Hello again. 

Well, that’s it all done. I have now had my tonsils and adenoids removed. It was… shall we say, an interesting experience. 

We got there for eleven and waited in a small room with a bed and sink in, with a toilet in an adjoining room. We were there half an hour before a student nurse came in and took some details. Not being funny, but it doesn’t give you the greatest confidence when you have to spell out everything… She even got the tape measure out to measure my lower legs for support stockings and asked which side was inches and which side was centimetres. Another things that didn’t help was when the surgeon came in, didn’t have the correct papers about my sleep study and promptly informed me I would have another two hours to wait until I would go into theatre! I got quite upset then as I was told that I was going in at one o clock so to wait another two hours whilst getting pretty antsy was horrible. I crocheted myself a small hair scrunchie to hold my hair back as I wasn’t allowed a hair band in the theatre. 

Eventually they knocked on the door to come and get me. I was so embarrassed that they made me get into the bed, and then wheeled me down the corridor… boy, was it cold! I was in my backsideless gown at that time, haha. We got into a lift and went downstairs and into the surgery unit. I was put in the recovery unit to get onto the theatre bed. There they attached wires and stuff. I was then wheeled into a theatre, nothing like I had ever seen. It was just like a plan room with a sink and some machines and some cupboards. Just nothing, lol. They put a needle in the back of my left hand. It stung a bit, but wasn’t too bad. They must have layered sticker after sticker on it to keep it in place, haha. They then put an oxygen mask on my face and told me just to breathe. I didn’t feel anything at first. Then suddenly my whole body just went so heavy from my shoulders to my feet. It was a horrible feeling. I think I put my hand up to move the mask from my face saying, ‘I don’t like it, get it off.’ I didn’t feel in the least bit sleepy. 

The next thing I know, the operation is done with and I’m in the recovery room! I wake up pretty slowly and I’m sure someone was talking to me. I sort of moved my hands around but I couldn’t focus on anything as my vision was horrible blurry. I couldn’t swallow in the slightest as my throat was so numb. That was so weird. The woman next to me (the nurse) gave me a tiny sip of water as my mouth was the driest it has ever been. It was so strange being that dry. The water was delicious and I had to sip it several times. I spat some of it out because it was hard to swallow and it was red. Yucky. I asked them to tell Mum that I was out and they did. The clock said 5pm on the wall which puzzled me as I went in at 3.30pm and the operation took only half an hour. I believe that I was only going to be asleep for the surgery and then woken up straight afterwards, but Mum said they let you wake up in your own time. I was wheeled into the High Dependency Unit for the night. It wasn’t too necessary but they wanted to keep an eye on me there. Mum came in and we chatted for a bit. I was able to talk straight away afterwards. I mean, I can talk pretty well still, but then it didn’t hurt much at all, just gradually. I was in a ward with two elderly men but I think they were in a pretty bad way, poor guys. I had some jelly and ice-cream but it tasted disgusting because of the taste of the operation in my mouth. 

I had my laptop with me which was good otherwise I would have been driven mad. I could barely knit as I had a finger oxygen clip on one finger. I still did some though. It took me so long to get to sleep, must have been around midnight I think. What I found out was that when I went to go for a wee my legs almost staggered. It was very odd, but what was weird was that I found it very hard to pee, but I think that was part of the anaesthetic. But thinking of it, I went for a pee at 8amish this morning… and haven’t been since. (It’s now quarter past six pm). If I haven’t gone by ten then perhaps I need to get that looked at. 

I woke up on and off until about 7.30am where I was woken up to get a glucose finger prick test again. (3rd time). At 2am I was also woken up as the guy on the left of me seemed to be having some sort of trouble. I think something went wrong with this tubes, but he seemed ok in the morning. 

When I woke up I did some more knitting, watched Psychoville on my laptop (as that was the DVD in The Brittas Empire DVD case) and had some breakfast. Porridge and a slice of bread with butter and marmalade. I ate the bread which was nice, but the porridge? Bleurgh!! Also had a cup of tea… yumyum! Just what I had been waiting for. I then had a quick shower and got dressed. I finished the washing cloth that I was knitting. (When we left I gave the nurse the wash cloth and said she could keep it. She loved it and said she was going to give it to her 97 year old mother as it was so soft. Love it!). 

The consultant came to see me at about quarter to ten and said, ‘Wow! I should take a photo of you so everyone can see how they will be after the operation!’ I had a grin on my face as I felt fine and just wanted to go home. But I did genuinely feel fine! They discharged me and the pharmacist gave me some drugs which have worked pretty well. 

It has been such a lovely, sunny day today. I was so happy to go outside and get some fresh air. Mum picked me up and we nipped in to see Dad and say hello. We then went to Tescos and came out with eight hanging baskets and three twelve plant tubs! I will have to put a photo up later, then SDCard isn’t working too well at the moment. 

Anyway, in a bit of pain before trying to eat so it is proving difficult. But then again, it has been only a day and half since they have been removed. I know it will be worse in a few days, groan. I have taken some paracetamol an hour ago which has helped quite a bit. Next set of painkillers is at about 9.20ish. Agges away, so hopefully the hours will wile away quickly. 

