Hello again! 

It’s been quite a nice week really 🙂 I haven’t done too much. A bit of TEFL (almost two lesson plans tonight and some grammar), finishing off the baby dress and a day trip out to Glasgow. Oh, and three days, yes THREE DAYS of supply teaching! No wonder I haven’t had time to put any blog posts up! I’m so happy that this is half term in England atm, haha. 

On Tuesday I was called up early to do a morning (8.15 – 12) in a reception class. Let me tell you, that was an experience. Adorable children but some hard work! Trying to get children to do some work whilst all they wanted to do was play…. As soon as I had set some children doing their work the next lot had stuck their hands in the water pool and were playing in it, overturning the lego and drawing loads of pictures whilst printing copious amounts of scribbles from the printer! I had set up a jigsaw on one page for the children to use as part of their lesson (finding certain pictures on it) and for some reason, every group tried to destroy it! 

I was then called in in the morning of Thursday to do a year five class. They already had set work which was nice, but oh so organised! I just hope that I did ok in the class. The deputy head told me to leave my details so they could call me as and when they needed, rather than always going through the supply agency, which could be useful. He wants to observe me teach which I’m pretty nervous about, as I won’t be teaching my lessons half the time, which is obviously which I’m a lot more comfortable about doing. Anyway, that was quite a nice class, just rowdy. We did a lesson on Hinduism which was nice and I got the to create some quick posters about what they learnt. One kid started drawing swastikas all over his page and I was like, ‘omg, what are you doing?!’ until he pointed it out in the religious textbook and it was a symbol of peace for Hindus. The things you learn, eh! 

The next day I was in a year five class in a lovely school. They were a wonderful class, quite chatty and a bit rowdy (hard for some of the boys to sit in their seats!) but lovely all the same. I taught my own lessons in that class (acrostics poems, my family and me, and ice-cream colour combinations). I loved it and gave my number to the secretary in case they wanted to call me directly. 

After that little lot I was shattered! I had to call up the job centre on the Friday as I had missed my sign in day on Thursday. The snooty woman answered the phone and seemed quite annoyed I had missed it. I stated that I had been working which she then replied, ‘why haven’t you come in today then?’ I said, ‘I’m working today too.’ 

‘Then why didn’t you come in before you went to work?!’ 

You’re kidding me, right? The job centre doesn’t open until nine. So, I’m suposed to wait UNTIL 9am, sign on, and THEN go to work? Really? That’s how it works? 

‘I’ve been up for hours, I have to be at work by 8.15 and you don’t open until 9am, and by that time I’m teaching so I can’t get in touch with you until break. I’m a primary teacher.’ 

She changed her tone a bit then and seemed a bit nicer, though tried to make out that I had worked too many hours and my claim should be closed. Nahh, it shouldn’t, haha, my benefit week is not Monday to Monday, but Thursday to Thursday so I had technically worked only 12 hours compared to the sixteen she was making me out to have worked that week. Phew, anyway, the upshot of it is is that I have to go in tomorrow to sign on. I’m going in after the auction. 

Omg! The auction last week! It was quite funny. But sad too 😦 There was a massive, and I mean MASSIVE box just crammed with old knitting patterns and old womans weekly magazines. I was going to go up to £12, but it went higher than that to one of the staff that worked there. Looking back I was very disappointed I didn’t get it and that I should have aimed higher. Ahh well. The other craft stuff I wanted went too high too, e.g. a big box of materials and a box of sewing threads. Don’t buy stuff from an auction if it’s for crafts. It always go massively high. 

My Dad always goes for the books, which if you have read other parts of this blog you will know. There was a box he bid on and the auctioneer said, ‘£6 to the man in the bright blue.’ (Dad) There was silence and she knocked the hammer and went, ‘Maggs.’ (Dad) She went onto the next one until a staff member (the woman who bought the knitting magazines, grrr) said, ‘You missed that man out.’ The man behind my Dad, also in blue, but dark blue, was going, ‘Oi, that should have been mine!’ The auctioneer said that she clearly stated my Dad as in the bright blue. He said, ‘But I’m wearing blue too!’ Silly thing to say really as he was wearing a dark, navy blue. She refused to redo the auction and the man was pretty pissed. Dad turned round to see him (as he knew him) and the bloke mouthed, ‘That should have been mine!’ (Sorry, you snooze, you lose!)  Anyway, we managed to get another box or so, and waited quite a while until the front tables were finished. We paid up and Dad sent me to the car to get the sack truck (trolley) to grab the boxes with. That man was waiting there! He looked at me, and said, ‘You know what I’m after.’ I thought… omg…. I told Dad and he was like, ‘For goodness sake, it’s mine.’ We went to the car and the bloke was really nice, haha! He asked Dad if he would sell the box and that he didn’t blame him or anything but he was angry that she didn’t redo the auction. He asked if he could buy some of the books out of the box. It was a brilliant box and he knew it. He bought five pamphlets, thin books, etc for £20 very willingly, so it just shows they were worth more, but Dad doesn’t believe in selling things for stupid prices. But that paid for all the boxes and altogether we paid only £3 for three/four boxes of books! I wonder what tomorrow will bring… 

Right, we went to see my brother in Glasgow on Saturday which was lovely. It was such a hot day, so pretty! Very busy though. F had got me some books from his library which were being sold. They are vintage knitting and crochet books and I was so happy he had thought of me and bought them. 


Hidden inside the back cover of one of the books he had put in some German metal circular knitting needles too 😀 He is so sweet. We appreciate each others crafts so much. You want to see his Dr Who dress sometime? I will have to find it out and ask him if I can put it up on here. 

It’s been a week of books this week. After my morning teaching I went into Carlisle and straight to the library. Here is my pick of the craft shelves. 


The top book has been excellent and wonderful reading. Very simple, very exact and very easy to get right into. I may buy myself a copy of this. The crochet book at the bottom has been pretty good too, I’ve already had a quick go at make some of them. I thought if I made up some of the circles in cotton they could be used as coasters. 


