Didn’t do much today, nothing very much of interest anyway. Went to the job centre, sat with my Dad in the shop for a while, and had a quick wander round the charity shops.

When I got home I got sick of seeing my tip of a room and got stuck into it. I took out all the wood that had been in the attic and put it outside. I double bagged all the black bags full of teddies (don’t worry, none will get thrown away!) ready to go back in the attic. I sorted out my massive washing pile and completely remade the bed… ooh, I love fresh sheets day! I hoovered everywhere and completely cleaned both hamster cages out. That took ages!

I finished sewing the buttons on my little baby dress/top today. It looks wonderful from behind. What do you think? I also finished knitting a little hat to match. 😀 I love it. I did the hat from a simple feather and fan pattern with only a little alterations. I think did some simple sc crochet around the brim to make it a little more substantial.


What do you think? I’m super pleased with it. I have sent a photo of the dress/top over to the Woolhogs Blog Make it May Giveaway. I hope I win! I know what I would like for a prize, haha.

I had an attempt at making some sort of booties to match the dress and hat. It didn’t go very well. I need to follow a pattern to the exact specifications with crochet or it just doesn’t seem to work. Here are some sandal like things. I only made one of them. (Excuse the bad photo).


I may make another, I may not. If I don’t like making something I generally don’t repeat the process. Hmm… we shall see.

Now, my throat! Today I managed to eat most of my dinner, yay! AND the main thing… I ate crisps! They were only Quavers, which are pretty soft crisps anyway, haha, so maybe it’s not that much of an achievement for me. It hurts now only when I swallow but even so it just feels like I have a bit of a sore throat, nothing unusual. My throat looks quite red at the back, and so empty. It looks pretty weird, but I’ll get used to it. I just can’t believe in a few days I’ve gone from being in excruciating pain to nothing. It’s wonderful. I wondered why I had not been given the morphine tablets from the start as they were brilliant, but Dad said it was probably because they were more expensive. It’s terrible isn’t it. They don’t care about your pain and try to fob you off with the cheapest stuff. I’m so glad I went to hospital that night as it truly turned the pain around I think. I am feeling loads better. I still don’t think I’ve caught up on my sleep fully yet, but no doubt when A comes round I’ll be asleep a lot! I always seem to fall asleep on him. He’s got used to it now, but probably still hates it! He shouldn’t be so nice and warm and comfy then, haha. Oh, that naughty hamster has knocked down the ladder to the top floor AGAIN! Fortunately for the three they can all climb up the wire sides, but she is terrible for knocking over things, grrr! Probably looking for meal worms.

Ooh, one more thing before I go. I ordered some Tunisian Crochet Hooks from eBay last night. I couldn’t help myself. I kept logging onto eBay every so often, just looking at them and in the end I thought, damn it, just do it! So I ‘committed to buy’ before I could stop myself. 14 hooks at 34cm length in a simple white/cream cloth tie up case. They were dispatched this morning, so I’m hoping they perhaps might be here tomorrow? I do hope so. They are all bamboo, which isn’t perhaps my favourite to use, well with crochet hooks I prefer metal. Same with knitting needles. However, my dpns are bamboo and the best knitting items I have EVER bought. I have plenty of scrap wool to make a simple cushion out of to start, like Matt did in his awesome blog ‘According to Matt.’ He does a wonderful blog about what he gets up to and what he makes. It’s a joy to read.

Anyway, I’m off to bed to watch something silly on TV before I start to snoooooooooooze! And cuddle up to Freddy dog. ❤

Night night all,

xXx Love Kais xXx

PS (I have just seen something called a Rakestraw Spinner. OMG, I want one! Why is it as soon I get the hang of one thing, or am waiting for something else, does something so utterly enchanting turn up?! Damn it!).


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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