I went to bed pretty late last night to try and tire myself out as much as possible so I would sleep. I took a little while finishing off the dress/top I was knitting. Photos in previous post. I think it looks gorgeous on the doll. 🙂 Perhaps a little too tight on an actual baby though. 

I think about 11.30pm I realised that I had no pain… none at all, not even a twinge, even when I swallowed. It was amazing… it was like pain one minute, nothing the next. The feeling was just magical! I managed to get to sleep eventually and although I woke up several times in the night I dropped back off to sleep fairly easily. I slept all the way until 8am! I took my medicine straight away. My throat was a little dry, which made it a bit sore, and it was a bit achey to swallow, but I think that is purely because I hadn’t had the medicine in so long. I managed to eat some noodles which was lovely. 

I checked my throat in the mirror and it seemed to have gone a transformation overnight. There was not nearly as much white stuff there as before, and nearer the top of the back of my mouth it was merely quite red, rather than white and angry looking. In the tonsil bed areas there is still a lot of white, it looks bubbly, but I think this is just the scabs coming off. People say that they can see the scabs coming off, or they get them in their mouth, or the cough the scabs up with clots of blood but I have to say I’ve not had that happen to me. Good thing really! Hope it doesn’t happen now I’ve said that, haha. 

Today I got some more of my TEFL work done. I finished one of the smaller courses, and finished the exercises on the first main grammar module. I need to do some more lesson plans tomorrow when I get home. I also cleaned out the chinchillas, did some washing up and had a bath. Washing my hair felt wonderful as I hadn’t done it in ages. When I’m ill I just can’t do anything for myself, so finally being able to wash my hair made me feel so much better. I went for a short sleep at about 6.30pm as I was so tired. When I woke up (for The Apprentice) I felt pretty sick and a bit sore. I had missed my medicine by an hour so I had to get it pretty quickly. I’ve been drinking water for the past couple of hours and my throat is a little achey, but not terrible. I just miss being able to eat dinner properly. We had jacket potato, ham and salad for tea today. I ate a bit of the ham and some of the potatoes. I hate leaving stuff but I just couldn’t manage it. Freddy had a good dinner tonight! 

I had a good at crocheting some booties to go with the dress. They didn’t turn out very good, turned in waaaay more than they should. I realised that on one line I put the hook underneath one of the loops, instead of both, which made it turn inwards. Ah well. I tried to undo it, and got half the yarn back, but because it is a slightly ‘hairy’ yarn, it kept sticking and I had to give up. 😦 

I started on a small feather and fan hat instead to go with the dress/top. I changed some of the instructions with it though. A feather and fan hat is pretty generic so any changes would be quite cute. I missed out purling some rows as I am using dpns and can’t be bothered with doing purl. I have also done a very plain start up edge. I plan on crocheting a sweet border around the edge to add some detail and match the dress/top. I’m not sure how much crochet to put on – I like the idea of the fan stitches, but it might be a bit much. 

Anyway, I had better go to sleep now… if I can squeeze under the covers. Freddy has managed to stretch himself across the bed, rather than down the bed, grrr! I hate waking him up to move him. He looks at me like I’m horrible for waking him, AND he refuses to move. He point blank refuses to help move when I’m forced to almost break my back moving him. For a small dog, he is very heavy! 

Night night and sweet dreams, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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