As you can see, I think I need to work on them! I’ve obviously added in too many stitches and just pulled it too tight, especially around the edge. Ah well, got all summer to practice! 

I found a couple of months ago some national book tokens that were given to my brother when he was still at school (four odd years ago!) and to my absolute joy, they were in date! STILL! I had a good look round Waterstones, but I was just so aghast at the prices I just had to leave. I know that I would be getting the book for free, but £10 for maybe 10 patterns did not seem worth it to me. I nipped over to WHSmiths to see what they could do, and although their volume of craft books was pitiful (maybe twelve altogether?) I managed to find one that was perfect. It was £12.99, so I paid £10 of tokens and £2.99 so I wouldn’t break into the other £10 tokens I had 😀 


It’s got a lot of information crammed into it, and gorgeous colour photographs. I still haven’t sat down and had a really good hard look at it yet. That is on my to-do list soon! 

Ooh, my boyfriend and I went into an arty store and on one of the shelving units were hundreds of tubs of open beads where you could pick what you wanted. We each bought some beads together that we could made some bracelets for each-other. I picked out some letters for his name to put on his bracelet and he picked out some charms, like scissors for my crafting and a dragonfly to remind us of the massive one that flew into my face almost when we were in the garden. (I kid you not, it was huge!) We made the bracelets today, well, I made one for him, and he made me this sweet and cute set of beads which I will hang up somewhere, probably on the curtain rail next to my bed, because I just don’t wear bracelets. I also bought a heavy glass bead which I plan on making a tiny lace spindle with! Here I have a crochet hook through the bead, which to be honest would do perfectly well with it… maybe I could find an old, thin hook to try this with… What do you think of the idea? The bead is gorgeous. (Hmm, what about the end of the hook then? I can’t do a support spindle with that. Ahh, well, it was an idea! Off to find a dowel I go… maybe after the auction tomorrow…! Nope, just looked at a spindlers group on Ravelry, and because it is a support spindle, it should totally be ok, no hook needed, etc. And the ends of all my crochet hooks generally have a little point on them anyway).  


Oops, nearly forgot before I left. I finally did some spinning! I feel really guilty and terrible that I haven’t done any in a while but I just really didn’t feel like it. I grabbed some black Jacobs top which I had practiced spinning lace with, and got it ready into two separate, but equal piles, and just got spinning. I did it bit, by bit over the past couple of days, just trying to get back into it. I also changed the nylon drive band onto it, as the elastic one finally snapped. I am also finding the spinning wheel a little squeaky, perhaps it needs a touch of oil at the back. Anyway, here is my skein of wool after it has been spun, washed in conditioner, hung up and weighed down, and finally skeined up. Love it! (I love the smell of it, but it drives the dog mad. He hates anything that has a perfumed smell to it, e.g. conditioner). 



Anyway, I think it’s bedtime for me. Need to be up early as gonna be a busy day. Auction, job centre, TEFL work, making a spindle (hopefully) and some more craft work. I need to get some more knitting, etc done. I hate not having a project on the go. 

Anyway, enjoy this gorgeous photo; 


Love to you all, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

I’ve decided to make this blog post a ‘how-to’ post. I’ve been unraveling jumpers for a short while now and it helped me a lot when I saw how others did it, that I decided to help those who may perhaps also need a hand. 

First of all, get your item of clothing ready. The first thing you need to do is check the seams of the item. I generally embarrass my Mother when we go round town because I check the content of the sweater and then how the seams work. But she doesn’t mind really, haha. 

Anyway, the seams of the sweaters need to be so that you can easily snip the threads… like this picture here shows… 


It’s not too obvious in the photo, but if you look ^^^^^ at this bit here, you can see another shade of purple in a very thin thread running through the sweater. 

This is an example (one of MY jumpers) of a seam that you cannot undo… or to be honest shouldn’t attempt as it will drive you insane! 


Get a very sharp, thin pair of scissors. I use some nice sewing scissors. Snip any of one of the thin (I’ll say that for now so you know what I mean on my jumper) purple threads nearer the bottom of the jumper. Slowly start snipping it up, bit by bit. 


Start snipping until you get to the general ribbing at the top of the garment. I generally find that on most the ribbing is knitted onto the rest of the garment. In most cases you can very carefully check out the top of the collar and work your way around until you find the start of the round. Generally you will find, if you search super hard, a bit where the end of the yarn has been sewn through. Pull this out, and you should be able to unknot it from the end.


Give this a pull and slowly the whole thing should come undone. I find it helpful to wind this into a ball as I go along. 


This is an 80% silk mix, so it’s not been too hard to unravel so far. You can get a huge amount of yarn from a jumper. I find it very useful to wind up the yarn into skeins in 100g’s each. I wind mine around a large plastic board that used to be the top of a shelf. It’s just the perfect size to wind the wool into a skein. I plan on getting a niddy-noddy one day which I imagine will be so much easier! I am also getting a wool winder from my brother on Saturday. He was given it in a huge bundle when I gave him the knitting machine stuff. He isn’t using it, so he says that he will give me back the wool-winder, which is nice! 😀 

After you have put the wool into skeins you need to run some hot water into the sink. Make it as hot as you can handle, but don’t make it scalding hot! Put in some hair conditioner; any type will do. Swish it around the water and when it is practically dissolved put your yarn in. Now, DO NOT squeeze or rub the yarn! This is important. If you do so, you are at risk of felting it and will end up with a mass of unuseable yarn. Swish it round in the water a few times making it completely soaked through. Let the water out and rinse it under the hot water and then make sure it is rinsed again under cold water. This may be different to what others do but I find this works for me 🙂 Give the yarn a good squeeze, but don’t rub it. Try and get as much water out as possible. Once you have done that put the yarn in a folded towel and stand on top of the towel to squeeze as much water out as possible. Next, I hang up the yarn with something weighing it at the bottom to get rid of any kinks it may have. I hang mine on a coat hanger and hang it from my curtain rail, with something holding it down – in this case, a hanging candle holder with two bags of pennies in to keep it weighted. (Sorry, thought I had a photo but I don’t). 

