Last night I managed to complete the first half of my spinning. I was exhausted finishing it. Well, to be honest, the actual spinning wasn’t too bad, it was winding it onto the other spindle that took the time. Yeah, I know I didn’t need to do it, but it kept the yarn nice and straight and without any horrible kinks in it. So, my massive spindle has half of the yarn all spun up nice and ready on it. 


It doesn’t look a lot on the other one, but yeah… it really is, haha. I can’t think how long it took to wind up the yarn from my other spindle, and then the yarn from the toilet roll tube. But I shall keep at it. 

I am soo wanting to get a wheel. There is only three hours and twelve minutes left until the auction is up! I am getting sick excited in my stomach… I hope this is a good sign. I plan to but in a bid of £82 or something like that, with a bigger bid of up to £110, so I hope that no-one bids past that! I checked out couriers and they were only like £9.20, which is pretty damn good. Cheaper than actually picking it up, haha. 

These are the felted soaps I made today. I sat outside in the garden and it was so beautiful. Lovely and sunny with a bit of a breeze. Actually it was a bit more of a breeze than a simple breeze, but it definitely kept you cool! 

I cleaned off the table in the back yard with washing up liquid and hot water. It cleaned and dried pretty quickly and I got my felting kit out. I had my laptop next to me playing as loud as it could. Spotify is pretty good, even with the adverts, which don’t come TOO often. Not often enough to be super annoying anyway. 

I chose some dark brown fibre which is pretty scratchy, so super for felting soap in my opinion. I used my beautiful merino stuff for the details on the top of each soap. I chose Halloween as my theme and on top of one I did a little scary pumpkin with a tiny spider, and on the other one had a witches hat with a spider dangling off it. They took a little while to do, but I really enjoyed doing it, especially in the sunshine. 

What do you think? 


It’s a shame the spiders don’t have much of a definition, but never mind, that’s something to work on. I only use half pieces of soap when I making these, but that’s simple because I don’t have a lot of the cheap fibre to create big felted soaps. I prefer making smaller ones so I have more to do! 

I think I may make a start on carding the Norwegian Lambswool mix in a minute. I have to use some wired dog brushes to card it. I can’t afford carders, haha. I will buy some bigger dog brushes when I see them in the shop. I may find some at the car boot tomorrow. Oh, yes, the Park Farm Car Boots are back on again! Can’t wait to find me and everyone else some awesome bargains! Mum likes finding craft stuff, Dad loves his books (he does own a shop so he sources stock), D loves his figures and stuff, and F loves his materials. I always try and find Freddy baby some soft toy to play with. He does love them 😀 You should see the size of his toy box, the spoilt boy, haha. I go there to find knitting and crochet books, cheap wool and knitting materials. Maybe I will be fortunate to find some fleece, haha. 

Ah well, we shall see tomorrow. I will leave a quick message on here later on to see if I got the wheel or not. Fingers crossed for me? Please? 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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