Day seven. It’s 6am. I woke up at, I think, 2am, 3am and 4am and now 6am. I’m sick of this. The pain isn’t abating, and if anything, it’s even worse. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I’m constantly sore, irritable, in tears, or all three. To top it of I have one more antibiotic tablet left and I don’t think I am allowed anymore. No chemist is going to be open on a Sunday for me to get any without a Dr prescription. And it’s bank holiday Monday. 

I am sick of waking up in agony. Where my tonsils used to be stings like crazy, my whole lower jaw aches, my tongue hurts and so do all of my bottom teeth. When it is about an hour from my medicine I start shaking and rocking and holding my head in my hands, like some junkie. I’m not sure that if I had the option again, if I would have had my tonsils out. I just hate it and it leaves me in tears every morning, moaning in pain. I’m surprised no-one else can hear me, mind you, I am sleeping on the sofa at the moment as everything I need is around me. I know that this pain will end eventually, but when!? The co-codamol I was given for the pain is USELESS and seems to work for an hour and a half at the most. If I wasn’t desperate for any form of pain relief I would not take them. They are disgusting. It is the right side of my throat that hurts the most, which is surprising because the left tonsil was the biggest and seemed to fill half my windpipe. 

At the moment, I’m really wishing A was here, at least in the mornings. I hate being in pain, but I hate being in pain on my own. He could distract me, or let me cuddle up to him to fall asleep in the warmth. But maybe not because at the moment because I find I keep dribbling! At the moment I am still really hurting but I seriously can’t take anything more until 8am. I don’t know how I am going to distract myself. The pain is also spreading up to my right ear. I perhaps could have another bath again, but that’s quite a long bath to take! 

I have been putting on nice sounds to listen to when I fall asleep. I notice that whenever I wake up there is no sound, so I wake up when the video finishes? Perhaps I need to put on something that either lasts for a few hours or has a repeating theme tune to keep the noise going. I have also been listening to videos of rain and thunder which is quite soothing. I have some pictures to put on this blog of what I got up to yesterday but I’m far too tired at the moment. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


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