OOooh, just got some more good news! I was on the phone to A and I was saying that I hadn’t heard back from Woolmakers to say about when they were sending off the wheel. When I had gotten off the phone, I checked my Yahoo mail and there at the top message was a note from Woolmakers saying that my wheel had been shipped yesterday! I was super-happy! They said that my wheel should be here in 2-4 days, so it may even be here tomorrow. I’m so excited.

Today I went into town and visited the job centre where they gave me back my money I had spent on getting registered with the GTCS. All £179 pf it! Such a ridiculous cost. But I get it back so I can’t complain too much. I bought another paper, hardback Ladybird book for 10p today which will go well in my beautiful collection. I also visited the charity shop I help out in and bought  a simple white jumper. I was checking the seams in the shop to see if I could unravel it enough, and yep, I could. It was 50p, so a good bargain. I also got two knitting magazines for 20p each. Simply Knitting (my favourite!) and Lets Knit. There was a Knitter in there too, but I already had it. I went to see my Dad for a little while in the shop which was nice, and then I nipped into Tescos. I bought four bottles of food dye, red, blue, green and yellow. Such gorgeous bright colours! Dr Oetkers in case anyone wanted to know what kind.

When I got home I made myself do another job application form and then do some more on my TEFL work. I passed the quiz, (yay!) and then I got onto unravelling the jumper. Imagine my delight when I looked at the tag. It was from the Edinburgh Wool Mill and was 100% lambswool! I think it is lace weight wool.


Hmm, don’t know why the photo is the way up but never mind. I managed to cut all the way up the side of the jumper which was simple, but the seams seemed to be ‘serged’ at the top (is that the right word?). Instead of cutting the thread which I had done before, I cut into the knitting itself. I ended up with a few 30cm odd long threads, but when the cutting edge bit had disappeared, the yarn stayed together. I started to wrap this around a large hardback book I had, and boy it took a long while! My arm was so tired at the end of it! I def. need to buy a niddy-noddy I think. (Remind me to go to Jewsons tomorrow if we have time). I only did one sleeve at a time and it took agggges! When I took it off the book, it sprung back into what looked like a dishwasher scrubber. It made me laugh so much. What do you think? Very crinkly!


Well, after this, I decided to dye it. That was the main reason I bought the jumper for in the first place. Mum and I sat down and mixed up the dyes together. We decided on the colours of red, orange and yellow, with four parts of colour to the yarn. Yellow to orange to red to orange to yellow again. We used egg cups to mix the dye in which was perfect. To be honest though, I think next time I will get some little candle votives or shot glasses to work in, rather than using the family crockery.


I didn’t get a picture of the actual dyeing of the yarn which is a bit grr! But I shall know what to do next time I handpaint yarn. We poured it on using teaspoons and massaged the dye all in.


Then we covered it in cling film and heated it in the microwave for only two minutes. We waited for it to cool down and then we rinsed it out under water. And you know what? ALL the dye came out! I couldn’t believe it! I followed the Youtube video womans instructions exactly! Ah well, maybe I just didn’t leave the dye in long enough. It seemed to leave only a faint stain of red on one of the quarters. Never mind! So, what I did was put it into a large pot of water with some red dye in it. I put quite a bit of red dye in it, so hopefully it will stay in the wool for longer. I am going to leave it in overnight. Later on I unraveled the other sleeve so I have put that into a little tub with the most gorgeous shade of blue! What do you think of these wonderful colours?



Now, I’m in bed and I’ve just made the start on the back and front of the jumper. I had to trim quite a bit of the tops of each and it did take a while to get the yarn to being a ‘whole’ piece again. But each has a little ball started which is very useful for tomorrow.

Okey dokey then, I’m going to finish watching the programme of Hoarders: Buried Alive! It’s astonishing how people can have so much stuff. People call me a hoarder (which REALLY annoys me) but I really have so little compared to them. And I have a room I can move in! Haha, anyway, I’m off to bed.

Night night all!

xXx Love Kais xXx


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