Leave the yarn overnight, sometimes 24 hours to dry completely. It’s tempting to take it down before, but if you want perfect yarn then leave it! 

You can quickly get from this – 



All the way to this – 


It costs a fraction of the price of the yarn in shops. I love this idea and plan to do it for a long time! 

I hope this helps everyone who has thought about unraveling things. It’s simple to do, it’s a great thing to do when you’re watching telly, it’s cheap and it’s very effective. Good Luck! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

Had quite a lazy day today, but I got a few things done that I had been intending to do. I did another module in Grammar in my TEFL course, which leaves one module of that left (can be done fairly quickly, less than an hour I would say), three lesson plans, and umm… wait, I think that’s it! Oh yay 😀 Nearly done! I MAY, just may, celebrate by buying something craft related. But then again, maybe I should wait until Woolfest, which is FIVE WEEKS AWAY! I am so excited! I had a good look at some of the photos of last years and I was just drooling over the lucious colours and range of produce. I want to go and see the sheep and hold the lambs and rabbits. Oooh lovely! I am going to have to fully charge up my camera so I can put plenty of pictures on my blog. 

My list for Woolfest? 

– A new drop spindle, preferably a smaller, darker wooded one. 

– LOADS of fibre to spin up. 

– Cotton yarn, and lots of it! 

– Knitting magazines if they are cheap. 

– MAYBE some raw fleece. 

– Hand carders. 

– Anything else that is cheap and that I can carry back with me 😀 

I have a budget of £150, which I think includes my entrance fee and lunch, and my mothers entrance fee and lunch. I can’t expect her to drive me there and not pay anything. It’s really not her thing but I know once she is in there she will love it! I know £150 sounds a lot, but I have saved up for it since last year and I will bulk buy so I won’t be buying loads later in the year! (Maybe….) 

Right, what have I been doing that’s craft related? Or yarn related shall we say. But then again, I saved a book from the book pulping pile which I plan to use later on. (My Dad has so many books that won’t sell in his shop, so rather than throwing them away to make room, they get taken away by someone who repulps them and turns them into new stock. I hate the thought of books being ruined, but at the same time, it saves trees being cut down for the same thing). It was an old book of maps, brightly coloured pages which I plan on using to cover an old box. I also have an old Shakespeare book with hundreds of pages of prose and tiny text which would look wonderful covering something. We shall see… 

I started taking apart the grey skirt I got yesterday. It was fairly easy to undo and I got some gorgeous heavy metal buttons with a sort of flower design on top. 


I got about a metre of thick elastic too which is great. Nine buttons, two large panels of knitting and the thick ribbed waistband. Tomorrow I might get onto unraveling it. Or I might just pack it in a clear bag for now with all the details on it, and make a start on unpicking the other clothes so that when I do want to unravel them they are all ready to start. Yes, I might do that actually. 

I was having a rummage through my random bag of yarny bits when I decided to spin two of the balls of yarn together. They weren’t very big either of them, but when spun up on my Bliss, the white one was about 20cm longer. It looks like pink candy stripes – I love it! It’s hanging up on the curtain rail at the moment, being stretched to get the kinks out, and to dry it. 


What do you think? There isn’t a lot of it, but I thought I might make a little hanging heart or something. It looks good enough to eat! 

I had a go at Andean Plying! I kept seeing people talking about it on Ravelry and I was puzzled as to what it could be. It is an ingenious idea! I will def. be using this again in the future. It involves winding the single spun yarn onto your hand in such a way that you can spin from both ends of the yarn at once. I was so worried that I would end up wasting my carefully spun yarn as it fell into such a tangle that it would be pointless trying to unpick it (like when it messed up my Massam spinning… it took an hour to unravel it… never again!). But it worked, and it worked well. The only problem I had was that even with my best efforts I managed to wrap it too tightly and I nearly dislocated my middle finger trying to get the yarn off to make the ‘bracelet.’ 


See my gorgeous Bliss in the background? 😉 My poor drop spindle has a bit of a bent hook. I wondered for ages why it wasn’t spinning properly. I got my Dad to push it back a bit and it did straighten, but not as good as it could have. I think Wingham Wools has some nice once for only £7 so if I don’t see any at Woolfest I will try there. 

I also found a messy pile of yarn I had loosely tied up and flung into my bag of scrappy yarn. It was my first major spinning project. It is (now) off-white Merino with a glitter thread running through it. I felt sorry for it and knew that it deserved better. Looking closely at it, it isn’t actually too bad. I felt quite pleased when I saw it again really. I untied the knots and wound it up to make a proper skein. 


I did another 16 row repeat on my baby dress as well. It’s looking pretty good. I worked out the maths pretty well and I am very happy with it. Do you think the designer would like it if I emailed her with some changes for a slightly bigger size? I might just do that. I wanted to try the dress on my larger Smoby doll (Robin) so needed a way to stop the stitches falling off the needles. I managed to find some blue tack and stuck it on the ends of each needle. 


It worked fairly well. I just gave the ends of the needles a quick clean with a wet wipe afterwards. 

How do you think it looks so far? I adore the pinks and blues in it. 


The original pattern says to have three sixteen row repeats. The size she is, I think it needs AT LEAST four. Unless I just make it into a top? Nahh, I want to do some pretty crochet edging on it, like little fans. I’ll figure it out nearer the time. 

Ooh, I can’t believe I didn’t mention this in my previous posts, but I bought a set of Tunisian Crochet Hooks on eBay. I got them when I got home from A’s but hadn’t tried them out until today. They are nice, bamboo, the bigger ones fairly sturdy. The 2mm one may be a problem as it seems very thin (obviously!) but very fragile. I imagine I’ll always be using 4mm and up though. 