I bought some long nails today, some 125mm ones to make a blending hackle with. Well, Dad to make, haha. I found a washer on the street whilst I sent off a job application earlier today, so that was lucky! I can use that as a diz. (What a horrible word!) 

Oh, talking of job applications yesterday Dad phoned me at the hospital to say that I have an interview on the 7th May! It is for a Secondary School HLTA but that is a definite start. I am ver much hoping for an interview from a Primary School on the coast, but I will say yes to this job first if they ask me. I don’t hold out much chance again, but I’m very happy I got the interview. 

Anyway, I think I might do some spinning and watch some comedy show. I’ve been watching ‘Waking The Dead,’ but I don’t think I can concentrate on it very well. I think this blog post is a complete muddle but there you go. I apologise to anyone reading it! Omg… yawning hurts so much and I’m so tired. That’s so irritating and sore and will make me moodier than I already am. Perhaps I’d better try for a sleep? 

Nighty night all. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

Ooh, it’s gonna be all go tomorrow! I can’t believe that this day has come around so quickly.

Let’s see, what do I need (or want) to take with me? Got my pajamas all sorted (including A’s T-Shirt) and my dressing gown, personal stuff, pills, will buy some magazines tomorrow, PSP and some knitting. Think I am going to make some simple wash cloths again with some cotton I have in my wool stash. Need to charge up my phone and remember my charger and headphones. (I can’t stand silence so I think I’m going to listen to my phone radio as much as possible if I can. I’ll wonder if I can take my laptop, but only if I have a locked cupboard next to me to put it in at night. I hate to think of people stealing things, but it happens.

I got a new camera the other day, exactly the same as my old one, but silver. My last ones lens went funny but it was the best camera I ever had. I had been given a new one on my birthday but it was not what I expected. (I chose the camera but it just wasn’t what I wanted). I took the new one back to the shop fully intending to swap it for a cheaper one more suited to my needs. This one seemed to blur every photo in which someone moved. And I take a lot of photos of my pets. I said to the customer assistant that I would like a camera with ‘pet’ or ‘sport’ or ‘baby’ settings. He looked at me like I was stupid and said that every camera had ‘intelligent auto,’ and would take the pictures according to the light and settings. I said that it didn’t work for this camera but he made me feel so small and that I hadn’t a clue what I was talking about. VERY annoying. I was going to go for another camera there but after that rude man I asked for my money back. Thankfully the cashier was very nice and gave it back. I thought that I would try and get the same phone I had previously so looked on eBay and found a cheap, brand new one for £35! That included postage too. And it’s awesome! 😀

A came round this weekend which was lovely. We didn’t do much but it was still lovely. We watched ‘Waking the Dead’ and ‘Nighty Night.’ He hated the main character so much and in his own words, ‘wanted to punch her in the face.’ Seriously, watch the programme, Julia Davis is so funny, but so outrageous!

So, what else have I been doing?


This is nearly all of the wool that came from the jumper. I washed it in the previous post and left it out to dry. Unfortunately, even a few days later, the wool is ever so slightly damp in some of them. The rest however were dry 🙂 I don’t know what to do with it all, I might just leave it for now.

I finished spinning the natural ramie fiber. Gotta say I don’t want to do it again, haha. I found it so fluffy and airy and the hairs got EVERYWHERE. The amount of times I was taking the hair out of my mouth was horrible. And it left patches of hair all over what I was wearing… heres a tip – do not wear dark clothes if spinning this fiber. Yucky!

Here is what it looked like.


It looks nice and shiny and all very well, but oh no. It also feels tough and stringy, even though it is smoothish to the touch. I don’t think I will do much with this either.

I got such a wonderful package from World of Wool! Look at this beautiful set.


From top L – R. Corriedale pack of three (grey, white and brown) 300g, Jacobs top 200g, Black Jacobs top 100g, Whisper 100g, Black Welsh top 1006, Massam top 200g (gorgeous wool!), Royal 100g, Citrus 100g and Hot Pink 100g. These are all ready for when I come back home on Tuesday… some things to cheer me up and aid recovery.

I have also these ready for when I get back. These are for when I’m lying in bed watching telly.


The one on the left is cotton, the one in the middle is acrylic (I think) and the one on the right is 80% silk and 20% nylon. The silver one is a twin set, so hopefully lots of sparkly silk! It’s pretty heavy so I should hopefully get quite a bit from it. It is made up of crochet and knitting.

Anyway, I think I must go now. I’m getting a bit cold and perhaps should go to bed. I was gonna sleep on the sofa tonight due to the tip in my room. I hate mess. (We emptied out the attic last night because the lining is going to be re-done. Boy, have we got a lot of stuff!) I think a hot water bottle is in order, along with something funny to ease myself into sleep. I probably won;t have much trouble sleeping, I very rarely do. It makes me mad when I can’t sleep, haha. Starting to get nervous now, I hate this feeling. I can’t have anything more to sleep just now, but that’s ok. I do feel kinda hungry but that will change soon.

Anyway, I am off to bed with Freddy dog 🙂

Nighty night all!

xXx Love Kais xXx

This is just going to be a short post tonight. A is coming over tomorrow, so I probably won’t be able to post until after my operation. Or maybe even Sunday, depends on how I feel. I’m still nervous about it happening, but it has to be done.

