one today in about an hour and a half? I think I could easily do a pair in a day. I love these socks and I have been desperate to knit some. The Patons Smoothie is just the right yarn to work with for this project. The book called for Rowan Cotton Glace, but obviously, I don’t have that. (I don’t have many, if any, expensive yarns). I use Patons Smoothie for anything that looks like it has a sheeny shine on it in the picture, e.g. Baby Cashmerino. (I would love to buy some of that stuff, but I just cannot justify a fiver a ball at the moment). By the way, the book is ‘Cute Knits for Baby Feet, by Sue Whiting.’ It has some lovely ideas for socks, and I would knit most of them. However, there are some points that I dislike about this book. 

1. Plenty of the socks have their patterns swiss darned on them. For a knitting book, I would expect them to be knitted INTO the design itself. However, several are knitted in. 

2. I personally dislike Wrap and Turn stitches, and that is what every sock has. However, I am more comfortable with this stitch now, so it is a bit easier. 

3. It is a bit of a difficult instruction on how to graft stitches. I find the one on Knitty a lot better. I just found this one left unanswered questions. 

However, it does have some good points!

1. The photos are beautiful and show you exactly what the sock looks like on and off, both sides. 

2. There are a good range of designs in it, e.g. animals, novelty, and simple socks. (30 altogether). 

3. They go up in a good range of sizes, right from newborn to two years.  

I got this in The Works, and found it to be an excellent buy, though perhaps not for a beginner sock knitter. 

Anyway! Did not think I was going to be doing a review, but that’s how it turned out! 

I mentioned in a previous post that I bought an online course for TEFL. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). I have passed two quizzes now (84% each). The quizzes were ok, but I found the bit where you type in the word a bit confusing. I used a different word that meant exactly the same thing in the sentence, yet it was marked wrong. Annoying! But I passed. I also completed an assignment with two big questions in it. It said that you must write a minimum of 150 words per questions. I did 976 for the first part, and over 1000 for the second! I like to be thorough and precise. It got marked almost straightaway, which I was very pleased about. However, for the price I’m paying I could have done with a little most constructive feedback on my written work. Don’t get me wrong, I did well. The first answer was ‘very perceptive and detailed,’ and the second answer was, ‘very strong.’ All good stuff, but you know… bit more, please? I need to start on the next module… Grammar. Very hard looking stuff! This module bit I am doing now is focusing on nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc. I never knew there were so many different types of verbs, etc. Words I would never have classified in a certain word category… are there in that category, haha. I think I just need some quiet time to sit down and work at it. Perhaps I could take my laptop to the local library and sit in peace and quiet and do it. That would be nice. 

I think I must go now, chips for tea, nom nom! I will leave with this wonderful picture of Freddy doing what he normally does in my room. 


xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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