Hello. Another horrible morning. I woke up about 2am, then 4am, and then 7am. At 2am the pain was pretty bad but bearable I think. I chatted to A on FB for a while which helped calm me down. I took 5ml of paracetamol which took the edge off. He told me to put on some soothing sounds to make me sleepy, so I chose  a rain video from Youtube. It was on for two hours and it did make me pretty sleepy. I love the sound of heavy rain. I also put on ‘The Brittas Empire’ again and had the rain in the background. Sounds odd, but it sent me right off to sleep. I had a dream that my parents had given me two kittens as a present. All I remember saying was, ‘But I didn’t want kittens, I wanted a puppy!’ (I’ve never wanted another cat after losing my one when I was fourteen). I woke again at 4am but managed to get back to sleep. Waking at quarter to seven was quite hard though. I was wide awake and getting teary as the pain was just ridiculous. I made a hot water bottle and tucked it under the blankets. I decided to have a bath to bide my time before I had the medicine. It worked! I fell asleep in the warm/hot, bubbly water (which is nothing new). Then I got into some nice, clean clothes and had painkillers. The relief! I phoned up the Dr’s surgery as I was concerned about the long amount of time I had at night between medicines. She suggested I stagger the medicine at night when I am going to sleep. To just take the Paracetamol before I snooze, and then if I wake up to take the Diclofenic. I hope that I don’t wake up much during the night, but if that happens then I have some back up. 

No-one told me that yawning would be a massive pain either! My eyes are watering cos’ I’m tired but I don’t want to sleep because I want to tire myself out for the night. I’ve put some more jacket potatoes in the oven for when I next have my medicine. Jeez, I know I’m going on, but it seems to contain every waking moment I have. 

Hmm, yesterday evening I finished sewing up a small hedgehog that I had bought as a kit a month or so away. It was one of those old cuddly toy kits, from the eighties. He was very easy to sew up and such a cutie when finished! I decided to send him to A, along with a letter. 

A sent me a lovely parcel this morning, well, he sent it yesterday and I got it today. It contained the script for his new film, a wonderful DS Game (Professor Layton and the Curious Village – LOVE this game!), a letter and two crocheted hearts. I gave him the hearts before he went to Germany and he thought I would like the hearts back because of the special meanings they had. (That’s a secret!) 


It made my day! I packaged up the little hedgehog (no photos, I remembered after I sellotaped the box up 😦 ) and the letter. I then covered it with plain paper and decorated it all over. It only cost £3 to send at the Post Office which I thought wasn’t too bad. Though a bit cheeky after the state A’s letter came to me this morning… opened! I wasn’t sure if I would find the game in the box but I did. I don’t like to think of people as thieves, but it does happen. I think ‘Dispatches’ did something on this the other day… I might watch that in a minute. 

Anyway, not sure what I will be doing rest of afternoon, I’ll find something I suppose. Have a great day. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 



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