Ah well, if you don’t get something it means that it wasn’t meant to be and something better will come along. So, no, I didn’t get the spinning wheel I wanted. I was so upset 😦 I have emailed the nearest Spinners and Weavers Guild but I have had no replies yet which I find odd. I asked how much it was to be a member of the guild, and if they have spinning wheels to hire out. If so and how much, etc. I read on the Edinburgh Guild page that it is a £50 deposit and then £10 a month to hire a spinning wheel.

Ok, today hasn’t been too bad either. Went to a car boot in the morning. It wasn’t a warm as it could have been but it was still quite nice. I didn’t get a lot either. I think, all in all, I spent £6. Here is what I got. . .

SAM_0140  SAM_0141

Isn’t it lovely? This cost £1. I thought at first it was only sewn up toys and felted toys, but nope, loads of crochet and knitting patterns in there too! I will have a good look through it in a bit. Some of the toys are hilarious. I don’t think they are meant to be though, haha. Crocheted aeroplane anyone? I thought this Dr and Nurse couple was awesome… look at the hair parting and severe look on the nurses face 😀

Talking of books I think I bought quite a few…

SAM_0136 SAM_0135

These were only £4 for the whole lot. They are Sweet Dreams Romance books, all the way back from the eighties. Mum saw them and exclaimed, ‘I used to read those when I was younger!’ So, I couldn’t resist it. I bought all the books that were there and the lady gave me some money off for buying so many. I found one book numbered 111, so I wonder exactly how many more there could be. I have only 23 there. It should keep me busy reading this week, haha.

The picture on the right is a nice top I got too. It fits pretty well. It’s just a shame that the sleeves are three-quarter length. I don’t see the point of sleeves like that to be honest. Either make them short sleeves or give full ones, that way people can choose whether they want to roll their sleeves up or not! But these aren’t too bad, so yeah. I just loved the colours in it.

Here is what else I have also been doing…

SAM_0139 SAM_0137

I have been trying to comb the Norwegian lambswool into shape. It takes sooooooooooooooo long! But it’s mind-numbing and I can easily do it whilst watching TV. And yes, those are my ‘carders.’ I can’t afford proper ones, so I card with what I have, which are dog brushes! They are pretty good really. On the right is my stash that needs spun up. Come on spinning wheel, I’ll find you somewhere! Back to the spindle I go for now… I am still wanting a Russian Spindle too, but I’m not paying £32 for one. Shame really, because I can’t get one anywhere else, not even the magical land of eBay.

Right, I’m off to do some carding and watch TV… maybe do some TEFL work.

xXx Love Kais xXx


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