I was so upset yesterday. I got a letter from a school saying I had an interview… yayy! Until the interview day was Monday. I can’t put the operation off any further and they were not able to interview me at a later date. So yeah. First interview in months and I can’t go. 😦 Oh well, if someone liked my application form, I’m hoping others will like the similar ones they have received! I applied for almost twenty jobs in the last two weeks, so I’m really hoping.

A is coming over tomorrow which is nice. When did I last see him?? Umm… actually I can’t remember. It was before I knew I had the spinning wheel anyway. I don’t know what we will do. I’m wanting to watch ‘Nighty Night,’ and ‘Waking the Dead,’ with him. Something good to watch when we are lying in bed together. He is also going to have a go on the spinning wheel. He asked me first! He said he is going to show me how to do it properly, haha.

I spun up half of the Shetland Moorit yesterday night. It was a joy to spin. I finished the other half today and plied it. Here is the finished result. I love it!


I also finished unraveling the rest of the cardigan. I got 1KG of wool from it. I washed it all in the bath…


And then hung it outside to dry. I did a rather silly thing and left it out all night thinking it would be ok. And it poured down! Ah well, it just gave it an extra rinse and straightened a bit more of the kinks out. I thought it would have been ruined but it was fine and even smelled nice and fresh! It’s hung up in the porch just now, so I’m thinking it will be completely dry tomorrow night sometime.

Here is it outside, on our swing bench.


This is what I am spinning now.


This is Ramie plant fiber, made from nettles. It feels very soft, but when spinning it up it seems very tough, almost like string. It’s not very easy to spin up and on reflection, it was probably a bad buy. But at least it was cheap and I have learnt what it is like. Maybe it will look a lot better when it is plied together. I need to do the other half tomorrow. Freddy was getting into a mood with me because I was spinning and not paying him much attention. He actually barked at me! (That’s not normal). So, I finished up the last half and played with him for a little while. Now we are snuggled up together in bed, watching ‘The Brittas Empire.’ Love that show.

Anyway, better get some sleep, back in the charity shop tomorrow… looking for some nice bargains to unravel. Can’t wait…. ooh, and I get my parcel from World of Wool tomorrow. I ordered it last night specifically so it would arrive next week. Last time I ordered some it took about six days to get here. I wanted it so that I could open it when I am convalescing. But nope, got an email this afternoon saying it will be delivered tomorrow, grr! I’m pleased about the quick postage though, haha, but don’t think I will be able to resist opening it!

Have a great night!

xXx Love Kais xXx

Imagine my super-duper excitement when I came home to this on Friday 😀 


*SQUEAL!* I was so happy. I waited until Dad got home and then we went to fix it up. Mum took loads of pictures for us. 

Here it is in the box, ready to be put together. I couldn’t believe how white it was, so sleek and neat. 


It didn’t take too long to set up really. And the finished product… voila! 


See Freddy at the back, mouth wide open in awe? Haha. 

I love this wheel! I found it a bit difficult to use at first, as I was putting the drive band onto the bobbin itself as it would not work with the drive band where it should be. Buuuuut, a few emails later I realised that I had the tension wrong on the brake. And now it is working beautifully. 

I took it outside in the beautiful sunshine the next day… 


I got some wonderful work done. My first work on the spinning wheel was the other half of the cerise merino fiber I had bought from eBay a while ago. 



It took a while to get the hang of the pedaling. The wheel seemed to go in whatever direction it wanted to! I find that when I start it up it takes a little time for my foot to get used to it, but as I continue it gets easier and I can start straight away. Plying took a little longer to get used to, as I was used to spinning the other way. (Spin it right for spinning, spin it left for plying, just like a drop spindle). I have done several skeins of wool since then. The cerise one and a gorgeous two colour orange one. I really like it, and it reminds me of starburst sweets. So, it’s been called ‘Starburst!’ 


I finished one today which seemed to take hardly any time at all! It was white massam top and it was a true pleasure to spin. The hairs on it were pretty long and fluffy and just pulled out so easily. I would so love to buy some more of that. In fact, I’ll put it on my World of Wool list now! 

I had 160g of this so I split into halves. One half went onto one bobbin, and the other half on the other bobbin. This was then plyed together. 


And this turned into…. 


I am so ridiculously pleased with this I can’t even say, haha. I think it is a good sign. 

Now, I am actually going into hospital on Monday! Can’t believe it, less than a week. I mean, tomorrow there will be six days to go. SIX DAYS!!! Scary! I shall order some fiber from World of Wool and then I shall have something nice to open when I’m stuck in bed afterwards. 

Oooh, remember the dyeing incident I started out trying last time I blogged? Yeah, that didn’t go so well. Remember the beautiful colours of the dye that I left to soak for TWELVE or so hours?? 

I started to rinse them out and ALL, well, nearly all lost their colour. It was such a shame. The blue wool went to a very pale green, which I did like. The red went a funny yellowy pink colour with some purpleish streaks. Not a very nice colour, but bearable. 


I have also been working on unraveling some items. I found this AMAZING pink cotton jumper/sleeveless top in the charity shop on Friday. It was perfect. It was hand knitted, so I kinda felt bad about taking it apart as someone had taken so long to knit it. But, I thought that it was just going to be left in the shop and the yarn would be put to good use. I got about 600g of yarn, all pretty pinks in a pile. 



