Today has been the best day out of the lot so far. I’m hoping yesterday was the worst day and that hopefully I have now reached the curve where it is only going to get better. (Please don’t jinx myself by saying that!). I woke up about 7am this morning and wrote the post below of what happened last night – scary stuff. I then took my medicine, the new stuff at 8am. And guess what? I slept. I managed to sleep on and off until my next medicine, and then the next. Sometimes I was so tired I could only manage one row at a time on my knitting (32 stitches!) before I had to have a rest. But I am so pleased with these tablets. The morphine ones make me so sleepy which is absolutely fine, and the diclofenic helps with the swelling as we as pain I think.  The morphine one also makes me feel a little nauseous and light headed. When I had to go to the bathroom earlier I was staggering a little. I’m hoping for a good nights sleep tonight, regardless of the amount of hours I’ve already slept today. Even this morning when I woke up in a little bit of pain, I was still able to go back to sleep again, yay!  Oh, and I have also eaten today! I managed to eat some rice, with some very mild curry sauce and small bits of chicken. Had this about 5/30pm. The first food since 9am the previous day.

Feeling a little sicky now as I’ve taken my tablets only half an hour ago, so I’d better stop typing. I’m going to lie back and watch/listen to ‘Father Ted,’ a stroke of comedy genius.

xXx Love Kais xXx


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