I don’t think much of the cheap white holder they are in though. It will do for now, but I plan on making another one for them – out of Tunisian crochet! 


I started on some practise stuff using some glittery acrylic. I chained 26 stitches and have just gone back and forth. I think I did ten rows (1 up, 1 back) and then changed colour. I find it a little difficult to get on with, because I’m so used to working with smaller hooks. These are also wooden so they catch on the yarn quite a bit. But I am working on it, and it will get easier soon. I can’t believe the amazing things people have made with this crochet, really outstanding, like full jumpers and cardigans, all sorts of clothes. I look forward to seeing what I can do. 


Right, I think it’s time I be getting off to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow to go to the auction again. There looks like there is plenty of craft stuff this week, knitting and sewing related. I doubt I’ll get any because even the smallest box of crafts stuff seems to go for ridiculous prices. One time, a TINY bag of knitting needles (maybe ten – twelve pairs) went for over £10! I mean, seriously? When you can get second hand ones for 20p at the charity shop? Ahh maybe that’s the bargain hunter in me, but it seriously didn’t look worth it. 

I’ll leave you with this gorgeous photo. It just says everything I think. 😀 


xXx Love Kais xXx 

Right, I know I posted last night, but as the internet was going funny I didn’t get to finish. It’s just a couple more photos to put up. 

Here is what I am working on at the moment, albeit slowly. I am going to do some more after this post. It is another baby dress in King Cole Riot but I have worked out larger measurements. The crochet is working out pretty well, but when it comes to the knitting stitches I am going to have to work out the maths pretty well! I am not the best at maths so maybe I will have to have two or three attempts at it. I was working on it at the dog charity shop yesterday and someone that was working there said to me, ‘What you making?’ I replied that it was a dress, and she goes, ‘Oh, for you?’ I’m like… I’m not a size 2 or whatever! It was tiny, but some people are a bit strange, lol. 



I love the colour of the pinks and blues in the wool but it’s taking so long to get to them! 

Me and Mum went into the other large town today… in the unrelenting pouring rain! We were just having a wander when we saw this charity shop closing down. I think it was the Samaritans. We nipped in to get out of the rain and have a quick look, and to our shock almost EVERYTHING was 10p! Books, clothes, etc… all 10p! So, we looked at each other and just dived headfirst into having a good rummage! The clothes were not too bad a quality but there I was checking all the fibre contents. My Mum just rolls her eyes and sighs when I do that, cos’ she knows I will be unraveling them later, haha. She doesn’t mind looking for me, but she makes me check the labels out. I got a few nice things. I got a red shirt with sparkly silver lines on it, a gorgeous wool jumper that looks American, with a big A on the front. I also got three items to unravel. One is a hideous skirt, but in a lovely colour and in pure lambswool. The other was a light and dark purple striped cardigan in wool, and the other was a woollen purple waistcoat type cardigan. 


Excuse the doggy backside in the pic, he wouldn’t move! 

I don’t plan on doing anymore TEFL today. Bit annoyed that my last lesson plan still hasn’t been marked. Nope, still hasn’t – I just checked again. I let the hamsters out before I started todays blog and I think they have had a great time. Poor Freddy was just sitting there watching them and drooling. I know he won’t do anything to them though, he is very gentle and just likes to watch. The hamsters come up to him and stare right back! 


There are three hamsters in there – can you spot them? Saffy, Eddie and Patsy. Isa is in another cage. She’s an old girl now, so beautiful. I haven’t given her a run as she is asleep at the moment. I might let her out when she gets up. 

Anyway, onward to go finish that dress, it’s just a delight to do. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


Been so long since I posted! Well, I have some good news. I am no longer in pain with my tonsils… yay! I can eat properly again, and I can yawn! Whoever thought I would miss yawning?! Whenever I did yawn it would stretch the back of my throat and it would sting really badly. Every day it would get a little better until finally there is no pain… wonderful! It looks so much better now. It looks far better than it did before. It looked like there were two massive holes at the back of my mouth but now it almost looks like it has just been filled in. The skin looks a bit paler but I can breathe so much better now so it’s all ok. I haven’t been snoring at night (well, maybe only a tiny bit, haha… like normal people!) But I’m not choking or gasping for breath. Sometimes (in the days of the tonsils) I would wake up gasping for air and panting. I did that the night I had the sleep test so it showed up pretty obviously on the computer the next day. I would love to have a photo of how the screen looked after my test… the jagged lines were huge! Which meant it was very, very bad. But hopefully since having tonsils out it should sort it all out. Oh, and I can breathe out of my nose… it’s so good. Because I have always breathed through my mouth, it feels like I almost have to learn to breathe through my nose. I’m sure it is happening already, maybe I’m just thinking about it too much.

Freddy seemed to be a bit funny when I let him sleep back in my room. For the past few nights he has been waking me up at stupid hours, like 1am. He paws me hard, his claws on my head. He even went so far as to stick his nose in my face and try and push me up. I take him outside but he doesn’t do anything. I don’t understand what he wants. I thought it was perhaps because I am not snoring he sees that as wrong, because all of his life I have snored and now suddenly I don’t. Either that or he is just being very naughty! Last night I was determined not to get up, to teach him that I was not going to put up with this every night. I just kept saying no very firmly, moving his paw and ignoring him. He cuddled up to me very close and went back to sleep. Oh my baby! 😀

Haha, talking of sleeping… I think on one of the first nights I was back home from the hospital Freddy was sleeping in the front room with me (I miss him so damn much at night time when he isn’t in the same room as me) and he was on the floor. However, I awoke at one point during the night to find him practically sitting on my chest, just staring at my face… I suppose it was a little unnerving but as I was so tired I didn’t think much of it. I made him lie down (half pushing me off the sofa) and I drifted back off. He was watching over me 🙂

Right! What else has been happening in the past week then? I did some more TEFL today. I was given a weeks extension because of the operation which was very good of them. I managed to complete another lesson plan today, which I think leaves only three or four left! Yay! I’m steadily ploughing through it.