Don’t they look pretty? 


This is what I have almost finished working on. It’s my ‘unravel when watching TV jumper.’ I got this from one of Mums friends as she no longer wanted it and thought I could unravel it. 


It’s mostly done. I’ve been winding the wool into 100g balls. I need to put them into skeins and wash them. I think (and hope) that that will be tomorrows job. It needs done, and I can dry them out quickly if it’s warm. Ooh, do you think they will be ok hung outside? I think I shall try that out. 

Anyway, I’m tired. Lots to do tomorrow! 

Night all, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


OOooh, just got some more good news! I was on the phone to A and I was saying that I hadn’t heard back from Woolmakers to say about when they were sending off the wheel. When I had gotten off the phone, I checked my Yahoo mail and there at the top message was a note from Woolmakers saying that my wheel had been shipped yesterday! I was super-happy! They said that my wheel should be here in 2-4 days, so it may even be here tomorrow. I’m so excited.

Today I went into town and visited the job centre where they gave me back my money I had spent on getting registered with the GTCS. All £179 pf it! Such a ridiculous cost. But I get it back so I can’t complain too much. I bought another paper, hardback Ladybird book for 10p today which will go well in my beautiful collection. I also visited the charity shop I help out in and bought  a simple white jumper. I was checking the seams in the shop to see if I could unravel it enough, and yep, I could. It was 50p, so a good bargain. I also got two knitting magazines for 20p each. Simply Knitting (my favourite!) and Lets Knit. There was a Knitter in there too, but I already had it. I went to see my Dad for a little while in the shop which was nice, and then I nipped into Tescos. I bought four bottles of food dye, red, blue, green and yellow. Such gorgeous bright colours! Dr Oetkers in case anyone wanted to know what kind.

When I got home I made myself do another job application form and then do some more on my TEFL work. I passed the quiz, (yay!) and then I got onto unravelling the jumper. Imagine my delight when I looked at the tag. It was from the Edinburgh Wool Mill and was 100% lambswool! I think it is lace weight wool.


Hmm, don’t know why the photo is the way up but never mind. I managed to cut all the way up the side of the jumper which was simple, but the seams seemed to be ‘serged’ at the top (is that the right word?). Instead of cutting the thread which I had done before, I cut into the knitting itself. I ended up with a few 30cm odd long threads, but when the cutting edge bit had disappeared, the yarn stayed together. I started to wrap this around a large hardback book I had, and boy it took a long while! My arm was so tired at the end of it! I def. need to buy a niddy-noddy I think. (Remind me to go to Jewsons tomorrow if we have time). I only did one sleeve at a time and it took agggges! When I took it off the book, it sprung back into what looked like a dishwasher scrubber. It made me laugh so much. What do you think? Very crinkly!


Well, after this, I decided to dye it. That was the main reason I bought the jumper for in the first place. Mum and I sat down and mixed up the dyes together. We decided on the colours of red, orange and yellow, with four parts of colour to the yarn. Yellow to orange to red to orange to yellow again. We used egg cups to mix the dye in which was perfect. To be honest though, I think next time I will get some little candle votives or shot glasses to work in, rather than using the family crockery.


I didn’t get a picture of the actual dyeing of the yarn which is a bit grr! But I shall know what to do next time I handpaint yarn. We poured it on using teaspoons and massaged the dye all in.


Then we covered it in cling film and heated it in the microwave for only two minutes. We waited for it to cool down and then we rinsed it out under water. And you know what? ALL the dye came out! I couldn’t believe it! I followed the Youtube video womans instructions exactly! Ah well, maybe I just didn’t leave the dye in long enough. It seemed to leave only a faint stain of red on one of the quarters. Never mind! So, what I did was put it into a large pot of water with some red dye in it. I put quite a bit of red dye in it, so hopefully it will stay in the wool for longer. I am going to leave it in overnight. Later on I unraveled the other sleeve so I have put that into a little tub with the most gorgeous shade of blue! What do you think of these wonderful colours?



Now, I’m in bed and I’ve just made the start on the back and front of the jumper. I had to trim quite a bit of the tops of each and it did take a while to get the yarn to being a ‘whole’ piece again. But each has a little ball started which is very useful for tomorrow.

Okey dokey then, I’m going to finish watching the programme of Hoarders: Buried Alive! It’s astonishing how people can have so much stuff. People call me a hoarder (which REALLY annoys me) but I really have so little compared to them. And I have a room I can move in! Haha, anyway, I’m off to bed.

Night night all!

xXx Love Kais xXx

I had some absolutely amazing news yesterday afternoon. I decided (during a long boring process of job applications) to randomly check my emails. In my inbox there was an email from ‘Woolmakers.’ I opened it and to my surprise and delight I saw this; 

‘… Lucky you! You have sent us such an elaborate e-mail we couldn’t NOT be interested. We would really like you to try out our Bliss. It is so nice to see that there are so many young people starting with this “old” hobby.’ 

