Right, I know I posted last night, but as the internet was going funny I didn’t get to finish. It’s just a couple more photos to put up. 

Here is what I am working on at the moment, albeit slowly. I am going to do some more after this post. It is another baby dress in King Cole Riot but I have worked out larger measurements. The crochet is working out pretty well, but when it comes to the knitting stitches I am going to have to work out the maths pretty well! I am not the best at maths so maybe I will have to have two or three attempts at it. I was working on it at the dog charity shop yesterday and someone that was working there said to me, ‘What you making?’ I replied that it was a dress, and she goes, ‘Oh, for you?’ I’m like… I’m not a size 2 or whatever! It was tiny, but some people are a bit strange, lol. 



I love the colour of the pinks and blues in the wool but it’s taking so long to get to them! 

Me and Mum went into the other large town today… in the unrelenting pouring rain! We were just having a wander when we saw this charity shop closing down. I think it was the Samaritans. We nipped in to get out of the rain and have a quick look, and to our shock almost EVERYTHING was 10p! Books, clothes, etc… all 10p! So, we looked at each other and just dived headfirst into having a good rummage! The clothes were not too bad a quality but there I was checking all the fibre contents. My Mum just rolls her eyes and sighs when I do that, cos’ she knows I will be unraveling them later, haha. She doesn’t mind looking for me, but she makes me check the labels out. I got a few nice things. I got a red shirt with sparkly silver lines on it, a gorgeous wool jumper that looks American, with a big A on the front. I also got three items to unravel. One is a hideous skirt, but in a lovely colour and in pure lambswool. The other was a light and dark purple striped cardigan in wool, and the other was a woollen purple waistcoat type cardigan. 


Excuse the doggy backside in the pic, he wouldn’t move! 

I don’t plan on doing anymore TEFL today. Bit annoyed that my last lesson plan still hasn’t been marked. Nope, still hasn’t – I just checked again. I let the hamsters out before I started todays blog and I think they have had a great time. Poor Freddy was just sitting there watching them and drooling. I know he won’t do anything to them though, he is very gentle and just likes to watch. The hamsters come up to him and stare right back! 


There are three hamsters in there – can you spot them? Saffy, Eddie and Patsy. Isa is in another cage. She’s an old girl now, so beautiful. I haven’t given her a run as she is asleep at the moment. I might let her out when she gets up. 

Anyway, onward to go finish that dress, it’s just a delight to do. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 



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