Hello again. 

Well, that’s it all done. I have now had my tonsils and adenoids removed. It was… shall we say, an interesting experience. 

We got there for eleven and waited in a small room with a bed and sink in, with a toilet in an adjoining room. We were there half an hour before a student nurse came in and took some details. Not being funny, but it doesn’t give you the greatest confidence when you have to spell out everything… She even got the tape measure out to measure my lower legs for support stockings and asked which side was inches and which side was centimetres. Another things that didn’t help was when the surgeon came in, didn’t have the correct papers about my sleep study and promptly informed me I would have another two hours to wait until I would go into theatre! I got quite upset then as I was told that I was going in at one o clock so to wait another two hours whilst getting pretty antsy was horrible. I crocheted myself a small hair scrunchie to hold my hair back as I wasn’t allowed a hair band in the theatre. 

Eventually they knocked on the door to come and get me. I was so embarrassed that they made me get into the bed, and then wheeled me down the corridor… boy, was it cold! I was in my backsideless gown at that time, haha. We got into a lift and went downstairs and into the surgery unit. I was put in the recovery unit to get onto the theatre bed. There they attached wires and stuff. I was then wheeled into a theatre, nothing like I had ever seen. It was just like a plan room with a sink and some machines and some cupboards. Just nothing, lol. They put a needle in the back of my left hand. It stung a bit, but wasn’t too bad. They must have layered sticker after sticker on it to keep it in place, haha. They then put an oxygen mask on my face and told me just to breathe. I didn’t feel anything at first. Then suddenly my whole body just went so heavy from my shoulders to my feet. It was a horrible feeling. I think I put my hand up to move the mask from my face saying, ‘I don’t like it, get it off.’ I didn’t feel in the least bit sleepy. 

The next thing I know, the operation is done with and I’m in the recovery room! I wake up pretty slowly and I’m sure someone was talking to me. I sort of moved my hands around but I couldn’t focus on anything as my vision was horrible blurry. I couldn’t swallow in the slightest as my throat was so numb. That was so weird. The woman next to me (the nurse) gave me a tiny sip of water as my mouth was the driest it has ever been. It was so strange being that dry. The water was delicious and I had to sip it several times. I spat some of it out because it was hard to swallow and it was red. Yucky. I asked them to tell Mum that I was out and they did. The clock said 5pm on the wall which puzzled me as I went in at 3.30pm and the operation took only half an hour. I believe that I was only going to be asleep for the surgery and then woken up straight afterwards, but Mum said they let you wake up in your own time. I was wheeled into the High Dependency Unit for the night. It wasn’t too necessary but they wanted to keep an eye on me there. Mum came in and we chatted for a bit. I was able to talk straight away afterwards. I mean, I can talk pretty well still, but then it didn’t hurt much at all, just gradually. I was in a ward with two elderly men but I think they were in a pretty bad way, poor guys. I had some jelly and ice-cream but it tasted disgusting because of the taste of the operation in my mouth. 

I had my laptop with me which was good otherwise I would have been driven mad. I could barely knit as I had a finger oxygen clip on one finger. I still did some though. It took me so long to get to sleep, must have been around midnight I think. What I found out was that when I went to go for a wee my legs almost staggered. It was very odd, but what was weird was that I found it very hard to pee, but I think that was part of the anaesthetic. But thinking of it, I went for a pee at 8amish this morning… and haven’t been since. (It’s now quarter past six pm). If I haven’t gone by ten then perhaps I need to get that looked at. 

I woke up on and off until about 7.30am where I was woken up to get a glucose finger prick test again. (3rd time). At 2am I was also woken up as the guy on the left of me seemed to be having some sort of trouble. I think something went wrong with this tubes, but he seemed ok in the morning. 

When I woke up I did some more knitting, watched Psychoville on my laptop (as that was the DVD in The Brittas Empire DVD case) and had some breakfast. Porridge and a slice of bread with butter and marmalade. I ate the bread which was nice, but the porridge? Bleurgh!! Also had a cup of tea… yumyum! Just what I had been waiting for. I then had a quick shower and got dressed. I finished the washing cloth that I was knitting. (When we left I gave the nurse the wash cloth and said she could keep it. She loved it and said she was going to give it to her 97 year old mother as it was so soft. Love it!). 

The consultant came to see me at about quarter to ten and said, ‘Wow! I should take a photo of you so everyone can see how they will be after the operation!’ I had a grin on my face as I felt fine and just wanted to go home. But I did genuinely feel fine! They discharged me and the pharmacist gave me some drugs which have worked pretty well. 

It has been such a lovely, sunny day today. I was so happy to go outside and get some fresh air. Mum picked me up and we nipped in to see Dad and say hello. We then went to Tescos and came out with eight hanging baskets and three twelve plant tubs! I will have to put a photo up later, then SDCard isn’t working too well at the moment. 

Anyway, in a bit of pain before trying to eat so it is proving difficult. But then again, it has been only a day and half since they have been removed. I know it will be worse in a few days, groan. I have taken some paracetamol an hour ago which has helped quite a bit. Next set of painkillers is at about 9.20ish. Agges away, so hopefully the hours will wile away quickly. 

I bought some long nails today, some 125mm ones to make a blending hackle with. Well, Dad to make, haha. I found a washer on the street whilst I sent off a job application earlier today, so that was lucky! I can use that as a diz. (What a horrible word!) 

Oh, talking of job applications yesterday Dad phoned me at the hospital to say that I have an interview on the 7th May! It is for a Secondary School HLTA but that is a definite start. I am ver much hoping for an interview from a Primary School on the coast, but I will say yes to this job first if they ask me. I don’t hold out much chance again, but I’m very happy I got the interview. 

Anyway, I think I might do some spinning and watch some comedy show. I’ve been watching ‘Waking The Dead,’ but I don’t think I can concentrate on it very well. I think this blog post is a complete muddle but there you go. I apologise to anyone reading it! Omg… yawning hurts so much and I’m so tired. That’s so irritating and sore and will make me moodier than I already am. Perhaps I’d better try for a sleep? 

Nighty night all. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


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