I’ve decided to make this blog post a ‘how-to’ post. I’ve been unraveling jumpers for a short while now and it helped me a lot when I saw how others did it, that I decided to help those who may perhaps also need a hand. 

First of all, get your item of clothing ready. The first thing you need to do is check the seams of the item. I generally embarrass my Mother when we go round town because I check the content of the sweater and then how the seams work. But she doesn’t mind really, haha. 

Anyway, the seams of the sweaters need to be so that you can easily snip the threads… like this picture here shows… 


It’s not too obvious in the photo, but if you look ^^^^^ at this bit here, you can see another shade of purple in a very thin thread running through the sweater. 

This is an example (one of MY jumpers) of a seam that you cannot undo… or to be honest shouldn’t attempt as it will drive you insane! 


Get a very sharp, thin pair of scissors. I use some nice sewing scissors. Snip any of one of the thin (I’ll say that for now so you know what I mean on my jumper) purple threads nearer the bottom of the jumper. Slowly start snipping it up, bit by bit. 


Start snipping until you get to the general ribbing at the top of the garment. I generally find that on most the ribbing is knitted onto the rest of the garment. In most cases you can very carefully check out the top of the collar and work your way around until you find the start of the round. Generally you will find, if you search super hard, a bit where the end of the yarn has been sewn through. Pull this out, and you should be able to unknot it from the end.


Give this a pull and slowly the whole thing should come undone. I find it helpful to wind this into a ball as I go along. 


This is an 80% silk mix, so it’s not been too hard to unravel so far. You can get a huge amount of yarn from a jumper. I find it very useful to wind up the yarn into skeins in 100g’s each. I wind mine around a large plastic board that used to be the top of a shelf. It’s just the perfect size to wind the wool into a skein. I plan on getting a niddy-noddy one day which I imagine will be so much easier! I am also getting a wool winder from my brother on Saturday. He was given it in a huge bundle when I gave him the knitting machine stuff. He isn’t using it, so he says that he will give me back the wool-winder, which is nice! 😀 

After you have put the wool into skeins you need to run some hot water into the sink. Make it as hot as you can handle, but don’t make it scalding hot! Put in some hair conditioner; any type will do. Swish it around the water and when it is practically dissolved put your yarn in. Now, DO NOT squeeze or rub the yarn! This is important. If you do so, you are at risk of felting it and will end up with a mass of unuseable yarn. Swish it round in the water a few times making it completely soaked through. Let the water out and rinse it under the hot water and then make sure it is rinsed again under cold water. This may be different to what others do but I find this works for me 🙂 Give the yarn a good squeeze, but don’t rub it. Try and get as much water out as possible. Once you have done that put the yarn in a folded towel and stand on top of the towel to squeeze as much water out as possible. Next, I hang up the yarn with something weighing it at the bottom to get rid of any kinks it may have. I hang mine on a coat hanger and hang it from my curtain rail, with something holding it down – in this case, a hanging candle holder with two bags of pennies in to keep it weighted. (Sorry, thought I had a photo but I don’t). 

Leave the yarn overnight, sometimes 24 hours to dry completely. It’s tempting to take it down before, but if you want perfect yarn then leave it! 

You can quickly get from this – 



All the way to this – 


It costs a fraction of the price of the yarn in shops. I love this idea and plan to do it for a long time! 

I hope this helps everyone who has thought about unraveling things. It’s simple to do, it’s a great thing to do when you’re watching telly, it’s cheap and it’s very effective. Good Luck! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


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