Been so long since I posted! Well, I have some good news. I am no longer in pain with my tonsils… yay! I can eat properly again, and I can yawn! Whoever thought I would miss yawning?! Whenever I did yawn it would stretch the back of my throat and it would sting really badly. Every day it would get a little better until finally there is no pain… wonderful! It looks so much better now. It looks far better than it did before. It looked like there were two massive holes at the back of my mouth but now it almost looks like it has just been filled in. The skin looks a bit paler but I can breathe so much better now so it’s all ok. I haven’t been snoring at night (well, maybe only a tiny bit, haha… like normal people!) But I’m not choking or gasping for breath. Sometimes (in the days of the tonsils) I would wake up gasping for air and panting. I did that the night I had the sleep test so it showed up pretty obviously on the computer the next day. I would love to have a photo of how the screen looked after my test… the jagged lines were huge! Which meant it was very, very bad. But hopefully since having tonsils out it should sort it all out. Oh, and I can breathe out of my nose… it’s so good. Because I have always breathed through my mouth, it feels like I almost have to learn to breathe through my nose. I’m sure it is happening already, maybe I’m just thinking about it too much.

Freddy seemed to be a bit funny when I let him sleep back in my room. For the past few nights he has been waking me up at stupid hours, like 1am. He paws me hard, his claws on my head. He even went so far as to stick his nose in my face and try and push me up. I take him outside but he doesn’t do anything. I don’t understand what he wants. I thought it was perhaps because I am not snoring he sees that as wrong, because all of his life I have snored and now suddenly I don’t. Either that or he is just being very naughty! Last night I was determined not to get up, to teach him that I was not going to put up with this every night. I just kept saying no very firmly, moving his paw and ignoring him. He cuddled up to me very close and went back to sleep. Oh my baby! 😀

Haha, talking of sleeping… I think on one of the first nights I was back home from the hospital Freddy was sleeping in the front room with me (I miss him so damn much at night time when he isn’t in the same room as me) and he was on the floor. However, I awoke at one point during the night to find him practically sitting on my chest, just staring at my face… I suppose it was a little unnerving but as I was so tired I didn’t think much of it. I made him lie down (half pushing me off the sofa) and I drifted back off. He was watching over me 🙂

Right! What else has been happening in the past week then? I did some more TEFL today. I was given a weeks extension because of the operation which was very good of them. I managed to complete another lesson plan today, which I think leaves only three or four left! Yay! I’m steadily ploughing through it.

A came over on the Saturday… was it Saturday? I can’t remember. May have been a Friday… not sure. Lol, my memory is getting worse. It was lovely to see him again, just to give him a cuddle (he has wonderful hugs) to see his face, to smell his aftershave. Just everything. I just think he is so gorgeous and I just adore him. And I know the feeling is mutual, haha, phew! We watched Hells Kitchen (we watch some crap together!) and other shows. We mostly just lay and watched telly together which was wonderful. We got food from a Chinese take away which was nom nommy! We also played a lot of cards. I’m telling you, there is no greater feeling than winning a game of cards in ONE go. I kid you not, ONE move. Awesome.

Dad took us both to the auction with him which was nice. I grabbed the sofa in the front of the chairs and seats, etc which were up for auction. You can sit on them all. We are generally there first so I have been grabbing the first sofa I see at the front so we can sit down. It’s all very well standing but your back starts to ache after a while. Dad managed to get some awesome books! I found a box with some Biggles books in, by Captain W E Johns. These are in short supply as they are generally in high demand. There were 6 – 8 in the box, along with some other very good history books. Ooh, and some A.A.Milne books that looked fairly old. He was prepared to go up to £28 on the box of perhaps 30 books? Imagine our utter surprise when he was the only bidder and got if for a mere £2 + VAT! He also got some annuals and another box of books.

I decided to go back to Glasgow with A for a few days when he had to leave. I wasn’t going to at first but he said he was only at College to do some filming on the Tuesday afternoon so the rest of the time would be ours. I felt so terribly guilty about leaving Freddy because I thought I had been neglecting him lately. When you are in pain you just can’t motivate yourself to do anything and unfortunately I hadn’t given Freddy the time he deserved. However, I had a little cry and gave Freddy a massive cuddle and he seemed fine. (I promised him biscuits when I got back!).

Me and A played cards on the train and it was nice. I crocheted some more of my blanket and he had a go too. Of his own accord! He asked to try it! I was so happy and pleased I took photos of him doing it 😀 We got to his about 9.30pm, grabbing a chippy on the way. He then announced he was setting his alarm for the morning as he was in College all day. I was super annoyed as I could have spent that time with Freddy.

Anyway, that time I tried to do some TEFL but couldn’t get motivated… especially as I got replies back from everyone of my job applications and they were all negative. (Oh, btw the one other interview I did have was cancelled). I don’t think any of the job applications I did for the Scottish side went to the actual schools themselves… just through the council. I was fuming. How dare someone who doesn’t actually work at the school, therefore doesn’t know what the school is looking for, sift through my application? I just give up sometimes, I really do.

