This is just going to be a short post tonight. A is coming over tomorrow, so I probably won’t be able to post until after my operation. Or maybe even Sunday, depends on how I feel. I’m still nervous about it happening, but it has to be done.

I was so upset yesterday. I got a letter from a school saying I had an interview… yayy! Until the interview day was Monday. I can’t put the operation off any further and they were not able to interview me at a later date. So yeah. First interview in months and I can’t go. 😦 Oh well, if someone liked my application form, I’m hoping others will like the similar ones they have received! I applied for almost twenty jobs in the last two weeks, so I’m really hoping.

A is coming over tomorrow which is nice. When did I last see him?? Umm… actually I can’t remember. It was before I knew I had the spinning wheel anyway. I don’t know what we will do. I’m wanting to watch ‘Nighty Night,’ and ‘Waking the Dead,’ with him. Something good to watch when we are lying in bed together. He is also going to have a go on the spinning wheel. He asked me first! He said he is going to show me how to do it properly, haha.

I spun up half of the Shetland Moorit yesterday night. It was a joy to spin. I finished the other half today and plied it. Here is the finished result. I love it!


I also finished unraveling the rest of the cardigan. I got 1KG of wool from it. I washed it all in the bath…


And then hung it outside to dry. I did a rather silly thing and left it out all night thinking it would be ok. And it poured down! Ah well, it just gave it an extra rinse and straightened a bit more of the kinks out. I thought it would have been ruined but it was fine and even smelled nice and fresh! It’s hung up in the porch just now, so I’m thinking it will be completely dry tomorrow night sometime.

Here is it outside, on our swing bench.


This is what I am spinning now.


This is Ramie plant fiber, made from nettles. It feels very soft, but when spinning it up it seems very tough, almost like string. It’s not very easy to spin up and on reflection, it was probably a bad buy. But at least it was cheap and I have learnt what it is like. Maybe it will look a lot better when it is plied together. I need to do the other half tomorrow. Freddy was getting into a mood with me because I was spinning and not paying him much attention. He actually barked at me! (That’s not normal). So, I finished up the last half and played with him for a little while. Now we are snuggled up together in bed, watching ‘The Brittas Empire.’ Love that show.

Anyway, better get some sleep, back in the charity shop tomorrow… looking for some nice bargains to unravel. Can’t wait…. ooh, and I get my parcel from World of Wool tomorrow. I ordered it last night specifically so it would arrive next week. Last time I ordered some it took about six days to get here. I wanted it so that I could open it when I am convalescing. But nope, got an email this afternoon saying it will be delivered tomorrow, grr! I’m pleased about the quick postage though, haha, but don’t think I will be able to resist opening it!

Have a great night!

xXx Love Kais xXx


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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