I won a spinning wheel!!!! I still can’t believe it. I can’t believe in my earlier posts I’m moaning about not having one and lamenting the fact I can’t afford a decent one, and now barely a week or so later I have won one! And what is more, it’s a brand new, barely tested one from the Netherlands, made by the makers of Louet wheels. It is a small wheel, a bit like a traveller one I think and will just be perfect for my room and for moving around. I may even take it to Blackpool with me! The news comes at a good time really. I will be in the house for two weeks after my operation, so it is brilliant for something to do. I think I will do a little spending spree on World of Wool again… perhaps some simple colours. I cannot wait to get it. They have my name on the website now, I’m just so excited. I wonder if they will write me a letter about how they want me to promote the website and do blogging. If I could get paid for doing this it would be a dream come true! I have a dream of where I can create my own yarns and sell them, and become as well known as the Skein Queen. I could travel the country and sell them at wool festivals, etc. I already have a premise to sell my goods if I wish – my Dads shop. I know that it isn’t ideal as it is mainly guys that go in there (not saying that none of them don’t knit!) but it’s always a start. 

Tomorrow (if the weather is better) I plan on going into town and buying some food dyes. I read somewhere that you can use the powdered drinks to dye yarn with, but living in the UK, the only ones I can think of are Nesquik. Hmmm…. maybe some neat juice frozen into ice-cubes? I don’t know, I may just get a few dyes and see what happens. 

OOoh, something else I have tried out over the past few days! As you know, I adore the website Ravelry. ( http://www.ravelry.com ) I joined a group called Unravelled, or something similar to that anyway. They buy sweaters and cardigans, etc from charity shops (thrift stores) and unravel them to create some recycled yarn. I thought what an awesome idea. I wanted to try it straight away obviously. I asked my Mum if she had anything in her wardrobe that she didn’t want and it turned out that she did. I got hold of this massive dark blue cardigan that had come undone all the way up one whole seam. It was fairly easy to unravel. It was knitted with two very thin strands of yarn together. Most of the time it unraveled together, but sometimes one of the yarns broke, so I had to snip it before the breakage and tie the two knots together. I managed to unwind it in several hours… it took a LONG time and two days! I wound it into balls of 110g each which took ages. I have started to put them into skeins because I think that they look so wonderful sitting on a table like that, rather than balls of wool. If I could ‘cake’ the balls of wool properly it would be easier, but I’m not sure of it correctly. But anyway! Two lovely skeins of wool and four balls left. I thought there was another, but it seems to have disappeared… Freddy??


Someone on Ravelry unraveled loads of sweaters and dyed them all in wonderful colours. She put up a photo on the group page and it was amazing. She had transformed a wall with hanging up skeins of yarn. It looked like a shop! The thing is though, she sold a lot of it. This got me thinking…. what an awesome idea! I can’t afford to buy large amounts of wool, but due to me being unemployed I can afford clothes from charity shops and I have a disgusting amount of free time to unravel. Tomorrow I plan on going to the three/four charity shops around town and seeing what they have. I would like to buy a white or cream, or even very pale coloured jumper/cardigan to undo. The charity shop I help out in is very cheap, so I may buy one there tomorrow, and then wait until I am working there to have a good root through everything. People seem to have good luck rooting through the charity shops, but it all depends on what day you go in. Some have found cashmere, virgin wool, merino, angora, and even possum! (Doubt I’ll find that here though, haha). I can have a good look tomorrow, and this time I’ll post up the start of the process, instead of the end. I’ll try not to get so much dog fur on this wool, but as the first one was only a practice I don’t mind. 

Now, what else? Oh yes, I finished one of the mittens I cast on the other day. It is so warm! Perfect really for this horrible weather we are having. It is cold, wet and miserable. The wind has really picked up again. There were bins blown over and yesterday a big plastic box on top of our coal bunker outside flew off it! I was a bit panicky about that cos’ Freddy was only in the space it fell on thirty seconds before! 


Our beautiful back garden. Looks stunning in the summer. But yes! The mitten. I have cast on only ten or so stitches for the next one so that is possibly my night time project for tonight. (Night time? It’s quarter past seven and still bright outside, I love it!) It looks pretty blue in the photos, but it’s purple and white mohair. What do you think? 


Looks a very soft light photo, doesn’t it?? What do you think? You can see the pattern on it quite easily and clearly though, so it’s ok. 

Right, I’m off! Going to start on the next mitten. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

I had my blood test again today, and it went better than the others, except for the fact that I dripped blood down my top! The needle went in super quick and she was finished getting the blood before I had time to register. Next time I think I shall look away when they put the needle in, and watch when they take the blood – it’s fascinating! I think this was a full bloods test they said. I have to call back for the results on Friday after 3pm. Bit of a long time to wait, but no matter! Hopefully then, this is the last blood test in a while and the results are what they should be. If everything is fine, then I shall be having my test on the 29th of this month! It’s sounds terrifying! I have decided I shall try to keep a day to day diary on here of what it is like, what happened and the recovery after. The nurse said it should only take an hour (the operation). I’m just scared I’ll look a complete idiot after having it, you know, when you wake up woozy from the operation. I’ve seen some videos and read some things where people just act like complete and utter morons as they are so disorientated. Obviously it’s not their fault, but I wouldn’t want someone seeing me like that! I checked out a video on Youtube where this poor girl was SO woozy after having it, and she was saying some weird-ass stuff. She was told that she had been under anesthesia, and she replied, ‘Who’s Anastasia? She’s a bitch.’ Funny stuff. She must have been brave really, because I would have flipped out if someone was filming me after an operation! 

