I ended up going to hospital last night, at midnight, seeing the Dr at about 1am. I had been in agony since round about 5pm. The painkillers were not even taking the edge off the pain. I had my face in a towel leaning against a pillow and just sobbing my eyes out. Mum sat with me and cuddled me but could see that this was just awful. I didn’t see how this much pain could be normal. I was stinging all around my tonsil areas, my tongue feels swollen, the uvula feels HUGE, my teeth ache, and so does the bottom of my mouth completely. I could not swallow saliva so was dribbling pretty badly and spitting. I think my face was also swollen up and so were my glands.  Most of those hours I was just lying in a fetal position and moaning. I eventually stammered that I wanted to go to hospital so Mum called NHS24 for me to see if there was anything we could do. My tongue and lips started bleeding a bit – my tongue I’m not sure why, but my lips because I kept rubbing them on the towel I think. NHS24 got us an appointment at the hospital in the city (20 miles away) so Mum and Dad got me in the car and drove me there in the dark. It took us ages to find the outpatients department! The amount of rabbits on the hospital ground were amazing. If I had felt better I would have loved to so and watch them. Anyway, I managed to see the Dr after about 10/15 minutes. He checked my throat but I don’t think that there was anything unusual with it. But he looked at what medicine I was taking and he looked surprised. My Dr at my local surgery had given me instructions to take too much paracetamol, 1000g more! I was to stop taking it straight away and because it had only been 48 hours I should be fine. I am very angry with the local Dr as I did ask him if it was ok for me to take Co-Codamol when I was already taking so much paracetamol. I could have had liver damage. Anyway, the Dr there said he was going to give me stronger painkillers – tramadol, which is morphine based, and some antibiotics, the ones I was on before – diclofenic. I took tramadol straight away and within an hour I felt very woozy and a bit light headed. It took a little while to set in, and whilst not being completely numbing, it did take quite an edge from it. I am feeling a little sicky right now, and seeing double occasionally, but that should be over soonish. But you know what? I actually slept! For the first time in a week I slept without being in massive amounts of pain. I am awake now, lol obviously! I have half an hour to go until my painkillers and I’ve been fine. Still feeling woozy and a little sick, but that’s better than pain – it might make me sleep a bit more. I feel sorry for anyone that is going to get their tonsils out, it’s not what you think at all. For such small things they cause so much pain afterwards. I kept thinking that if I had been in labour it would have been over and done with ages ago and not as painful! But I can’t compare cos’ I haven’t had kids, haha. 

Anyway, feeling sicky again. I will lie in bed and listen to The Brittas Empire again. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


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