I PASSED MY TEFL COURSE! YAY! I actually finished it yesterday. The grammar course was horrible and the exam was …. ARGH! It consisted of five sentences and I had to explain four different parts of each, e.g. a) the verb, b) the form structure, c) the tense, and d) the function (meaning). VERY HARD! At least it should be because there is so much to remember, e.g. past participle, past simple, future simple, past perfect continuous, etc. Ridiculous, huh?! I am just so pleased that I am a copious note writer, because my note book pages were invaluable and I was using them for every exam and lesson plan. My last lesson plans were pretty good I think. One was on adverbs of frequency with the new vocabulary of hobbies, and my last one was teaching the culture of the UK. I did a fun lesson with lot’s of stereotyping (and correction!) and plenty of realia, e.g. tartan, haggis, red bus, money, etc. It was quite fun and it seemed an awful shame that I am not actually teaching it! Anyway, I get my certificate in four or so weeks, a nice shiny one apparently. The only thing I had a problem with is the fact that the feedback on some of the homework is pretty poor. I had one tutor leave the remarks, ‘ok this is good.’ Umm… yeah, not helpful! But don’t get me wrong, some left excellent feedback. But it depended on what tutor marked the work. I left them a 4/10 for their feedback on their comments sheet, but mostly 10/10’s for everything else. The other thing is that now I have finished, I can’t go back into my account! Which means all my work will just disappear 😦 I did all that work and now it will vanish. I’ve had to save all the PDF files that I can, but whether it will work remains to be seen. 

Hmm, what has been happening lately then?

I have managed to finally get some of the fleece cleaned. I was given a big bag of it a month or so ago and boy, did it stink! I grabbed a big plastic box, and filled it with super hot water and some washing up liquid. I picked off as much straw and bits from the fleece as possible so it would (hopefully!) just be fleece when it got in the water. I dunked it all underneath the water and instead of using my hands, I used my feet!


Looks yucky, but I actually enjoyed it! I had to wash the fleece THREE times before it stopped being so filthy dirty. The water was brown every single time. On the fourth rinse it was just nice, still a little brown, but hardly as much. I got it all out and squeezed as much water out as possible, making sure that there was no straw, etc on it. If anyone else can help me, can you tell me how to get ALL the yucky bits from the wool? I would be much obliged.

I then left the fleece on a small towel on the swing bench to dry in the sun. This was then moved onto the top of the coal bunker. It was left out all night (due to me not remembering it until 12.00am!) but it didn’t rain so it was ok. I left it all day today, because it was so beautifully hot! I actually went out in the town with NO coat on. And if I’m not wearing a coat, then you know it’s warm! I came back later and it was mostly dry, just a little damp underneath. I shoved it all into a net bag that Mum found, and hung it out on the line this evening. It smells SOOO much better. I’ve left it to dry in the porch for now. I plan on dyeing it as a raw fleece and then carding it for that. I think I may perhaps test out my ‘dyeing skills’ tomorrow. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Today I helped out in the charity shop again (usual Friday work). Mum was at work unfortunately so it was just me going in 😦 I was with Pat and Eileen and there were surprised to see me, but they sort of held their arms out and were overjoyed to see I went there without Mum! (Between you and me I wasn’t going to go, but I had to pick up some knitting patterns I put by last time I was in the shop!) I decided to stay there for a few hours and I enjoyed myself… AND got some good bargains 😀

Here are the knitting patterns I got. I was super pleased to get Scooby-Doo! He goes with the same series of patterns that I have with Tom and Jerry, and Bugs Bunny. The rest of the paper bits are old sewing patterns by Jean Greenhowe and the odd knitting pattern, e.g. Little Bo-Peep. The other magazines are The Art of Knitting, and one of The Art of Crochet.


I found three amazing tops… one was 100% cashmere! I was overjoyed to find it! It is a thinnish red jumper, and soooo soft! I also found a jumper that was 100% thick white cotton, and a very large thin creamy brown 100% merino cardigan.


