I had some absolutely amazing news yesterday afternoon. I decided (during a long boring process of job applications) to randomly check my emails. In my inbox there was an email from ‘Woolmakers.’ I opened it and to my surprise and delight I saw this; 

‘… Lucky you! You have sent us such an elaborate e-mail we couldn’t NOT be interested. We would really like you to try out our Bliss. It is so nice to see that there are so many young people starting with this “old” hobby.’ 

I won a spinning wheel!!!! I still can’t believe it. I can’t believe in my earlier posts I’m moaning about not having one and lamenting the fact I can’t afford a decent one, and now barely a week or so later I have won one! And what is more, it’s a brand new, barely tested one from the Netherlands, made by the makers of Louet wheels. It is a small wheel, a bit like a traveller one I think and will just be perfect for my room and for moving around. I may even take it to Blackpool with me! The news comes at a good time really. I will be in the house for two weeks after my operation, so it is brilliant for something to do. I think I will do a little spending spree on World of Wool again… perhaps some simple colours. I cannot wait to get it. They have my name on the website now, I’m just so excited. I wonder if they will write me a letter about how they want me to promote the website and do blogging. If I could get paid for doing this it would be a dream come true! I have a dream of where I can create my own yarns and sell them, and become as well known as the Skein Queen. I could travel the country and sell them at wool festivals, etc. I already have a premise to sell my goods if I wish – my Dads shop. I know that it isn’t ideal as it is mainly guys that go in there (not saying that none of them don’t knit!) but it’s always a start. 

Tomorrow (if the weather is better) I plan on going into town and buying some food dyes. I read somewhere that you can use the powdered drinks to dye yarn with, but living in the UK, the only ones I can think of are Nesquik. Hmmm…. maybe some neat juice frozen into ice-cubes? I don’t know, I may just get a few dyes and see what happens. 

OOoh, something else I have tried out over the past few days! As you know, I adore the website Ravelry. ( http://www.ravelry.com ) I joined a group called Unravelled, or something similar to that anyway. They buy sweaters and cardigans, etc from charity shops (thrift stores) and unravel them to create some recycled yarn. I thought what an awesome idea. I wanted to try it straight away obviously. I asked my Mum if she had anything in her wardrobe that she didn’t want and it turned out that she did. I got hold of this massive dark blue cardigan that had come undone all the way up one whole seam. It was fairly easy to unravel. It was knitted with two very thin strands of yarn together. Most of the time it unraveled together, but sometimes one of the yarns broke, so I had to snip it before the breakage and tie the two knots together. I managed to unwind it in several hours… it took a LONG time and two days! I wound it into balls of 110g each which took ages. I have started to put them into skeins because I think that they look so wonderful sitting on a table like that, rather than balls of wool. If I could ‘cake’ the balls of wool properly it would be easier, but I’m not sure of it correctly. But anyway! Two lovely skeins of wool and four balls left. I thought there was another, but it seems to have disappeared… Freddy??


Someone on Ravelry unraveled loads of sweaters and dyed them all in wonderful colours. She put up a photo on the group page and it was amazing. She had transformed a wall with hanging up skeins of yarn. It looked like a shop! The thing is though, she sold a lot of it. This got me thinking…. what an awesome idea! I can’t afford to buy large amounts of wool, but due to me being unemployed I can afford clothes from charity shops and I have a disgusting amount of free time to unravel. Tomorrow I plan on going to the three/four charity shops around town and seeing what they have. I would like to buy a white or cream, or even very pale coloured jumper/cardigan to undo. The charity shop I help out in is very cheap, so I may buy one there tomorrow, and then wait until I am working there to have a good root through everything. People seem to have good luck rooting through the charity shops, but it all depends on what day you go in. Some have found cashmere, virgin wool, merino, angora, and even possum! (Doubt I’ll find that here though, haha). I can have a good look tomorrow, and this time I’ll post up the start of the process, instead of the end. I’ll try not to get so much dog fur on this wool, but as the first one was only a practice I don’t mind. 

Now, what else? Oh yes, I finished one of the mittens I cast on the other day. It is so warm! Perfect really for this horrible weather we are having. It is cold, wet and miserable. The wind has really picked up again. There were bins blown over and yesterday a big plastic box on top of our coal bunker outside flew off it! I was a bit panicky about that cos’ Freddy was only in the space it fell on thirty seconds before! 


Our beautiful back garden. Looks stunning in the summer. But yes! The mitten. I have cast on only ten or so stitches for the next one so that is possibly my night time project for tonight. (Night time? It’s quarter past seven and still bright outside, I love it!) It looks pretty blue in the photos, but it’s purple and white mohair. What do you think? 


Looks a very soft light photo, doesn’t it?? What do you think? You can see the pattern on it quite easily and clearly though, so it’s ok. 

Right, I’m off! Going to start on the next mitten. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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