I feel like I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog lately, but it has been such a hectic week. I feel like I’ve not been away from schools! 

Last week I worked four days, and this week I have three, unless the supply agency calls me up for work on Thursday, bleurgh! I love working in schools, but I am adoring the work this side of the border so it means I can use my car instead of public transport. I was in the same school for three days last week and then a different one all day. This week it is two in same school and on Friday it’s yet another one! All experience and working well. I adore the school I’ve been in most. I’m disappointed that I won’t get to teach them again for what will probably be a very long time. I think I have been privileged to teach some wonderful children. I am going to be working in the older class which is fantastic and I just need to get used to them I think. They are also a great class. 

I don’t think there is much to say otherwise. Mum and Dad went to my Nannys for a week long holiday so I was in charge of the shop. However, because I got called into work, I was unable to open the shop much. I only managed about six or so hours altogether. When I went back in on the Saturday (the day my parents came back home) there were a few customers complaining about the shop not being open. Sorry, but if there is supply work I’m going to take it… I need the money! Made a decent amount that day though, so no harm done. 

Mum called me up whilst she was still on holiday to ask about the shop as the landlord had called them up about it. Apparently it looked like someone had been at the lock with a screwdriver or something. Probably because I hadn’t been there in a few days to check on the shop. I checked it out the next day and it was pretty scratched and looked like someone had just vandalised it by scratching. I told the police (who were only a few doors down) to come and take a look and they agreed it was probably just kids, but to keep an eye out for anything. 

A came down to spend the week with me which was just lovely. It was nice just the three of us (Freddy included!) and we learnt that we could live together in the future without one of us killing the other! We also learnt that we could cook together without a screaming fit! Also wonderful waking up next to each other – doesn’t the bed feel empty the night your partner isn’t there!? 

Right now, the crafty stuff! 


I have been busy combing/plucking/teasing the nasty, icky fleece into this gorgeous mess! It is so soft I keep rubbing my cheek on it. I finished what was in the pan and I have another load in a bag to tease. I don’t think I will use a comb as it is far too time consuming to do what seems to be done through the teasing. I have worked on the ‘dyed’ fleece but it seems to have felted slightly so it’s a little tougher to tease out. Not that it looks dyed! Talking of dyes, I have put a bit of fleece into a tumeric and water solution, and another lot into beetroot and warm water. I will leave that for a couple of days and hope that the dye fixes in. The fleece I have used had been soaking in a vinegar mordant for the past couple of weeks. I have still got a bit left, maybe I need to find another dye to make up tomorrow? 


I got these from the dog shop yesterday. I bought the cotton for £1, and when I told the woman there I planned on unraveling it, she immediately went into the back and bought out the black top on the right. She gave it to me for free, and even threw in the ball of wool you can see there. I love the black cardigan, it has alpaca in it! I managed to unravel that in one evening, and the green one took two evenings. I got a very pleasing amount of yarn from it, probs almost a kilogram altogether. 



Lots and lots of lovely yarn! Speaking of lovely yarn, I finally finished spinning the hot pink merino I started seemingly ages ago. I am very pleased with its turn out. For some reason, it just would not ply properly on the wheel so I ended up plying it by my trusty drop spindle. It is an excellent tool to have… I love mine. Simple, yet effective. 


I have also, funnily enough, managed to knit my way through almost four pairs of baby socks. I’m starting to surprise myself now how quickly I can rush through them. I think they are so cute and dainty, and my children are going to have HUNDREDS of these. I love, love, LOVE Patons Smoothie yarn. I need to reorder that when I can, I have practically no yellow left and for some reason HobbyCraft don’t stock it, yet they do other colours?! Strange. 


Gorgeous aren’t they? I keep touching them every time I go past them. They are sitting on my shelf at the moment, sitting pretty with the rest of my knitted pieces. Oh, I also finished knitting another baby cardigan. This took perhaps two days to do, on and off. Quick, easy and adorable! Loved knitting it, and the yarn was a joy to use – King Cole Chunky Riot. 


The photos don’t give it justice how wonderfully soft and sweet it is. It swamps my baby doll, but I did more repeats for the bottom of the jumper than I did for the previous one she is wearing now. 


Mum and Dad picked up this awesome books for me for £1! They got it from one of the charity shops when they were away. (They got some bargains that week I can tell you – more about the dolls house later!). It’s very useful, regardless of the age of it. (70’s/80’s, I think). It even has section at the sides for you to write notes in! 😀 It is a bit heavy on the weaving side of things, but as I have a weaving loom now I shall give it a good read later on I think. Excellent book. 


Got all my stuff ready to make my new drop spindles with! Only thing missing in that photo is hooks and varnish, but I got them yesterday, so yay! (Oh, and the dowels are elsewhere in the house, haha). More on them when I start I think. 

Anyway, got to be up at 7.15am tomorrow, all ready for school again. Isn’t it fortunate I LOVE my work? 

Nighty night all, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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