Unfortunately I cannot unravel the cashmere one so I am thinking of selling it on eBay. I may make something on it, you never know! Anything would be a profit really. I had a good go at unraveling the cotton one. It seemed easy to undo as it was all threaded up the sides, etc. But can I unravel the neck of it?! I have managed to do one sleeve, which was a hassle and a half, but I got most of it. I tried spinning it onto my wool winder which was a disaster as it just kept going funny. I then spun it up on my spinning wheel as it was so splitty and thin which was horrible. I think spinning it up has helped. Ah well, I shall find out more tomorrow when I keep on unraveling it.

Not much happened at the dog shop today, we didn’t have too many people in. However, these two regulars come in, a mother and daughter. The mother is 92ish I think! The daughter has to be in here sixties at least I imagine. The older one has trouble with her sight and finds it difficult to focus on people – but she does love her reading! She saw me sitting down on the stool behind the till and asked Eileen who was working today. She mentioned Pat and me. The older lady asked my name (even though she sees me every time…. ) and I said, ‘K.’ Then her daughter butted in and said rudely, ‘That’s the one I told you about, her Dad owns the book shop.’ Rude bitch. She said it very snidely and looked down her nose. She has never approved of me and I have no idea why. I think she just doesn’t like younger people. I don’t know who she thinks she is. It gave me a smile when her Mother piped up and went, ‘Ooh, do you have any books on angels?!’ I grinned and said I would have a look for her and bring them in. Her daughter sort of went pfffft and walked off. GRRR! Sounds like a spoilt child!

So, what else have I been doing then, craft wise?


Not a great photo, but here is the hot pink merino I am spinning up. It’s lovely to spin up and I am enjoying it. I have been pre drafting it before I spin it up so it’s easy just to try and spin it all without drafting it whilst spinning. The merino is hard to draft with whilst it is spinning – it seems to clump together. So, this is what I do –


Looks like entrails! Haha, it feels lovely and soft though.


This is my second attempt at Tunisian crochet. It didn’t take too long and was pretty easy. An odd looking thing, but still useable! It looks a bit bare, so might actually put some pink cotton just around the edges. I finished my Tunisian crochet hook case, but I haven’t got a photo of it yet. That will get done next time I write on this blog.

OOOOH, look at this too!


This is a weaving loom I got given by someone at Mums work. They didn’t need it anymore so they gave it to me! It was so manky and dirty when they gave it to me, just covered in sawdust as it was stored in a workshop for a long time. Dad gave it a scrub up for me with lemon scented disinfectant and a cloth. It shone brightly afterwards! I haven’t looked at it much. It isn’t something that interests me, but since I have been given it, it would be ungrateful and stupid not to have a go on it. I plan on doing that sometime when I am at home all day. I’ll def. put some photos up of what I achieve.


Anyway, I think I had better go to bed. I’ve just been checking eBay for some reason, and I’ve managed to find some raw fleece at a £1 a kilo, which isn’t too bad isn’t it? They can drop off at Woolfest too, which would certainly save on postage. Perhaps I could buy 2KG’s or something. They also have some wooldyes there, starting at a penny each! They would be good if I could get them, haha.

Anyway, should get a good sleep tonight – that is, if the dog doesn’t decided to sleep like this again! –


xXx Love Kais xXx


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  1. HYa, what type of fleece? give it a good shake before washing, try not to agitate whilst washing, use really hot water ( I have it too hot to put my hand in) give it a good shake when dry and pick out what you can, small bits will come out with combing, carders will fetch some out and any small bits remaining get picked out during spinning.

  2. Hey, I don’t actually know what kind this is. Someone from my Mums work gave it to me, but I haven’t seen her in a while to ask. I’ve done all the cleaning from it just now, and am going to dye bits of it. I think most of the yucky bits are out now, just waiting for it to dry to be carded. Thanks!

    • Good luck, I suspect you have been watching the Herdwick fleece for sale on ebay ? I bought some of the BFL/swaledale from the same person and its drying outside at the moment…will let you know what its like x

      • I have been, yes! The one from Cockermouth? I’ve emailed them and asked them what day they are at Woolfest because I could pick it up from there. Thanks, be nice to know!

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