I had my blood test again today, and it went better than the others, except for the fact that I dripped blood down my top! The needle went in super quick and she was finished getting the blood before I had time to register. Next time I think I shall look away when they put the needle in, and watch when they take the blood – it’s fascinating! I think this was a full bloods test they said. I have to call back for the results on Friday after 3pm. Bit of a long time to wait, but no matter! Hopefully then, this is the last blood test in a while and the results are what they should be. If everything is fine, then I shall be having my test on the 29th of this month! It’s sounds terrifying! I have decided I shall try to keep a day to day diary on here of what it is like, what happened and the recovery after. The nurse said it should only take an hour (the operation). I’m just scared I’ll look a complete idiot after having it, you know, when you wake up woozy from the operation. I’ve seen some videos and read some things where people just act like complete and utter morons as they are so disorientated. Obviously it’s not their fault, but I wouldn’t want someone seeing me like that! I checked out a video on Youtube where this poor girl was SO woozy after having it, and she was saying some weird-ass stuff. She was told that she had been under anesthesia, and she replied, ‘Who’s Anastasia? She’s a bitch.’ Funny stuff. She must have been brave really, because I would have flipped out if someone was filming me after an operation! 

I’m watching ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme,’ just now, I love this show! Ever seen it? It’s about these two dysfunctional flat mates who are at the bottom of the social ladder. Linda has reversed body dysmorphic disorder (thinks she is gorgeous but is ugly, as the Dr states in one episode) and tries to sleep with anything with a pulse. Tom is an out and out homosexual who tries to get laid constantly, and trying to get an acting job despite being horrendous and can never remember his lines. I’m watching it on Youtube atm, but I hate the adverts in between. It sucks! 

I checked out some stuff for my brothers this afternoon too. They need to get a HMO licence, or so they thought to live together in a 3 bedroom student house, as they would be sharing it with a partner and a friend. (Brother in one room, brother and partner in another, friend in another). The HMO company stated that they did not think they needed a HMO licence because the two brothers and partner would be classed as one family unit, and the friend as another. The HMO licence is just stupid. It adds more money onto the houses which in turn goes to be paid by the students. Why do they presume students have money? Most I met seem to have nothing, or very little. That’s why it disgusts me how much it costs to live in student accomodation, e.g. £93 + a week! I was extremely lucky to get a room round the corner from my University which was only £40 a week. (Raised to £45 a week by the bitch of a landlady. Her Mother let me have it cheaper before, but that’s another story). But it was the electricity and gas bills that were crippling. I had to move back in the end as it was just so expensive. I would LOVE to have my own house, but at the moment it is just not possible. Just have to save my money! 

Bit of sad news today. My Nanny’s dog, Della died today. She was a beautiful Golden Retriever. She was fourteen years old I think. She has never been a particularly well dog, but she has done very well to get to that age. I think she had a stroke last night, and from that moment on, she just lay there and couldn’t move. When they took her to the vets they made the right decision. I remember her from a young dog, she was wonderful, very playful. Going to Nanny’s just won’t be the same again. It’s so unfair. The only good thing about her going is that she will be with my two beautiful boys, Bo and Ben. 


The puppy in my arms is Charlie, who is now a very big boy! Della is the smaller Golden Retriever at the right. Bo is the large Golden Retriever in the front, and Ben is the Black Labrador. I adore this photo. It’s so sad to think only one dog out of the four is still with us. Ben and Bo died way before their time, and it was so unfair. Ben was only six and Bo was only nine. It breaks my heart to think of the short time we had with them. I cherished every moment we had together. Ben (2004 – 2010) Bo (2003 – 2012) and Della (1999 – 2013). Sad thing is, another dog I know died this year, very suddenly. Muschu was a friends dog, an absolutely gorgeous little Lhaso Apso. He got ill very quickly and then had to go to sleep. I adored that little dog. Whenever I went to the friends house he would run to me with his tail wagging, and hold his paws up to be held. I used to cuddle him like a baby. I love them all. 

Ok, let’s lighten the mood. Mum found loads of jobs for me to apply for today. I think that is going to be a big job, but it’s not going to do itself! (Shame….) I’ve been relaxing and doing some knitting today. Ooooh, wanna see what I made for Mum?? 


These were just meant to be everyday, normal wear socks, but they turned into great big welly socks! So, when Mum uses her wellies, she will have comfy long socks to keep the boots on her feet, and her tootsies warm! They didn’t take that long to do at all, I was very pleased with myself. 

I have cast on a small project of mohair mittens. Sound’s dreadful, huh? I am loving it. I made a pair of these for my Nanny for Christmas and she loved them. Don’t know if she has worn them yet though, haha. 

This is what I am doing. 


