Hello again.

Been another tiring week! On Monday I was asked to do some more supply work, this time for the Scottish side. I enjoyed it very much. This was in a very local school, no more than ten minutes away from me, which suited me perfectly! I was in a P3/4/5 class with only 16 pupils. I loved it. I also took the P6/7’s for the afternoon which was interesting, but not nearly as fun as I was just supervising and not actually teaching. I went back there on the Wednesday too for the full day in the P3/4/5 class. This time I taught my own lessons which I much prefer. We also discussed a book called ‘The worst jobs for children in history,’ by Tony Robinson. I think most of the kids enjoyed it, and loved hearing about the gruesome jobs that children their age would have to do, such as a chimney sweep or paddling in wee to keep woven cloth in check. I think one kid got bored however and asked quite loudly, ‘can we do some work now?’ Cheeky so and so! I also had one kid inform me that he loved learning languages and knew Spanish. I asked him to say a few words in the language but he said, ‘Oh no, I need to remember the words first.’ Kids make me laugh every day and I love working and teaching them. On the first day one of the children said to me, ‘Thank you for teaching us.’ They don’t understand yet how happy that can make a teacher.

On the Tuesday my Mother, my little brother and I went to Glasgow. D was moving to Glasgow to go to College there. We had to move all his stuff to Glasgow and boy, did he have a lot of stuff! We were so crammed in that car. We managed to drive all the way up which wasn’t too bad. We got lost because of the very poor instructions from Google maps. Also, the signs in Glasgow were very old, or very small, or very obscured. Very difficult to see! We also tried turning to the right on one road and almost got knocked over by a bloody lorry. I think we had right of way (we were following the car in front) and the lorry just kept speeding towards us. I just felt horrible all over and couldn’t stop shaking afterwards. I don’t even like thinking about it, so let’s move on.

We got there eventually and it was quite a nice area. We parked almost in front of the house and found the flat. It was a nice bottom floor flat, but when you walked in the shared hallway it was a bit like a mens toilet with the tiles!


The flat itself isn’t actually too bad. D has a fairly large room, big enough for his large telly and all his other things. Mum and I got the boys to bring in all D’s stuff. D is moving in with our brother, F (also younger than I), and F’s boyfriend M. M is so gorgeous and sweet! Me and Mum made up D’s bed for him and helped him rearrange things. The front room was amazing! Bay windows and a huge red curvy sofa that you could sink into. There was a telly left by the last residents so they were using that! There was also a gorgeous Victorian fireplace. The only thing wrong with the room was that some idiot had sealed shut the windows with sealant! Except the top one, which they would be able to get out of if something was wrong. There were three bedrooms in the place as there was also someone else they knew moving in. There was a sort of dining room linking all the rooms together and a small kitchen. The kitchen was pretty dark because it was an inside room with no windows. Nice and modern looking though. All in all it was a nice day. Just down the road is a small high street – nothing amazing, just typical back street shops, about six second hand shops though! I bought a set of Just William books for my Dads shop, and a cotton jumper for 50p. I meant to unravel it but I stupidly tried it on and now I like it! Grrr! 😦 We bought some chips from a local chippy and took them back to the flat where we all sat round the gorgeous wooden table and ate them with some Italian bread.

Oh, when my brother set up his (VERY new, recently bought, never-had-anything-but-problems-with-it) computer he found that it didn’t work as wasn’t even turning on. He got the phone and wanted to ask the company for a refund as the computer had turned out to be a waste of money and it would have been the fourth time he called. Unfortunately he got no-where with them and was looking pretty sad and dejected at wasting so much money. I told him to hand me the phone and I dialled the number.

‘Hello, is that *****? I believe you were just talking to my brother on the phone?’

Yes, we were, what can we do for you.’

My brother bought a computer from you only a month ago and has had nothing but problems with it. We have already sent the computer back to get repaired before and it’s just not good enough. I’d like the money back, please.’

I’m sorry, we only give refunds in the first two weeks, otherwise it is a repair and return service.’ 

