Hello again! 

It’s been quite a nice week really 🙂 I haven’t done too much. A bit of TEFL (almost two lesson plans tonight and some grammar), finishing off the baby dress and a day trip out to Glasgow. Oh, and three days, yes THREE DAYS of supply teaching! No wonder I haven’t had time to put any blog posts up! I’m so happy that this is half term in England atm, haha. 

On Tuesday I was called up early to do a morning (8.15 – 12) in a reception class. Let me tell you, that was an experience. Adorable children but some hard work! Trying to get children to do some work whilst all they wanted to do was play…. As soon as I had set some children doing their work the next lot had stuck their hands in the water pool and were playing in it, overturning the lego and drawing loads of pictures whilst printing copious amounts of scribbles from the printer! I had set up a jigsaw on one page for the children to use as part of their lesson (finding certain pictures on it) and for some reason, every group tried to destroy it! 

I was then called in in the morning of Thursday to do a year five class. They already had set work which was nice, but oh so organised! I just hope that I did ok in the class. The deputy head told me to leave my details so they could call me as and when they needed, rather than always going through the supply agency, which could be useful. He wants to observe me teach which I’m pretty nervous about, as I won’t be teaching my lessons half the time, which is obviously which I’m a lot more comfortable about doing. Anyway, that was quite a nice class, just rowdy. We did a lesson on Hinduism which was nice and I got the to create some quick posters about what they learnt. One kid started drawing swastikas all over his page and I was like, ‘omg, what are you doing?!’ until he pointed it out in the religious textbook and it was a symbol of peace for Hindus. The things you learn, eh! 

The next day I was in a year five class in a lovely school. They were a wonderful class, quite chatty and a bit rowdy (hard for some of the boys to sit in their seats!) but lovely all the same. I taught my own lessons in that class (acrostics poems, my family and me, and ice-cream colour combinations). I loved it and gave my number to the secretary in case they wanted to call me directly. 

After that little lot I was shattered! I had to call up the job centre on the Friday as I had missed my sign in day on Thursday. The snooty woman answered the phone and seemed quite annoyed I had missed it. I stated that I had been working which she then replied, ‘why haven’t you come in today then?’ I said, ‘I’m working today too.’ 

‘Then why didn’t you come in before you went to work?!’ 

You’re kidding me, right? The job centre doesn’t open until nine. So, I’m suposed to wait UNTIL 9am, sign on, and THEN go to work? Really? That’s how it works? 

‘I’ve been up for hours, I have to be at work by 8.15 and you don’t open until 9am, and by that time I’m teaching so I can’t get in touch with you until break. I’m a primary teacher.’ 

She changed her tone a bit then and seemed a bit nicer, though tried to make out that I had worked too many hours and my claim should be closed. Nahh, it shouldn’t, haha, my benefit week is not Monday to Monday, but Thursday to Thursday so I had technically worked only 12 hours compared to the sixteen she was making me out to have worked that week. Phew, anyway, the upshot of it is is that I have to go in tomorrow to sign on. I’m going in after the auction. 

Omg! The auction last week! It was quite funny. But sad too 😦 There was a massive, and I mean MASSIVE box just crammed with old knitting patterns and old womans weekly magazines. I was going to go up to £12, but it went higher than that to one of the staff that worked there. Looking back I was very disappointed I didn’t get it and that I should have aimed higher. Ahh well. The other craft stuff I wanted went too high too, e.g. a big box of materials and a box of sewing threads. Don’t buy stuff from an auction if it’s for crafts. It always go massively high. 

My Dad always goes for the books, which if you have read other parts of this blog you will know. There was a box he bid on and the auctioneer said, ‘£6 to the man in the bright blue.’ (Dad) There was silence and she knocked the hammer and went, ‘Maggs.’ (Dad) She went onto the next one until a staff member (the woman who bought the knitting magazines, grrr) said, ‘You missed that man out.’ The man behind my Dad, also in blue, but dark blue, was going, ‘Oi, that should have been mine!’ The auctioneer said that she clearly stated my Dad as in the bright blue. He said, ‘But I’m wearing blue too!’ Silly thing to say really as he was wearing a dark, navy blue. She refused to redo the auction and the man was pretty pissed. Dad turned round to see him (as he knew him) and the bloke mouthed, ‘That should have been mine!’ (Sorry, you snooze, you lose!)  Anyway, we managed to get another box or so, and waited quite a while until the front tables were finished. We paid up and Dad sent me to the car to get the sack truck (trolley) to grab the boxes with. That man was waiting there! He looked at me, and said, ‘You know what I’m after.’ I thought… omg…. I told Dad and he was like, ‘For goodness sake, it’s mine.’ We went to the car and the bloke was really nice, haha! He asked Dad if he would sell the box and that he didn’t blame him or anything but he was angry that she didn’t redo the auction. He asked if he could buy some of the books out of the box. It was a brilliant box and he knew it. He bought five pamphlets, thin books, etc for £20 very willingly, so it just shows they were worth more, but Dad doesn’t believe in selling things for stupid prices. But that paid for all the boxes and altogether we paid only £3 for three/four boxes of books! I wonder what tomorrow will bring… 