The pattern, as far as I can remember, is called ‘Cafe Au Lait Mitt.’ I loved them! They are supposed to be worked in baby cashmerino or something similar, but I tried it with mohair and angora and it was gorgeous! Pity I didn’t take a photo of the others. Maybe I shall next time I’m down there. 

I was up at A’s last week. Came back yesterday late afternoon. It was such a boring train journey back. I didn’t get a table seat, had to sit behind some very loud women, it was hot, I felt sick, and to top it all off, I ran out of wool to complete the socks, so I didn’t even have some knitting! I read my two magazines cover to cover and even did some of the puzzles. It was revolting when I needed to wee really badly. I kid you not, there was mess on the FLOOR. It was disgusting. I still had to go though, I just couldn’t hold it in. There wasn’t even anyone to complain too. That’s the second time I’ve been in those toilets and it didn’t flush. We get the same crappy train every time.  

Well, at A’s we had a nice time. He told me he was in College the afternoon I got there, and that I was to go straight to his house. I was pretty miffed because I wanted to go meet him after College, but he was very adamant I went to his house. (I felt so bad cos’ I thought that he didn’t want me to see his College mates). He is SO lucky I just didn’t go to his College anyway! 

I went into his room and there on the bed was the note which said, ‘To K.’ 

I opened it and it said, ‘I love you, NOW…. turn around!’ I did, and there he was! (Breathing a bigger sigh of relief that I didn’t go to his College to see him, haha). He gave me a massive cuddle and we just chatted on the bed for a bit, watching crappy TV and catching up. I miss him like crazy when I don’t see him. I remember the first time I walked into his room. A vibrant red colour, with markings underneath the wall paper where someone had scribbled previously, two massive shelves just crammed with dvds and a small black chair in the corner. Massive bed in the opposite right corner with two mattresses on it, and the TV on the left hand side. He seemed so shy but he had this gorgeous great big grin on his face because I was finally at his house. (One Saturday we chatted online, Wednesday we met up, Saturday he was at mine, next Saturday I was at his!). I think I just checked out his (in my opinion, poor) DVD collection, haha. Just not my sort of thing, lol… I’m BATMAN! 

So, we went into the local shopping centre for a while to hang out, see what there was going on. I ended up buying more books for Dad, as usual. Got a pound off them at the till I think… she didn’t scan all of them through, and I wasn’t going to tell her. (They did that last time I bought notebooks there too, strange). Then we visited Pets@Home and had a look at all the pets…. I want some Guinea Pigs!!!!!! I saw some gorgeous Chinese Dwarf Hamsters, but they seemed very different to other Chinese hamsters I had seen because they were older. They even had little half tails! Sooo cute. But… I walked away. Very pleased with myself, lol. A bought some sawdust for his hamsters, Bill and Ted, and we cleaned them out this afternoon. 

That evening we went to a lovely pub/restaurant called Singers. I ordered the Thai Green Curry, and oh my, it was delicious! Got through every bit of it, and half a portion of a side of chips, nom nom. A had a hot and kicking chicken burger with side salad and chips. He kept dipping his burger into my curry sauce, haha. Payback for me nicking all the coleslaw when we had a Cafe lunch earlier. (But he doesn’t even like coleslaw, so what’s the problem, haha). We sat for another half hour afterwards having a drink, then decided to get the bus back to his. We were waiting in the bus shelter for a little while with some woman. She kept watching us, which was pretty weird. She sat down at the exact time we sat down, and kept watching and watching. We were giggling and having fun, but she was still a little…. watchy, haha. A did embarass me a little though. 

Me – Wanna finish watching the Scary Movie Trilogy when we get in? We can watch Two tonight? 

A – Nahh, let’s just finish that Hardcore Pawn we were watching. 

I was like, OMG! (For those, who don’t know, it’s a show about Pawnbrokers in Detroit. Very staged, but it’s a good way to waste twenty minutes). Cue for weird looks from woman again. He just laughed at me, but I was mortified, in case someone thought it was something else. Mind you, it was pretty empty at the bus stop at the time. We got back to his not long after. I fell asleep half way through Scary Movie 2. 

Anyway, I think I will go back to doing some more knitting. I’m a little bored at the moment, don’t know what I feel like doing. All I know is this is going to be waiting for me to sort out into three piles tomorrow. Keep, Dump, Sell. Help me? 


Yes, it is literally higher than I am. I know that doesn’t sound much cos’ I’m only 5ft, 2+ 3/4 inches, but still! It’s pretty much sorted in the boxes themselves, it’s just a case of separating the boxes. We just have so much stuff there since I moved back home. I am going to try and sell as much as possible on a car boot and then whatever doesn’t sell we are going to stick in a charity shop. Maybe not the ones here though. 

Have a nice night! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 



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