I’m watching ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme,’ just now, I love this show! Ever seen it? It’s about these two dysfunctional flat mates who are at the bottom of the social ladder. Linda has reversed body dysmorphic disorder (thinks she is gorgeous but is ugly, as the Dr states in one episode) and tries to sleep with anything with a pulse. Tom is an out and out homosexual who tries to get laid constantly, and trying to get an acting job despite being horrendous and can never remember his lines. I’m watching it on Youtube atm, but I hate the adverts in between. It sucks! 

I checked out some stuff for my brothers this afternoon too. They need to get a HMO licence, or so they thought to live together in a 3 bedroom student house, as they would be sharing it with a partner and a friend. (Brother in one room, brother and partner in another, friend in another). The HMO company stated that they did not think they needed a HMO licence because the two brothers and partner would be classed as one family unit, and the friend as another. The HMO licence is just stupid. It adds more money onto the houses which in turn goes to be paid by the students. Why do they presume students have money? Most I met seem to have nothing, or very little. That’s why it disgusts me how much it costs to live in student accomodation, e.g. £93 + a week! I was extremely lucky to get a room round the corner from my University which was only £40 a week. (Raised to £45 a week by the bitch of a landlady. Her Mother let me have it cheaper before, but that’s another story). But it was the electricity and gas bills that were crippling. I had to move back in the end as it was just so expensive. I would LOVE to have my own house, but at the moment it is just not possible. Just have to save my money! 

Bit of sad news today. My Nanny’s dog, Della died today. She was a beautiful Golden Retriever. She was fourteen years old I think. She has never been a particularly well dog, but she has done very well to get to that age. I think she had a stroke last night, and from that moment on, she just lay there and couldn’t move. When they took her to the vets they made the right decision. I remember her from a young dog, she was wonderful, very playful. Going to Nanny’s just won’t be the same again. It’s so unfair. The only good thing about her going is that she will be with my two beautiful boys, Bo and Ben. 


The puppy in my arms is Charlie, who is now a very big boy! Della is the smaller Golden Retriever at the right. Bo is the large Golden Retriever in the front, and Ben is the Black Labrador. I adore this photo. It’s so sad to think only one dog out of the four is still with us. Ben and Bo died way before their time, and it was so unfair. Ben was only six and Bo was only nine. It breaks my heart to think of the short time we had with them. I cherished every moment we had together. Ben (2004 – 2010) Bo (2003 – 2012) and Della (1999 – 2013). Sad thing is, another dog I know died this year, very suddenly. Muschu was a friends dog, an absolutely gorgeous little Lhaso Apso. He got ill very quickly and then had to go to sleep. I adored that little dog. Whenever I went to the friends house he would run to me with his tail wagging, and hold his paws up to be held. I used to cuddle him like a baby. I love them all. 

Ok, let’s lighten the mood. Mum found loads of jobs for me to apply for today. I think that is going to be a big job, but it’s not going to do itself! (Shame….) I’ve been relaxing and doing some knitting today. Ooooh, wanna see what I made for Mum?? 


These were just meant to be everyday, normal wear socks, but they turned into great big welly socks! So, when Mum uses her wellies, she will have comfy long socks to keep the boots on her feet, and her tootsies warm! They didn’t take that long to do at all, I was very pleased with myself. 

I have cast on a small project of mohair mittens. Sound’s dreadful, huh? I am loving it. I made a pair of these for my Nanny for Christmas and she loved them. Don’t know if she has worn them yet though, haha. 

This is what I am doing. 


The pattern, as far as I can remember, is called ‘Cafe Au Lait Mitt.’ I loved them! They are supposed to be worked in baby cashmerino or something similar, but I tried it with mohair and angora and it was gorgeous! Pity I didn’t take a photo of the others. Maybe I shall next time I’m down there. 

I was up at A’s last week. Came back yesterday late afternoon. It was such a boring train journey back. I didn’t get a table seat, had to sit behind some very loud women, it was hot, I felt sick, and to top it all off, I ran out of wool to complete the socks, so I didn’t even have some knitting! I read my two magazines cover to cover and even did some of the puzzles. It was revolting when I needed to wee really badly. I kid you not, there was mess on the FLOOR. It was disgusting. I still had to go though, I just couldn’t hold it in. There wasn’t even anyone to complain too. That’s the second time I’ve been in those toilets and it didn’t flush. We get the same crappy train every time.  

Well, at A’s we had a nice time. He told me he was in College the afternoon I got there, and that I was to go straight to his house. I was pretty miffed because I wanted to go meet him after College, but he was very adamant I went to his house. (I felt so bad cos’ I thought that he didn’t want me to see his College mates). He is SO lucky I just didn’t go to his College anyway! 

I went into his room and there on the bed was the note which said, ‘To K.’ 

I opened it and it said, ‘I love you, NOW…. turn around!’ I did, and there he was! (Breathing a bigger sigh of relief that I didn’t go to his College to see him, haha). He gave me a massive cuddle and we just chatted on the bed for a bit, watching crappy TV and catching up. I miss him like crazy when I don’t see him. I remember the first time I walked into his room. A vibrant red colour, with markings underneath the wall paper where someone had scribbled previously, two massive shelves just crammed with dvds and a small black chair in the corner. Massive bed in the opposite right corner with two mattresses on it, and the TV on the left hand side. He seemed so shy but he had this gorgeous great big grin on his face because I was finally at his house. (One Saturday we chatted online, Wednesday we met up, Saturday he was at mine, next Saturday I was at his!). I think I just checked out his (in my opinion, poor) DVD collection, haha. Just not my sort of thing, lol… I’m BATMAN! 

