Had quite a lazy day today, but I got a few things done that I had been intending to do. I did another module in Grammar in my TEFL course, which leaves one module of that left (can be done fairly quickly, less than an hour I would say), three lesson plans, and umm… wait, I think that’s it! Oh yay 😀 Nearly done! I MAY, just may, celebrate by buying something craft related. But then again, maybe I should wait until Woolfest, which is FIVE WEEKS AWAY! I am so excited! I had a good look at some of the photos of last years and I was just drooling over the lucious colours and range of produce. I want to go and see the sheep and hold the lambs and rabbits. Oooh lovely! I am going to have to fully charge up my camera so I can put plenty of pictures on my blog. 

My list for Woolfest? 

– A new drop spindle, preferably a smaller, darker wooded one. 

– LOADS of fibre to spin up. 

– Cotton yarn, and lots of it! 

– Knitting magazines if they are cheap. 

– MAYBE some raw fleece. 

– Hand carders. 

– Anything else that is cheap and that I can carry back with me 😀 

I have a budget of £150, which I think includes my entrance fee and lunch, and my mothers entrance fee and lunch. I can’t expect her to drive me there and not pay anything. It’s really not her thing but I know once she is in there she will love it! I know £150 sounds a lot, but I have saved up for it since last year and I will bulk buy so I won’t be buying loads later in the year! (Maybe….) 

Right, what have I been doing that’s craft related? Or yarn related shall we say. But then again, I saved a book from the book pulping pile which I plan to use later on. (My Dad has so many books that won’t sell in his shop, so rather than throwing them away to make room, they get taken away by someone who repulps them and turns them into new stock. I hate the thought of books being ruined, but at the same time, it saves trees being cut down for the same thing). It was an old book of maps, brightly coloured pages which I plan on using to cover an old box. I also have an old Shakespeare book with hundreds of pages of prose and tiny text which would look wonderful covering something. We shall see… 

I started taking apart the grey skirt I got yesterday. It was fairly easy to undo and I got some gorgeous heavy metal buttons with a sort of flower design on top. 


I got about a metre of thick elastic too which is great. Nine buttons, two large panels of knitting and the thick ribbed waistband. Tomorrow I might get onto unraveling it. Or I might just pack it in a clear bag for now with all the details on it, and make a start on unpicking the other clothes so that when I do want to unravel them they are all ready to start. Yes, I might do that actually. 

I was having a rummage through my random bag of yarny bits when I decided to spin two of the balls of yarn together. They weren’t very big either of them, but when spun up on my Bliss, the white one was about 20cm longer. It looks like pink candy stripes – I love it! It’s hanging up on the curtain rail at the moment, being stretched to get the kinks out, and to dry it. 


What do you think? There isn’t a lot of it, but I thought I might make a little hanging heart or something. It looks good enough to eat! 

I had a go at Andean Plying! I kept seeing people talking about it on Ravelry and I was puzzled as to what it could be. It is an ingenious idea! I will def. be using this again in the future. It involves winding the single spun yarn onto your hand in such a way that you can spin from both ends of the yarn at once. I was so worried that I would end up wasting my carefully spun yarn as it fell into such a tangle that it would be pointless trying to unpick it (like when it messed up my Massam spinning… it took an hour to unravel it… never again!). But it worked, and it worked well. The only problem I had was that even with my best efforts I managed to wrap it too tightly and I nearly dislocated my middle finger trying to get the yarn off to make the ‘bracelet.’ 


See my gorgeous Bliss in the background? 😉 My poor drop spindle has a bit of a bent hook. I wondered for ages why it wasn’t spinning properly. I got my Dad to push it back a bit and it did straighten, but not as good as it could have. I think Wingham Wools has some nice once for only £7 so if I don’t see any at Woolfest I will try there. 

I also found a messy pile of yarn I had loosely tied up and flung into my bag of scrappy yarn. It was my first major spinning project. It is (now) off-white Merino with a glitter thread running through it. I felt sorry for it and knew that it deserved better. Looking closely at it, it isn’t actually too bad. I felt quite pleased when I saw it again really. I untied the knots and wound it up to make a proper skein. 


I did another 16 row repeat on my baby dress as well. It’s looking pretty good. I worked out the maths pretty well and I am very happy with it. Do you think the designer would like it if I emailed her with some changes for a slightly bigger size? I might just do that. I wanted to try the dress on my larger Smoby doll (Robin) so needed a way to stop the stitches falling off the needles. I managed to find some blue tack and stuck it on the ends of each needle. 


It worked fairly well. I just gave the ends of the needles a quick clean with a wet wipe afterwards. 

How do you think it looks so far? I adore the pinks and blues in it. 


The original pattern says to have three sixteen row repeats. The size she is, I think it needs AT LEAST four. Unless I just make it into a top? Nahh, I want to do some pretty crochet edging on it, like little fans. I’ll figure it out nearer the time. 

Ooh, I can’t believe I didn’t mention this in my previous posts, but I bought a set of Tunisian Crochet Hooks on eBay. I got them when I got home from A’s but hadn’t tried them out until today. They are nice, bamboo, the bigger ones fairly sturdy. The 2mm one may be a problem as it seems very thin (obviously!) but very fragile. I imagine I’ll always be using 4mm and up though. 

I don’t think much of the cheap white holder they are in though. It will do for now, but I plan on making another one for them – out of Tunisian crochet! 


I started on some practise stuff using some glittery acrylic. I chained 26 stitches and have just gone back and forth. I think I did ten rows (1 up, 1 back) and then changed colour. I find it a little difficult to get on with, because I’m so used to working with smaller hooks. These are also wooden so they catch on the yarn quite a bit. But I am working on it, and it will get easier soon. I can’t believe the amazing things people have made with this crochet, really outstanding, like full jumpers and cardigans, all sorts of clothes. I look forward to seeing what I can do. 


Right, I think it’s time I be getting off to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow to go to the auction again. There looks like there is plenty of craft stuff this week, knitting and sewing related. I doubt I’ll get any because even the smallest box of crafts stuff seems to go for ridiculous prices. One time, a TINY bag of knitting needles (maybe ten – twelve pairs) went for over £10! I mean, seriously? When you can get second hand ones for 20p at the charity shop? Ahh maybe that’s the bargain hunter in me, but it seriously didn’t look worth it. 

I’ll leave you with this gorgeous photo. It just says everything I think. 😀 


xXx Love Kais xXx 


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  1. Love the crochet hooks, the doggie photo, the baby sweater, and the pink & white plied yarn! And I’m totally jealous about the woolfest… we won’t have another one here for several months… I just love them! How, oh how, do you unravel a sweater? I have a cashmere one I started trying to take apart, and it just wasn’t working; the yarn kept pulling apart, and the rows were so short with the seams, I don’t know how to make it usable again. ???

    • Aww thanks for such a nice comment! Hmm, I’m thinking of doing a little how-to with unraveling jumpers. The best thing to check first of all is with the seams whether they are serged (sewn through the jumper and over and over) or whether you can sort of pull apart the two pieces to see the thread running through them. I always start at the bottom of the jumper and slowly snip my way up. I also take apart the full thing before I start unraveling. I’ll do a how-to a bit later on if you think it would help? Have an awesome day! (And omg, yes, I have never been to Woolfest and I cannot wait!)

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