Anyway, I spent that day quite happily doing some crochet. I tried to make a start on the ‘Blooming Flower Cushion’ by Lucy of Attic24, but it didn’t work out quite right for some reason. I therefore only did the first couple of rows and it turned into a really pretty flower.

What do you think?


I just made up the leaf pattern on my own. It was a bit of trial and error, but it worked!

Here is the blanket. I have set the wool out in the order I want it. I took a photo so I know what colour to do next. However, I started on doing the orange but it seemed far too bright next to the darker shades of ‘slate.’ I’m not sure what next to do… I need a dark shade, but a lighter one if you get what I mean.


The yarn I am using is Patons Smoothie. (Same as the flowers). It is the nicest yarn I have EVER worked with. It knits and crochets up beautifully and drapes gorgeously. I would highly recommend it. It is 100% acrylic, but if you look at it and feel it, it feels like bamboo silk. If you saw it you wouldn’t think it was acrylic. I need to buy some more soon. It is 100g and you get 200m with it, so definetly a good buy. I think they are something like £2.95 each, which is cheaper than other yarns, but still costly when you want to get a few of them. I find it pretty annoying my local Hobbycraft only stocks half of the colours… strange really. It doesn’t stock orange, yellow, bright green, blue, slate, linen and others. I have to order them online from She has some great things there!

We rearranged A’s room on the Wednesday. We had bought some flat pack furniture (a TV stand and a cube shelf unit) and redid his room. You won’t believe how many DVDS he had packed onto his shelves. We managed to fit them all under his bed. Don’t cringe like I did when you see the photos!


The worst thing is, most of the dvds are not what I would watch, grr! Nahh, I don’t mind, we tend to watch programmes online when I am over there. Hmm, we didn’t do much else that night, just had a take away, watched The Apprentice (OMG, where do they find these people?) and snuggled.

I bought some cheap acrylic mix yarn from B and M the other day as well. I kept thinking, ‘please let there be a sale!’ And strangely, there was! Packs of three from £2.99, to £1 each! So, I got four packs. I showed them to Freddy and he claimed them. More than once I have caught him with a pack in his mouth, shaking it like a rat!

SAM_0132  SAM_0133

Ain’t he gorgeous? He is my little man 😀 At the moment he is snoozing on the bed, half under the covers. I have managed to drag half away from him, but he is still sort of under them. Ah well, he will move when he wants to.

I went to The Orginal Factory Shop in my local town. Check yours out if you’re in the UK. They are now selling 100g balls of white and ecru cotton for £2! I got two in white as I have some ecru already and plenty of nice colours. I would love to find somewhere in the UK that does cheap cotton. It’s just so damn expensive here. 😦

SAM_0135  SAM_0137

The picture on the right is some Merino I spun up a short while ago, before A came over I think. Yes, it was because I had left it up drying in the bathroom. It is a mixture of sunshine yellow and citrus green. It started to annoy me because whenever the fibre had to be changed, or when it split from the end, it was a struggle getting it started again, as it just seemed to pull apart. I think I am simply not spinning it enough before I am letting it get pulled through. I did a bit of both and then plyed them together before I got too annoyed with it. The colours don’t jump out on their own as much as I thought they would. Perhaps if I had used the darker green it would have. But no matter. I call this colour ‘sunshine fields,’ due to the green and the yellow. I don’t know what to make with it, just something tiny no doubt, unless I spin up some more.

OOOH! Something awesome happened a few days ago too. I was just checking my emails and I got a lovely message from a woman called Linda who told me that I had won a ‘name the bunny’ competition! The prize was a gorgeous book of Rowan Cotton Patterns. All you had to do was think of a suitable name for this beautifully detailed knitted bunny rabbit. I saw the picture and thought that she needed a name beginning with P. I don’t know why, but it’s just what jumped out at me. I called her Phoebe. Phoebe bunny… and they loved it! The pattern booklet is lovely and I had a good look through it. Now I need to decide what to make. I like the tank top best I think. (It has just taken me six attempts to get the photo on this blog due to terrible internet service, ARGH!).

SAM_0139    SAM_0128

What do you think of the spinning on the right? This is Jacobs Black Wool Top, even though it looks very brown. I wanted to spin it super fine, almost like cotton. I put the wheel on to the biggest ratio because it would make it spin faster. It did very well and I’m super pleased. I only did a little last night and plan to do some more tomorrow night. Ooh, I also saw a video on Youtube on how to Andean ply and I might test it out with this bit of spinning. What do you think? Photos to follow obviously!

Right, I am going to have to put up the rest of the photos and information tomorrow because my internet is playing up and driving me insane. I have to keep refreshing it constantly and I’m afraid I’m going to lose everything I’ve written. (Nearly 2300 words!).

Have a good night, or day wherever you are, time for sleep!

xXx Love Kais xXx


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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