Right, we went to see my brother in Glasgow on Saturday which was lovely. It was such a hot day, so pretty! Very busy though. F had got me some books from his library which were being sold. They are vintage knitting and crochet books and I was so happy he had thought of me and bought them. 


Hidden inside the back cover of one of the books he had put in some German metal circular knitting needles too 😀 He is so sweet. We appreciate each others crafts so much. You want to see his Dr Who dress sometime? I will have to find it out and ask him if I can put it up on here. 

It’s been a week of books this week. After my morning teaching I went into Carlisle and straight to the library. Here is my pick of the craft shelves. 


The top book has been excellent and wonderful reading. Very simple, very exact and very easy to get right into. I may buy myself a copy of this. The crochet book at the bottom has been pretty good too, I’ve already had a quick go at make some of them. I thought if I made up some of the circles in cotton they could be used as coasters. 


As you can see, I think I need to work on them! I’ve obviously added in too many stitches and just pulled it too tight, especially around the edge. Ah well, got all summer to practice! 

I found a couple of months ago some national book tokens that were given to my brother when he was still at school (four odd years ago!) and to my absolute joy, they were in date! STILL! I had a good look round Waterstones, but I was just so aghast at the prices I just had to leave. I know that I would be getting the book for free, but £10 for maybe 10 patterns did not seem worth it to me. I nipped over to WHSmiths to see what they could do, and although their volume of craft books was pitiful (maybe twelve altogether?) I managed to find one that was perfect. It was £12.99, so I paid £10 of tokens and £2.99 so I wouldn’t break into the other £10 tokens I had 😀 


It’s got a lot of information crammed into it, and gorgeous colour photographs. I still haven’t sat down and had a really good hard look at it yet. That is on my to-do list soon! 

Ooh, my boyfriend and I went into an arty store and on one of the shelving units were hundreds of tubs of open beads where you could pick what you wanted. We each bought some beads together that we could made some bracelets for each-other. I picked out some letters for his name to put on his bracelet and he picked out some charms, like scissors for my crafting and a dragonfly to remind us of the massive one that flew into my face almost when we were in the garden. (I kid you not, it was huge!) We made the bracelets today, well, I made one for him, and he made me this sweet and cute set of beads which I will hang up somewhere, probably on the curtain rail next to my bed, because I just don’t wear bracelets. I also bought a heavy glass bead which I plan on making a tiny lace spindle with! Here I have a crochet hook through the bead, which to be honest would do perfectly well with it… maybe I could find an old, thin hook to try this with… What do you think of the idea? The bead is gorgeous. (Hmm, what about the end of the hook then? I can’t do a support spindle with that. Ahh, well, it was an idea! Off to find a dowel I go… maybe after the auction tomorrow…! Nope, just looked at a spindlers group on Ravelry, and because it is a support spindle, it should totally be ok, no hook needed, etc. And the ends of all my crochet hooks generally have a little point on them anyway).  


Oops, nearly forgot before I left. I finally did some spinning! I feel really guilty and terrible that I haven’t done any in a while but I just really didn’t feel like it. I grabbed some black Jacobs top which I had practiced spinning lace with, and got it ready into two separate, but equal piles, and just got spinning. I did it bit, by bit over the past couple of days, just trying to get back into it. I also changed the nylon drive band onto it, as the elastic one finally snapped. I am also finding the spinning wheel a little squeaky, perhaps it needs a touch of oil at the back. Anyway, here is my skein of wool after it has been spun, washed in conditioner, hung up and weighed down, and finally skeined up. Love it! (I love the smell of it, but it drives the dog mad. He hates anything that has a perfumed smell to it, e.g. conditioner). 



Anyway, I think it’s bedtime for me. Need to be up early as gonna be a busy day. Auction, job centre, TEFL work, making a spindle (hopefully) and some more craft work. I need to get some more knitting, etc done. I hate not having a project on the go. 

Anyway, enjoy this gorgeous photo; 


Love to you all, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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