Anyway! Today I managed to get some of my TEFL work done. It’s pretty hard going, but I have 52 days left in which to finish it, so rather than leave it to the last minute I’ve been trying to get it done, whilst listening to some of my favourite music. Have you heard the song ‘Just give me a Reason?’ by Pink and Nate. Beautiful song. Just listened to it twice. My brother has just come in and informed me to, ‘turn that crap off!.’ I retaliated by playing again, haha.

I got a fantastic parcel from World of Wool today. It was awesome!


It had inside eleven packets of scrummy yummyness! I was excited waiting for it, as each hour ticked by, I knew it was getting closer and closer. It was meant to arrive between ten to two and ten to three. It got to quarter past two and I was getting antsy. I told my younger brother that it should be here in thirty-five minutes, but no…. three point FIVE minutes later it was in my arms after getting signed for by the courier. I was so pleased with my purchase. It cost £15.65 altogether for it, with £4.50 postage. Without VAT it would have been £13.00 something. But I didn’t mind paying the extra…. this once, haha.

Now, let’s have a look at what I got.

1.  56's 2. Southdown

1. This is 56’s English Top. Very soft. 165g.

2.  This is Southdown Top. 165g. Softer than 56’s.

3. White Cheviot  4. Massam

3. This is White Cheviot. 165g.

4. This is Massam Top. On the sheep it looks like huge ringlets!

5. Shetland Moorit  6. Norwegian Lambswool

5. This is from Shetland Sheep and it is called Moorit.   That is what they call the brown colour. It is quite a deep brown, not totally dark, but still deep. It’s a  lovely colour and the picture doesn’t do it justice.

6. This is Norwegian Lambswool. It is a mix of colours and needs carding and cleaning. It has been cleaned but I still think it needs a bit more done to it. It looks very dusty in the bag.

I can’t wait to spin all of these, they look awesome! Now, for my favourite ones……

1. Plastic Fibre  2. Silk Noil Mulberry

1. This is plastic fibre! Made from plastic bottles. I think that this will be interesting to spin as it has an odd feel, and short staples.

2. This is silk noil, created from silk worms that have a diet of Mulberry leaves. Very soft and shiny, bit of an odd feel to it, but it looks like it should spin well.

3. Bamboo Staple Fibre  4. Natural Ramie Top Nettles

3. This is made from bamboo fibres. Very interesting  feeling, very soft and very silky. Quite short fibers, so may take a while to spin, perhaps with something else?

4. This is my favourite out of the lot! This is natural Ramie Top and is made from nettles! It is SO soft, and feels like freshly washed hair. I am going to attempt to spin this on my spindle I think.

I also got a needle felting needle holder. It has rubber ends so it is better for the needles instead of being in a plastic tube. Only 40p! All of these fibres I bought were bought at fantastic prices. The nettles one was only £1.85 and the plastic fibre was £1.00! I will def. be using their services again. They are state 100g on their packets, but I think because of the weights and measures act (?) they need to put a bit extra in the bag? Anyway, I got at least 160g in each bag so I’m pretty happy.

I’m trying so hard to find a spinning wheel but it is so difficult finding one for a decent price. I need one for less than £100, and that has to include postage. But not too many people are willing to sell a decent spinning wheel at that price. I particularly want an Ashford one, that to me is the ultimate spinning wheel. There is a BEAUTIFUL one on eBay that I am watching and it is at £80 with 1 bid. It is not too far away from me ( I would have to pick it up on the train) so I am hoping desperatly that no-one else bids on it. I have just bought all this fibre fluff, I need something to spin it with! And I don’t have a hundred years to do it all on the spindle, haha. I have been asking people on Ravelry and they have been giving suggestions, but to no avail. Hopefully someone will help sometime. If I don’t get something just now it is because something better is going to come along. That might be why I have had to wait until I was 22 until I got this boyfriend. Soppy, but true 🙂

Anyway, it’s getting late. I’m going to play on the DS until I fall asleep.

Night all.

xXx Love Kais xXx


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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