So, we went into the local shopping centre for a while to hang out, see what there was going on. I ended up buying more books for Dad, as usual. Got a pound off them at the till I think… she didn’t scan all of them through, and I wasn’t going to tell her. (They did that last time I bought notebooks there too, strange). Then we visited Pets@Home and had a look at all the pets…. I want some Guinea Pigs!!!!!! I saw some gorgeous Chinese Dwarf Hamsters, but they seemed very different to other Chinese hamsters I had seen because they were older. They even had little half tails! Sooo cute. But… I walked away. Very pleased with myself, lol. A bought some sawdust for his hamsters, Bill and Ted, and we cleaned them out this afternoon. 

That evening we went to a lovely pub/restaurant called Singers. I ordered the Thai Green Curry, and oh my, it was delicious! Got through every bit of it, and half a portion of a side of chips, nom nom. A had a hot and kicking chicken burger with side salad and chips. He kept dipping his burger into my curry sauce, haha. Payback for me nicking all the coleslaw when we had a Cafe lunch earlier. (But he doesn’t even like coleslaw, so what’s the problem, haha). We sat for another half hour afterwards having a drink, then decided to get the bus back to his. We were waiting in the bus shelter for a little while with some woman. She kept watching us, which was pretty weird. She sat down at the exact time we sat down, and kept watching and watching. We were giggling and having fun, but she was still a little…. watchy, haha. A did embarass me a little though. 

Me – Wanna finish watching the Scary Movie Trilogy when we get in? We can watch Two tonight? 

A – Nahh, let’s just finish that Hardcore Pawn we were watching. 

I was like, OMG! (For those, who don’t know, it’s a show about Pawnbrokers in Detroit. Very staged, but it’s a good way to waste twenty minutes). Cue for weird looks from woman again. He just laughed at me, but I was mortified, in case someone thought it was something else. Mind you, it was pretty empty at the bus stop at the time. We got back to his not long after. I fell asleep half way through Scary Movie 2. 

Anyway, I think I will go back to doing some more knitting. I’m a little bored at the moment, don’t know what I feel like doing. All I know is this is going to be waiting for me to sort out into three piles tomorrow. Keep, Dump, Sell. Help me? 


Yes, it is literally higher than I am. I know that doesn’t sound much cos’ I’m only 5ft, 2+ 3/4 inches, but still! It’s pretty much sorted in the boxes themselves, it’s just a case of separating the boxes. We just have so much stuff there since I moved back home. I am going to try and sell as much as possible on a car boot and then whatever doesn’t sell we are going to stick in a charity shop. Maybe not the ones here though. 

Have a nice night! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


Ah well, if you don’t get something it means that it wasn’t meant to be and something better will come along. So, no, I didn’t get the spinning wheel I wanted. I was so upset 😦 I have emailed the nearest Spinners and Weavers Guild but I have had no replies yet which I find odd. I asked how much it was to be a member of the guild, and if they have spinning wheels to hire out. If so and how much, etc. I read on the Edinburgh Guild page that it is a £50 deposit and then £10 a month to hire a spinning wheel.

Ok, today hasn’t been too bad either. Went to a car boot in the morning. It wasn’t a warm as it could have been but it was still quite nice. I didn’t get a lot either. I think, all in all, I spent £6. Here is what I got. . .

SAM_0140  SAM_0141

Isn’t it lovely? This cost £1. I thought at first it was only sewn up toys and felted toys, but nope, loads of crochet and knitting patterns in there too! I will have a good look through it in a bit. Some of the toys are hilarious. I don’t think they are meant to be though, haha. Crocheted aeroplane anyone? I thought this Dr and Nurse couple was awesome… look at the hair parting and severe look on the nurses face 😀

Talking of books I think I bought quite a few…

SAM_0136 SAM_0135

These were only £4 for the whole lot. They are Sweet Dreams Romance books, all the way back from the eighties. Mum saw them and exclaimed, ‘I used to read those when I was younger!’ So, I couldn’t resist it. I bought all the books that were there and the lady gave me some money off for buying so many. I found one book numbered 111, so I wonder exactly how many more there could be. I have only 23 there. It should keep me busy reading this week, haha.

The picture on the right is a nice top I got too. It fits pretty well. It’s just a shame that the sleeves are three-quarter length. I don’t see the point of sleeves like that to be honest. Either make them short sleeves or give full ones, that way people can choose whether they want to roll their sleeves up or not! But these aren’t too bad, so yeah. I just loved the colours in it.

Here is what else I have also been doing…

SAM_0139 SAM_0137

I have been trying to comb the Norwegian lambswool into shape. It takes sooooooooooooooo long! But it’s mind-numbing and I can easily do it whilst watching TV. And yes, those are my ‘carders.’ I can’t afford proper ones, so I card with what I have, which are dog brushes! They are pretty good really. On the right is my stash that needs spun up. Come on spinning wheel, I’ll find you somewhere! Back to the spindle I go for now… I am still wanting a Russian Spindle too, but I’m not paying £32 for one. Shame really, because I can’t get one anywhere else, not even the magical land of eBay.