A came over on the Saturday… was it Saturday? I can’t remember. May have been a Friday… not sure. Lol, my memory is getting worse. It was lovely to see him again, just to give him a cuddle (he has wonderful hugs) to see his face, to smell his aftershave. Just everything. I just think he is so gorgeous and I just adore him. And I know the feeling is mutual, haha, phew! We watched Hells Kitchen (we watch some crap together!) and other shows. We mostly just lay and watched telly together which was wonderful. We got food from a Chinese take away which was nom nommy! We also played a lot of cards. I’m telling you, there is no greater feeling than winning a game of cards in ONE go. I kid you not, ONE move. Awesome.

Dad took us both to the auction with him which was nice. I grabbed the sofa in the front of the chairs and seats, etc which were up for auction. You can sit on them all. We are generally there first so I have been grabbing the first sofa I see at the front so we can sit down. It’s all very well standing but your back starts to ache after a while. Dad managed to get some awesome books! I found a box with some Biggles books in, by Captain W E Johns. These are in short supply as they are generally in high demand. There were 6 – 8 in the box, along with some other very good history books. Ooh, and some A.A.Milne books that looked fairly old. He was prepared to go up to £28 on the box of perhaps 30 books? Imagine our utter surprise when he was the only bidder and got if for a mere £2 + VAT! He also got some annuals and another box of books.

I decided to go back to Glasgow with A for a few days when he had to leave. I wasn’t going to at first but he said he was only at College to do some filming on the Tuesday afternoon so the rest of the time would be ours. I felt so terribly guilty about leaving Freddy because I thought I had been neglecting him lately. When you are in pain you just can’t motivate yourself to do anything and unfortunately I hadn’t given Freddy the time he deserved. However, I had a little cry and gave Freddy a massive cuddle and he seemed fine. (I promised him biscuits when I got back!).

Me and A played cards on the train and it was nice. I crocheted some more of my blanket and he had a go too. Of his own accord! He asked to try it! I was so happy and pleased I took photos of him doing it 😀 We got to his about 9.30pm, grabbing a chippy on the way. He then announced he was setting his alarm for the morning as he was in College all day. I was super annoyed as I could have spent that time with Freddy.

Anyway, that time I tried to do some TEFL but couldn’t get motivated… especially as I got replies back from everyone of my job applications and they were all negative. (Oh, btw the one other interview I did have was cancelled). I don’t think any of the job applications I did for the Scottish side went to the actual schools themselves… just through the council. I was fuming. How dare someone who doesn’t actually work at the school, therefore doesn’t know what the school is looking for, sift through my application? I just give up sometimes, I really do.

Anyway, I spent that day quite happily doing some crochet. I tried to make a start on the ‘Blooming Flower Cushion’ by Lucy of Attic24, but it didn’t work out quite right for some reason. I therefore only did the first couple of rows and it turned into a really pretty flower.

What do you think?


I just made up the leaf pattern on my own. It was a bit of trial and error, but it worked!

Here is the blanket. I have set the wool out in the order I want it. I took a photo so I know what colour to do next. However, I started on doing the orange but it seemed far too bright next to the darker shades of ‘slate.’ I’m not sure what next to do… I need a dark shade, but a lighter one if you get what I mean.


The yarn I am using is Patons Smoothie. (Same as the flowers). It is the nicest yarn I have EVER worked with. It knits and crochets up beautifully and drapes gorgeously. I would highly recommend it. It is 100% acrylic, but if you look at it and feel it, it feels like bamboo silk. If you saw it you wouldn’t think it was acrylic. I need to buy some more soon. It is 100g and you get 200m with it, so definetly a good buy. I think they are something like £2.95 each, which is cheaper than other yarns, but still costly when you want to get a few of them. I find it pretty annoying my local Hobbycraft only stocks half of the colours… strange really. It doesn’t stock orange, yellow, bright green, blue, slate, linen and others. I have to order them online from purplelinda.com. She has some great things there!

We rearranged A’s room on the Wednesday. We had bought some flat pack furniture (a TV stand and a cube shelf unit) and redid his room. You won’t believe how many DVDS he had packed onto his shelves. We managed to fit them all under his bed. Don’t cringe like I did when you see the photos!


The worst thing is, most of the dvds are not what I would watch, grr! Nahh, I don’t mind, we tend to watch programmes online when I am over there. Hmm, we didn’t do much else that night, just had a take away, watched The Apprentice (OMG, where do they find these people?) and snuggled.

I bought some cheap acrylic mix yarn from B and M the other day as well. I kept thinking, ‘please let there be a sale!’ And strangely, there was! Packs of three from £2.99, to £1 each! So, I got four packs. I showed them to Freddy and he claimed them. More than once I have caught him with a pack in his mouth, shaking it like a rat!

SAM_0132  SAM_0133

Ain’t he gorgeous? He is my little man 😀 At the moment he is snoozing on the bed, half under the covers. I have managed to drag half away from him, but he is still sort of under them. Ah well, he will move when he wants to.

I went to The Orginal Factory Shop in my local town. Check yours out if you’re in the UK. They are now selling 100g balls of white and ecru cotton for £2! I got two in white as I have some ecru already and plenty of nice colours. I would love to find somewhere in the UK that does cheap cotton. It’s just so damn expensive here. 😦

SAM_0135  SAM_0137

The picture on the right is some Merino I spun up a short while ago, before A came over I think. Yes, it was because I had left it up drying in the bathroom. It is a mixture of sunshine yellow and citrus green. It started to annoy me because whenever the fibre had to be changed, or when it split from the end, it was a struggle getting it started again, as it just seemed to pull apart. I think I am simply not spinning it enough before I am letting it get pulled through. I did a bit of both and then plyed them together before I got too annoyed with it. The colours don’t jump out on their own as much as I thought they would. Perhaps if I had used the darker green it would have. But no matter. I call this colour ‘sunshine fields,’ due to the green and the yellow. I don’t know what to make with it, just something tiny no doubt, unless I spin up some more.

