Imagine my super-duper excitement when I came home to this on Friday 😀 


*SQUEAL!* I was so happy. I waited until Dad got home and then we went to fix it up. Mum took loads of pictures for us. 

Here it is in the box, ready to be put together. I couldn’t believe how white it was, so sleek and neat. 


It didn’t take too long to set up really. And the finished product… voila! 


See Freddy at the back, mouth wide open in awe? Haha. 

I love this wheel! I found it a bit difficult to use at first, as I was putting the drive band onto the bobbin itself as it would not work with the drive band where it should be. Buuuuut, a few emails later I realised that I had the tension wrong on the brake. And now it is working beautifully. 

I took it outside in the beautiful sunshine the next day… 


I got some wonderful work done. My first work on the spinning wheel was the other half of the cerise merino fiber I had bought from eBay a while ago. 



It took a while to get the hang of the pedaling. The wheel seemed to go in whatever direction it wanted to! I find that when I start it up it takes a little time for my foot to get used to it, but as I continue it gets easier and I can start straight away. Plying took a little longer to get used to, as I was used to spinning the other way. (Spin it right for spinning, spin it left for plying, just like a drop spindle). I have done several skeins of wool since then. The cerise one and a gorgeous two colour orange one. I really like it, and it reminds me of starburst sweets. So, it’s been called ‘Starburst!’ 


I finished one today which seemed to take hardly any time at all! It was white massam top and it was a true pleasure to spin. The hairs on it were pretty long and fluffy and just pulled out so easily. I would so love to buy some more of that. In fact, I’ll put it on my World of Wool list now! 

I had 160g of this so I split into halves. One half went onto one bobbin, and the other half on the other bobbin. This was then plyed together. 


And this turned into…. 


I am so ridiculously pleased with this I can’t even say, haha. I think it is a good sign. 

Now, I am actually going into hospital on Monday! Can’t believe it, less than a week. I mean, tomorrow there will be six days to go. SIX DAYS!!! Scary! I shall order some fiber from World of Wool and then I shall have something nice to open when I’m stuck in bed afterwards. 

Oooh, remember the dyeing incident I started out trying last time I blogged? Yeah, that didn’t go so well. Remember the beautiful colours of the dye that I left to soak for TWELVE or so hours?? 

I started to rinse them out and ALL, well, nearly all lost their colour. It was such a shame. The blue wool went to a very pale green, which I did like. The red went a funny yellowy pink colour with some purpleish streaks. Not a very nice colour, but bearable. 


I have also been working on unraveling some items. I found this AMAZING pink cotton jumper/sleeveless top in the charity shop on Friday. It was perfect. It was hand knitted, so I kinda felt bad about taking it apart as someone had taken so long to knit it. But, I thought that it was just going to be left in the shop and the yarn would be put to good use. I got about 600g of yarn, all pretty pinks in a pile. 



Don’t they look pretty? 


This is what I have almost finished working on. It’s my ‘unravel when watching TV jumper.’ I got this from one of Mums friends as she no longer wanted it and thought I could unravel it. 


It’s mostly done. I’ve been winding the wool into 100g balls. I need to put them into skeins and wash them. I think (and hope) that that will be tomorrows job. It needs done, and I can dry them out quickly if it’s warm. Ooh, do you think they will be ok hung outside? I think I shall try that out. 

Anyway, I’m tired. Lots to do tomorrow! 

Night all, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 



xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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