Right, I’m off to do some carding and watch TV… maybe do some TEFL work.

xXx Love Kais xXx

Last night I managed to complete the first half of my spinning. I was exhausted finishing it. Well, to be honest, the actual spinning wasn’t too bad, it was winding it onto the other spindle that took the time. Yeah, I know I didn’t need to do it, but it kept the yarn nice and straight and without any horrible kinks in it. So, my massive spindle has half of the yarn all spun up nice and ready on it. 


It doesn’t look a lot on the other one, but yeah… it really is, haha. I can’t think how long it took to wind up the yarn from my other spindle, and then the yarn from the toilet roll tube. But I shall keep at it. 

I am soo wanting to get a wheel. There is only three hours and twelve minutes left until the auction is up! I am getting sick excited in my stomach… I hope this is a good sign. I plan to but in a bid of £82 or something like that, with a bigger bid of up to £110, so I hope that no-one bids past that! I checked out couriers and they were only like £9.20, which is pretty damn good. Cheaper than actually picking it up, haha. 

These are the felted soaps I made today. I sat outside in the garden and it was so beautiful. Lovely and sunny with a bit of a breeze. Actually it was a bit more of a breeze than a simple breeze, but it definitely kept you cool! 

I cleaned off the table in the back yard with washing up liquid and hot water. It cleaned and dried pretty quickly and I got my felting kit out. I had my laptop next to me playing as loud as it could. Spotify is pretty good, even with the adverts, which don’t come TOO often. Not often enough to be super annoying anyway. 

I chose some dark brown fibre which is pretty scratchy, so super for felting soap in my opinion. I used my beautiful merino stuff for the details on the top of each soap. I chose Halloween as my theme and on top of one I did a little scary pumpkin with a tiny spider, and on the other one had a witches hat with a spider dangling off it. They took a little while to do, but I really enjoyed doing it, especially in the sunshine. 

What do you think? 


It’s a shame the spiders don’t have much of a definition, but never mind, that’s something to work on. I only use half pieces of soap when I making these, but that’s simple because I don’t have a lot of the cheap fibre to create big felted soaps. I prefer making smaller ones so I have more to do! 

I think I may make a start on carding the Norwegian Lambswool mix in a minute. I have to use some wired dog brushes to card it. I can’t afford carders, haha. I will buy some bigger dog brushes when I see them in the shop. I may find some at the car boot tomorrow. Oh, yes, the Park Farm Car Boots are back on again! Can’t wait to find me and everyone else some awesome bargains! Mum likes finding craft stuff, Dad loves his books (he does own a shop so he sources stock), D loves his figures and stuff, and F loves his materials. I always try and find Freddy baby some soft toy to play with. He does love them 😀 You should see the size of his toy box, the spoilt boy, haha. I go there to find knitting and crochet books, cheap wool and knitting materials. Maybe I will be fortunate to find some fleece, haha. 

Ah well, we shall see tomorrow. I will leave a quick message on here later on to see if I got the wheel or not. Fingers crossed for me? Please? 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

Today I got a phone call from the hospital confirming that if all went well at my next blood test I would be admitted for surgery on the 29th April. EEEK! I’m scared! I am in for two hours before they do the surgery. I will be shaking like a leaf on a windy day, so I hope they can give me some sort of relaxative before they even think about injections, etc. Making my tummy feel queasy even thinking about it. But yeah, it is hopefully sorted now. I know I have to stay in for the night but I think I am ok with that. I don’t think I want any visitors to be honest. I wouldn’t want my parents to travel all the way to the hospital because it’s quite a long trip on the way back too, especially if they are travelling at night. But I shall think about that nearer the time. I shall have to think about what to pack too. I think I will buy some fresh knitting and real life magazines to read whilst I am there… if I am not sleeping that is! And even if I don’t do any knitting/crochet/spinning, I want it with me, just for comfort. And a photo of my little man 🙂 He always cheers me up. I will get the photo in my blog printed out just to take with me. I have a huge soppy smile on my face whenever I see it. 

Anyway, what have I been doing today? 

I have been doing as much spinning as possible to try and finish at least one half of this beautiful cerise merino wool. 


On the right is the wound on yarn on a toilet roll to keep it separate from the spindle. The fibre behind the spindle and roll is the last of the one half. The fibre on the right is the other half. I will try and do the rest of the half tonight. 

Me and Mum went to Tescos earlier and did the massive food shop. That took aggggges! But I did find some lovely soaps in there which I will use to do some felted soaps! I was going to do some tonight but it didn’t happen… so maybe tomorrow? 

Here are some I made a while ago, along with the soap I bought. 




The pink and purple ones were the first I ever tried. I loved doing them! They didn’t seem to take that long. I need to do a tutorial on how I did them, cos’ it’s a bit different to how other people have been doing them, I think. But each to their own! The orange and yellow ones were the next two I made and didn’t turn out as well, but I’m still pretty pleased. So, yeah, might be something I am doing tomorrow. 

Anyway, got to finish the spinning now, and watch whatever I can find online to amuse myself. 

Nighty night all. 

xXx Love Kais xXx