OOOH! Something awesome happened a few days ago too. I was just checking my emails and I got a lovely message from a woman called Linda who told me that I had won a ‘name the bunny’ competition! The prize was a gorgeous book of Rowan Cotton Patterns. All you had to do was think of a suitable name for this beautifully detailed knitted bunny rabbit. I saw the picture and thought that she needed a name beginning with P. I don’t know why, but it’s just what jumped out at me. I called her Phoebe. Phoebe bunny… and they loved it! The pattern booklet is lovely and I had a good look through it. Now I need to decide what to make. I like the tank top best I think. (It has just taken me six attempts to get the photo on this blog due to terrible internet service, ARGH!).

SAM_0139    SAM_0128

What do you think of the spinning on the right? This is Jacobs Black Wool Top, even though it looks very brown. I wanted to spin it super fine, almost like cotton. I put the wheel on to the biggest ratio because it would make it spin faster. It did very well and I’m super pleased. I only did a little last night and plan to do some more tomorrow night. Ooh, I also saw a video on Youtube on how to Andean ply and I might test it out with this bit of spinning. What do you think? Photos to follow obviously!

Right, I am going to have to put up the rest of the photos and information tomorrow because my internet is playing up and driving me insane. I have to keep refreshing it constantly and I’m afraid I’m going to lose everything I’ve written. (Nearly 2300 words!).

Have a good night, or day wherever you are, time for sleep!

xXx Love Kais xXx

Think I had a fairly good day today. Woke up pretty sleep with little to no pain at all… I think I can finally say that this is it! I left my painkillers two hours late at 5pm instead of 3pm and I didn’t even feel a twinge. I’m going to keep taking the antibiotics until the packet is finished though, only a couple of days. I can finally eat proper crusty baguettes again, with crisps! Oh crisps, how I have missed you! 

I did some more TEFL work this afternoon. I have now got two certificates for finishing two of the modules in the course – TEFL to Young Learners and TEFL with Limited Resources. I am so pleased. I did loads of the grammar module today and can finally see the end in sight. I got a weeks extension on my work as I explained to them about having the operation. I don’t think I will need it, but just in case. I don’t think I will get any more work done until Monday or Tuesday at the latest as A is coming over tomorrow. Can’t wait! I won’t have seen him in almost two weeks so it is going to be lovely. The last time he saw me I had tonsils and snored and couldn’t breathe out my nose, haha. Hopefully now he will be able to sleep without me waking him up by choking. (Btw, I don’t know I choke in my sleep and to everyone else it sounds just like I am snoring). But as far as everyone can tell I don’t snore very much if at all, and I can finally breathe out of my nose. To those who have never had that problem except when they have had a cold, it’s such a relief. It still feels so new to me. Anyway, I’m not sure what we will be doing… I think a car boot on Sunday. Mum wants me to drive the other car to Dumfries but I am so scared of doing it. I know it’s a ridiculous fear, but the thought of driving the car that far without my Mum in the car scares me stupid. A will be in the car with me, but I just panic so freakin’ much. My local town is fine and places that I do know… but the larger places? Uh-uh. No way. But we shall see, hopefully I will get over this stupid fear. 

Right, now for the amazing stuff of the day! Mum and I went to help in the dog charity shop, like we do every Friday morning. We had been there for perhaps an hour and a half, maybe two when Mum decided to go and clear up the bags and stuff cluttering the floor up where the clothes were hung. It was a tip basically. She pulled out a big black bag from underneath a massive pile and it is she found a huge pile of knitting magazines, patterns and pullouts. I gave a squeal and grabbed it. Don’t worry, I didn’t take all of it! I just couldn’t believe it had been dumped there, under all that rubbish. I had a sort through it and couldn’t believe what I found. 

TEN Jean Greenhowe Pattern Booklets… 


Nine Vintage Toy Making Patterns… 


I love the Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck on in the middle. It will go with the other knitting pattern I have of Tom and Jerry 😀 

Two How-To Books and Three Vintage Pattern Books… 


I love the look of the How-To Crochet in the middle. I also picked the Shetland book because I used to live in the Orkney Islands and it just makes me feel all warm inside seeing it. 

Three Vintage Vogue Knitting Magazines… 


Before I had even seen the black bag of knitting patterns, right at the start of the day, the woman in charge of the shop that day handed me a blue plastic bag and said, ‘I’ve got these for you, thought you might like them.’ She lifted up the flap of the bag and pulled out a stack of knitting magazines… just the modern kind that I read. I had a massive smile on my face and said thank you! 


As you can see, Freddy is guarding them until I had finished my TEFL work for the afternoon. I’ve already read the Simply Knitting magazines (my favourite!). They have some lovely patterns in there that I might try, like the Kimono Dolls. I know my Nanny would love them. There are also some Alan Dart patterns in there, which I know she shall LOVE.  

I fancy doing some spinning just now actually. I haven’t done some in a while. Here is a picture of what I have spun up on my wheel since having it. I LOVE my Bliss. Couldn’t do without her now. I will always be so grateful to the wonderful Woolmakers. Check out their wheels for sale… 230 Euros for a wheel, brilliant price. 


From L – R top to bottom. Cerise merino, Massam, Black Jacobs, Natural Ramie, Shetland Moorit, Whisper Merino, Two shades of orange Merino and my first ever attempt from carding fleece to finishing the wool. 😀 Lovely! 

Right, I’m finished my photo heavy post for tonight, haha. I’m going to make some chicken chow mein (don’t think I’m a cook… it’s a packet I found in the freezer I need to fry), watch some crappy telly and then off to bed with Freddy. Might do a bit more on my crochet blanket. 

Have a great evening! (Or day, depending where you are in the world). 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

Didn’t do much today, nothing very much of interest anyway. Went to the job centre, sat with my Dad in the shop for a while, and had a quick wander round the charity shops.