‘I’m sorry, but that’s not good enough, this computer is not fit for purpose and I am not happy with it. I would like my money back, please.’

I’m sorry, but we don’t do that service…’

‘I’m sorry too, but I want a refund. This is a bad computer and it is not working. I don’t spend that amount of money on something that is not working. We have called up your company x amount of times before because of problems.’

Look, we just don’t do refunds, the best we can do is sale or return!’ 

‘Right, in that case I would like to speak to someone else, please.’

He agreed to get someone else to talk to me and I overheard the conversation in the background. He was sort of moaning about me and I heard someone very clearly say, ‘Why don’t you just give her a refund?!’ I grinned then, because I knew if that guy had said it, it was possible. The bloke eventually came back on the phone and said,

Fine, madam, you can get a refund, but you must post the computer here at your own expense and it must have everything single thing with it that it was sent with. You will only get a refund if the computer is shown to be faulty when it get’s to this end.’ 

I thanked him most sincerely and put the phone down, very happy that I had got my way! I was not rude, just firm. I don’t think anyone else could believe that I had gotten D a refund. Mum said that they were all like omg! when I had asked to speak to someone else. Sorry, but if there is one thing I abhor it is terrible customer service and that computer was not working. We took some pictures of the screen and I am going to print them off and stick them in the box with the computer to prove that it wasn’t working. Oh, and something sweet M said? ‘If I ever have some problems on the phone, I’ll get  my sister in law to deal with it!’ 😀 Made my day 😀

I gave my other brother, F, a small, hand-made drop spindle because he had expressed an interest in trying one out. I gave him the rest of the Jacobs fleece, which probably added up to about 10g. I rearranged it for him before I left –


Me and Mum left about 4pm, very happy that D was happy. The boys were laughing and joking with each other when we left. It wasn’t until we were half way back to home before we started getting upset. It was when Mum asked me if I was going to sit down and watch Storage Hunters with her and Dad before I started to cry, as that was something we all did as a family, without fail. I only cried for a few minutes as I didn’t want to upset Mum. It’s horrible without him here, it’s so quiet and I miss him coming in to randomly sit with me and chat about random things. I know we can chat on the phone and see him when I go to Glasgow, but it’s not the same. I miss my little brother like crazy – both of them.

Anyway, happy thoughts. Crafty time!

I went to a massive car boot with my Father on Sunday and I hit the jackpot! There was a couple of women on a stall nearer the top end who seemed to just have two racks of clothing. I went up and saw some Pringles jumpers and I thought, awesome, pure wool! I overheard some woman say to the owners something about 50p. I asked the owner immediately how much everything was and she said, 50p for any top. Omg! I found a 100% CASHMERE JUMPER! I also found two pure wool jumpers (Pringle), a brand new cotton jumper, and two angora and lambswool cardigans. Bargain. I probably should have kept on looking but I thought enough is enough!


From Top to Bottom: Angora and lambswool x 2, cotton, cashmere, wool x 2.

I made a start on unraveling the oh, so soft! cashmere, but it didn’t turn out well AT ALL. The seams were super easy to undo and I enjoyed the quick process, but when it came to unraveling the wool was just so soft and simply kept pulling apart without any pressure on it. I got fed up with it eventually and stopped to trying to unravel. I tried to make a sleeve sock out of it, and it did work eventually but wasn’t too aesthetically pleasing! Soft and warm though 😀 I have started unraveling the merino cardigan from my last post and it is a weird one. There seem to be two separate strands knitted in together that can be wound into two separate balls of wool… yeah, weird! It isn’t very strong stuff either, but I plan on doubling it and plying it together on my spinning wheel. Plenty to work on in my spare time.

I have plenty more to write in this post but I’m a bit tired at the moment. I think perhaps I will get some chicken noodle soup and watch the last few episodes of series two of The Apprentice. Anyone been watching the latest series? Not too sure of what to think of them, but I know that that Luisa gets on my nerves and firmly needs taken down a peg or two.

Have a great night!

xXx Love Kais xXx



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