Think I had a fairly good day today. Woke up pretty sleep with little to no pain at all… I think I can finally say that this is it! I left my painkillers two hours late at 5pm instead of 3pm and I didn’t even feel a twinge. I’m going to keep taking the antibiotics until the packet is finished though, only a couple of days. I can finally eat proper crusty baguettes again, with crisps! Oh crisps, how I have missed you! 

I did some more TEFL work this afternoon. I have now got two certificates for finishing two of the modules in the course – TEFL to Young Learners and TEFL with Limited Resources. I am so pleased. I did loads of the grammar module today and can finally see the end in sight. I got a weeks extension on my work as I explained to them about having the operation. I don’t think I will need it, but just in case. I don’t think I will get any more work done until Monday or Tuesday at the latest as A is coming over tomorrow. Can’t wait! I won’t have seen him in almost two weeks so it is going to be lovely. The last time he saw me I had tonsils and snored and couldn’t breathe out my nose, haha. Hopefully now he will be able to sleep without me waking him up by choking. (Btw, I don’t know I choke in my sleep and to everyone else it sounds just like I am snoring). But as far as everyone can tell I don’t snore very much if at all, and I can finally breathe out of my nose. To those who have never had that problem except when they have had a cold, it’s such a relief. It still feels so new to me. Anyway, I’m not sure what we will be doing… I think a car boot on Sunday. Mum wants me to drive the other car to Dumfries but I am so scared of doing it. I know it’s a ridiculous fear, but the thought of driving the car that far without my Mum in the car scares me stupid. A will be in the car with me, but I just panic so freakin’ much. My local town is fine and places that I do know… but the larger places? Uh-uh. No way. But we shall see, hopefully I will get over this stupid fear. 

Right, now for the amazing stuff of the day! Mum and I went to help in the dog charity shop, like we do every Friday morning. We had been there for perhaps an hour and a half, maybe two when Mum decided to go and clear up the bags and stuff cluttering the floor up where the clothes were hung. It was a tip basically. She pulled out a big black bag from underneath a massive pile and it is she found a huge pile of knitting magazines, patterns and pullouts. I gave a squeal and grabbed it. Don’t worry, I didn’t take all of it! I just couldn’t believe it had been dumped there, under all that rubbish. I had a sort through it and couldn’t believe what I found. 

TEN Jean Greenhowe Pattern Booklets… 


Nine Vintage Toy Making Patterns… 


I love the Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck on in the middle. It will go with the other knitting pattern I have of Tom and Jerry 😀 

Two How-To Books and Three Vintage Pattern Books… 


I love the look of the How-To Crochet in the middle. I also picked the Shetland book because I used to live in the Orkney Islands and it just makes me feel all warm inside seeing it. 

Three Vintage Vogue Knitting Magazines… 


Before I had even seen the black bag of knitting patterns, right at the start of the day, the woman in charge of the shop that day handed me a blue plastic bag and said, ‘I’ve got these for you, thought you might like them.’ She lifted up the flap of the bag and pulled out a stack of knitting magazines… just the modern kind that I read. I had a massive smile on my face and said thank you! 


As you can see, Freddy is guarding them until I had finished my TEFL work for the afternoon. I’ve already read the Simply Knitting magazines (my favourite!). They have some lovely patterns in there that I might try, like the Kimono Dolls. I know my Nanny would love them. There are also some Alan Dart patterns in there, which I know she shall LOVE.  

I fancy doing some spinning just now actually. I haven’t done some in a while. Here is a picture of what I have spun up on my wheel since having it. I LOVE my Bliss. Couldn’t do without her now. I will always be so grateful to the wonderful Woolmakers. Check out their wheels for sale… 230 Euros for a wheel, brilliant price. 


From L – R top to bottom. Cerise merino, Massam, Black Jacobs, Natural Ramie, Shetland Moorit, Whisper Merino, Two shades of orange Merino and my first ever attempt from carding fleece to finishing the wool. 😀 Lovely! 

Right, I’m finished my photo heavy post for tonight, haha. I’m going to make some chicken chow mein (don’t think I’m a cook… it’s a packet I found in the freezer I need to fry), watch some crappy telly and then off to bed with Freddy. Might do a bit more on my crochet blanket. 

Have a great evening! (Or day, depending where you are in the world). 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


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