When I got home I got sick of seeing my tip of a room and got stuck into it. I took out all the wood that had been in the attic and put it outside. I double bagged all the black bags full of teddies (don’t worry, none will get thrown away!) ready to go back in the attic. I sorted out my massive washing pile and completely remade the bed… ooh, I love fresh sheets day! I hoovered everywhere and completely cleaned both hamster cages out. That took ages!

I finished sewing the buttons on my little baby dress/top today. It looks wonderful from behind. What do you think? I also finished knitting a little hat to match. 😀 I love it. I did the hat from a simple feather and fan pattern with only a little alterations. I think did some simple sc crochet around the brim to make it a little more substantial.


What do you think? I’m super pleased with it. I have sent a photo of the dress/top over to the Woolhogs Blog Make it May Giveaway. I hope I win! I know what I would like for a prize, haha.

I had an attempt at making some sort of booties to match the dress and hat. It didn’t go very well. I need to follow a pattern to the exact specifications with crochet or it just doesn’t seem to work. Here are some sandal like things. I only made one of them. (Excuse the bad photo).


I may make another, I may not. If I don’t like making something I generally don’t repeat the process. Hmm… we shall see.

Now, my throat! Today I managed to eat most of my dinner, yay! AND the main thing… I ate crisps! They were only Quavers, which are pretty soft crisps anyway, haha, so maybe it’s not that much of an achievement for me. It hurts now only when I swallow but even so it just feels like I have a bit of a sore throat, nothing unusual. My throat looks quite red at the back, and so empty. It looks pretty weird, but I’ll get used to it. I just can’t believe in a few days I’ve gone from being in excruciating pain to nothing. It’s wonderful. I wondered why I had not been given the morphine tablets from the start as they were brilliant, but Dad said it was probably because they were more expensive. It’s terrible isn’t it. They don’t care about your pain and try to fob you off with the cheapest stuff. I’m so glad I went to hospital that night as it truly turned the pain around I think. I am feeling loads better. I still don’t think I’ve caught up on my sleep fully yet, but no doubt when A comes round I’ll be asleep a lot! I always seem to fall asleep on him. He’s got used to it now, but probably still hates it! He shouldn’t be so nice and warm and comfy then, haha. Oh, that naughty hamster has knocked down the ladder to the top floor AGAIN! Fortunately for the three they can all climb up the wire sides, but she is terrible for knocking over things, grrr! Probably looking for meal worms.

Ooh, one more thing before I go. I ordered some Tunisian Crochet Hooks from eBay last night. I couldn’t help myself. I kept logging onto eBay every so often, just looking at them and in the end I thought, damn it, just do it! So I ‘committed to buy’ before I could stop myself. 14 hooks at 34cm length in a simple white/cream cloth tie up case. They were dispatched this morning, so I’m hoping they perhaps might be here tomorrow? I do hope so. They are all bamboo, which isn’t perhaps my favourite to use, well with crochet hooks I prefer metal. Same with knitting needles. However, my dpns are bamboo and the best knitting items I have EVER bought. I have plenty of scrap wool to make a simple cushion out of to start, like Matt did in his awesome blog ‘According to Matt.’ He does a wonderful blog about what he gets up to and what he makes. It’s a joy to read.

Anyway, I’m off to bed to watch something silly on TV before I start to snoooooooooooze! And cuddle up to Freddy dog. ❤

Night night all,

xXx Love Kais xXx

PS (I have just seen something called a Rakestraw Spinner. OMG, I want one! Why is it as soon I get the hang of one thing, or am waiting for something else, does something so utterly enchanting turn up?! Damn it!).

I went to bed pretty late last night to try and tire myself out as much as possible so I would sleep. I took a little while finishing off the dress/top I was knitting. Photos in previous post. I think it looks gorgeous on the doll. 🙂 Perhaps a little too tight on an actual baby though. 

I think about 11.30pm I realised that I had no pain… none at all, not even a twinge, even when I swallowed. It was amazing… it was like pain one minute, nothing the next. The feeling was just magical! I managed to get to sleep eventually and although I woke up several times in the night I dropped back off to sleep fairly easily. I slept all the way until 8am! I took my medicine straight away. My throat was a little dry, which made it a bit sore, and it was a bit achey to swallow, but I think that is purely because I hadn’t had the medicine in so long. I managed to eat some noodles which was lovely. 

I checked my throat in the mirror and it seemed to have gone a transformation overnight. There was not nearly as much white stuff there as before, and nearer the top of the back of my mouth it was merely quite red, rather than white and angry looking. In the tonsil bed areas there is still a lot of white, it looks bubbly, but I think this is just the scabs coming off. People say that they can see the scabs coming off, or they get them in their mouth, or the cough the scabs up with clots of blood but I have to say I’ve not had that happen to me. Good thing really! Hope it doesn’t happen now I’ve said that, haha. 

Today I got some more of my TEFL work done. I finished one of the smaller courses, and finished the exercises on the first main grammar module. I need to do some more lesson plans tomorrow when I get home. I also cleaned out the chinchillas, did some washing up and had a bath. Washing my hair felt wonderful as I hadn’t done it in ages. When I’m ill I just can’t do anything for myself, so finally being able to wash my hair made me feel so much better. I went for a short sleep at about 6.30pm as I was so tired. When I woke up (for The Apprentice) I felt pretty sick and a bit sore. I had missed my medicine by an hour so I had to get it pretty quickly. I’ve been drinking water for the past couple of hours and my throat is a little achey, but not terrible. I just miss being able to eat dinner properly. We had jacket potato, ham and salad for tea today. I ate a bit of the ham and some of the potatoes. I hate leaving stuff but I just couldn’t manage it. Freddy had a good dinner tonight! 

