Ahh, the relief of painkillers. I managed to get back to sleep for another half hour/hour and got my medicine about 8amish. The relief was immense not long afterwards. I haven’t done much today, just not feeling up to much. I watched ‘The Brittas Empire,’ series four, and have just started on series five. I’ve also watched an episode of ‘The Waking Dead.’ I find that I am clock watching far too much, but I can’t help it. It seems the more it hurts the more I need to swallow. 

I actually managed to eat something properly today! I have had two Muller Rice yoghurts and two small baked potatoes (Including skin!) with some ham, cheese and a tiny bit of salad. The salad was harder to eat so I ended up leaving that. I also drank some warm milk and it did help me quite a bit. Had my little brother make me two hot milks today, that was sweet of him. I slept for about an hour before my parents came home which refreshed me a bit. Now I have to stay awake until night time as I won’t be able to sleep later otherwise, and that would drive me insane. 

I have done some spinning this afternoon, just a little bit of the Whisper I bought last week. I’m not finding it very fun, but that is probably just the way I am feeling. I think perhaps that I will do some knitting of the other finger-less glove (that I started AGES ago). It might be something relaxing to do whilst watching Chris Barrie run round a Leisure Centre like an idiot, haha. I’m sure you will all hear another angry/irritable/tearful blog post tomorrow when I wake up disgustingly early. 🙂 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


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