Ok, so I didn’t manage to sleep as well as I thought last night. I was pretty much waking up the same times, if not more! Pretty annoying, but the difference was that the pain was a bit more bearable than before. I also didn’t have anything I could have taken to stop the pain so it stopped me thinking, ‘5ml more can’t hurt…’ I think I managed to doze off eventually until 7.30am at which time I simply had to have the painkillers. The morphine has done well, but not as well as I thought… I mean, the pain is a hell of a lot more bearable, but it is still there. Swallowing is terrible at the moment which means I am eating less because it is just so damn uncomfortable. I am also not drinking as much as I should which is terrible really, I know it is.

But, on the good side! Today I managed to get out of bed and do some household chores, e.g. a little washing up, hanging out some jumpers, feeding Freddy and tidying the kitchen. When dad came back from the auction at about 11am I had a good look through all the boxes of books again… all 13 boxes/crates of them! He must have got a good few hundred books for only £36! That includes the auctions fees too. He said two or three of the boxes were only £1 each! I love going to the auctions but I didn’t go to this one just in case I really didn’t do too well and started nodding off in there, as it does get pretty warm. I’ll see if I can get a picture of all these books – there were just so many! I got a few good books that Dad didn’t want, as well as some gorgeous Ladybird books, WITH dust jackets on! Now those are rare! They shall go with the other 140 I have in my collection. The thing is, these pictures don’t show ALL the books he got! Some of them are going to be recycled as plenty of them just won’t sell, which is a shame really, but they will be pulped to make new books. Not just thrown away or burnt which drives me mad. It’s just sheer laziness and/or selfishness.


I have been doing some knitting today and yesterday. I think I started it yesterday, no, it could have been Sunday. I am using King Cole Riot in  mix of purple, grey and green. (Looks nicer than it sounds) to make a newborn top/dress. It would look gorgeous on a baby with a white T-Shirt and some white leggings. I might have a look in the charity shop on Friday and get see if I can find those extra pieces of clothing, to see how it looks on the doll.

The pattern uses a mixture of crochet and knitting, using a 3mm hook and needle. It looks very pretty I think, perhaps a little too small… but we shall see! Edited to add: I have finished it now. Well, I need to put some buttons on it, but that doesn’t distract from the picture. The yarn was a complete joy to use, so soft and beautiful. The only problem I found with the garment, which the writer had said, was that it had very little ‘give.’ So, it was a bit of a squeeze to put on the baby doll! However, I adore how it looks 😀

SAM_0044   SAM_0045

I was looking on eBay at some knitting magazines, there must have been about 30 in the pile which included knitting and crochet. Bidding started at 99p with the packing at £4.00. Gonna cost him more than £4 to send them so he must just want rid! I has my eye on it, hehe. I also saw some lovely Tunisian Bamboo Crochet Hooks. I think there are £4.55 with £1.99 postage or something like that. They come in a cloth wrap case and are in the UK. I’m not sure what it is like crocheting with bamboo needles but for that price I don’t think there is any harm in trying! I’m was also looking on the Drops website at their gorgeous array of cotton yarns, but almost everyone I wanted to get was sold out! At £1.40 each I would have got loads of bright colours, but ah well! I’ll wait until they are restocked I imagine. Talking of websites that sell yarn, you should check out Woolhogs. They have some gorgeous yarns at wonderful prices!

Anyway, I’m going to do as much on this little top as possible before I fall asleep. I’ve deliberately stayed awake today so I will hopefully sleep all the way through tonight. AAAAND ‘The Apprentice’ is on! Can’t wait to watch this show again, I’ve enjoyed the last two series. Bets on who wins, yeah?

Night night!

xXx Love Kais xXx


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