I had a good at crocheting some booties to go with the dress. They didn’t turn out very good, turned in waaaay more than they should. I realised that on one line I put the hook underneath one of the loops, instead of both, which made it turn inwards. Ah well. I tried to undo it, and got half the yarn back, but because it is a slightly ‘hairy’ yarn, it kept sticking and I had to give up. 😦 

I started on a small feather and fan hat instead to go with the dress/top. I changed some of the instructions with it though. A feather and fan hat is pretty generic so any changes would be quite cute. I missed out purling some rows as I am using dpns and can’t be bothered with doing purl. I have also done a very plain start up edge. I plan on crocheting a sweet border around the edge to add some detail and match the dress/top. I’m not sure how much crochet to put on – I like the idea of the fan stitches, but it might be a bit much. 

Anyway, I had better go to sleep now… if I can squeeze under the covers. Freddy has managed to stretch himself across the bed, rather than down the bed, grrr! I hate waking him up to move him. He looks at me like I’m horrible for waking him, AND he refuses to move. He point blank refuses to help move when I’m forced to almost break my back moving him. For a small dog, he is very heavy! 

Night night and sweet dreams, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

Ok, so I didn’t manage to sleep as well as I thought last night. I was pretty much waking up the same times, if not more! Pretty annoying, but the difference was that the pain was a bit more bearable than before. I also didn’t have anything I could have taken to stop the pain so it stopped me thinking, ‘5ml more can’t hurt…’ I think I managed to doze off eventually until 7.30am at which time I simply had to have the painkillers. The morphine has done well, but not as well as I thought… I mean, the pain is a hell of a lot more bearable, but it is still there. Swallowing is terrible at the moment which means I am eating less because it is just so damn uncomfortable. I am also not drinking as much as I should which is terrible really, I know it is.

But, on the good side! Today I managed to get out of bed and do some household chores, e.g. a little washing up, hanging out some jumpers, feeding Freddy and tidying the kitchen. When dad came back from the auction at about 11am I had a good look through all the boxes of books again… all 13 boxes/crates of them! He must have got a good few hundred books for only £36! That includes the auctions fees too. He said two or three of the boxes were only £1 each! I love going to the auctions but I didn’t go to this one just in case I really didn’t do too well and started nodding off in there, as it does get pretty warm. I’ll see if I can get a picture of all these books – there were just so many! I got a few good books that Dad didn’t want, as well as some gorgeous Ladybird books, WITH dust jackets on! Now those are rare! They shall go with the other 140 I have in my collection. The thing is, these pictures don’t show ALL the books he got! Some of them are going to be recycled as plenty of them just won’t sell, which is a shame really, but they will be pulped to make new books. Not just thrown away or burnt which drives me mad. It’s just sheer laziness and/or selfishness.


I have been doing some knitting today and yesterday. I think I started it yesterday, no, it could have been Sunday. I am using King Cole Riot in  mix of purple, grey and green. (Looks nicer than it sounds) to make a newborn top/dress. It would look gorgeous on a baby with a white T-Shirt and some white leggings. I might have a look in the charity shop on Friday and get see if I can find those extra pieces of clothing, to see how it looks on the doll.

The pattern uses a mixture of crochet and knitting, using a 3mm hook and needle. It looks very pretty I think, perhaps a little too small… but we shall see! Edited to add: I have finished it now. Well, I need to put some buttons on it, but that doesn’t distract from the picture. The yarn was a complete joy to use, so soft and beautiful. The only problem I found with the garment, which the writer had said, was that it had very little ‘give.’ So, it was a bit of a squeeze to put on the baby doll! However, I adore how it looks 😀

SAM_0044   SAM_0045

I was looking on eBay at some knitting magazines, there must have been about 30 in the pile which included knitting and crochet. Bidding started at 99p with the packing at £4.00. Gonna cost him more than £4 to send them so he must just want rid! I has my eye on it, hehe. I also saw some lovely Tunisian Bamboo Crochet Hooks. I think there are £4.55 with £1.99 postage or something like that. They come in a cloth wrap case and are in the UK. I’m not sure what it is like crocheting with bamboo needles but for that price I don’t think there is any harm in trying! I’m was also looking on the Drops website at their gorgeous array of cotton yarns, but almost everyone I wanted to get was sold out! At £1.40 each I would have got loads of bright colours, but ah well! I’ll wait until they are restocked I imagine. Talking of websites that sell yarn, you should check out Woolhogs. They have some gorgeous yarns at wonderful prices!

Anyway, I’m going to do as much on this little top as possible before I fall asleep. I’ve deliberately stayed awake today so I will hopefully sleep all the way through tonight. AAAAND ‘The Apprentice’ is on! Can’t wait to watch this show again, I’ve enjoyed the last two series. Bets on who wins, yeah?

Night night!

xXx Love Kais xXx

Today has been the best day out of the lot so far. I’m hoping yesterday was the worst day and that hopefully I have now reached the curve where it is only going to get better. (Please don’t jinx myself by saying that!). I woke up about 7am this morning and wrote the post below of what happened last night – scary stuff. I then took my medicine, the new stuff at 8am. And guess what? I slept. I managed to sleep on and off until my next medicine, and then the next. Sometimes I was so tired I could only manage one row at a time on my knitting (32 stitches!) before I had to have a rest. But I am so pleased with these tablets. The morphine ones make me so sleepy which is absolutely fine, and the diclofenic helps with the swelling as we as pain I think.  The morphine one also makes me feel a little nauseous and light headed. When I had to go to the bathroom earlier I was staggering a little. I’m hoping for a good nights sleep tonight, regardless of the amount of hours I’ve already slept today. Even this morning when I woke up in a little bit of pain, I was still able to go back to sleep again, yay!  Oh, and I have also eaten today! I managed to eat some rice, with some very mild curry sauce and small bits of chicken. Had this about 5/30pm. The first food since 9am the previous day.

Feeling a little sicky now as I’ve taken my tablets only half an hour ago, so I’d better stop typing. I’m going to lie back and watch/listen to ‘Father Ted,’ a stroke of comedy genius.

xXx Love Kais xXx