Urgh, I’m exhausted! Having a P1 class is literally exhausting and stressful. I love little kids, don’t get me wrong, but I far, far prefer having older children to teach. There is only so much sitting watching children playing that I can do. I did have some work ready for them, e.g. the Good Samaritan putting pictures in order, umm, some ice cream combination colouring in, and making some masks. Well, they coloured them in and cut out the outside of it. I then had to spend my time making all the slits and slotting the two bits of the mask together. I do not want to work in a class lower than P3 again, haha. Too stressful! But it was a good day overall, and I think I enjoyed most of it. But very glad to get home!

I went to Glasgow yesterday on my day off. It was nice to go on the train after a long day at a school. I relaxed on the two hours up there by learning some algebra (I found the book in my cupboard just before I went, so I thought, why not?) and reading a wonderful story called , ‘An Ordinary Princess.’ Such a gorgeous, sweet story. I also had a go at spinning some of my fleece using a home made drop spindle.


It went pretty damn well! I’ve realised though that this spindle is perfect for spinning very thin yarn. It can spin cotton if I tried. It’s a little difficult to see in the photo but there is an example of the yarn just on top of the fleece. I loved using this… just the right size for using on a train or when you can have some time on transport. And it goes into your bag quickly and easily.

I had a go at dyeing some of my fleece finally. The ivy leaves didn’t go too well and I had plenty of fleece left over. It had been sitting in a jar of water and vinegar for over a week (not sure how long, but quite a while!) I thought that I would buy some tumeric as I had seen online that it was a pretty good dye. I bought the cheapest spice tub from Tescos (£1) and mixed it in some boiling water. I waited for it to boil and then cooled it down enough to go into a glass Kilner Jar. I stuck some sticks into the top to hold down the wool. I also had a go at using beetroot juice but since looking online, it doesn’t seem a good idea as it appears to wash out easily. Ah well, trial and error. I looked at the top of the jar today and it has gone all moldy on top! Is this normal!? I know I can wash it out but it’s pretty yucky. Oh, the sticks in my tumeric jar have gone pretyy mouldy too, urgh! After school today I grabbed hold of the tea bags that had been used once, plus a few fresh ones, and brewed up the strongest black tea mix I could. I then poured this into another Kilner Jar (huge ones from ASDA for £1 each. I got three) and stuck the fleece into it. I might give that until Monday before I take that out. I’m not too sure how long to leave the wool in each of the dyes. It might be tomorrows job in the afternoon to wash the other bits of wool.


I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, but L-R, beetroot and vinegar, black tea and tumeric. The tumeric seems to have settled down to the bottom which is a bit frustrating, but ah well!

Now, the awesome thing about yesterday? Well, when I went up to Glasgow I took a huge, big, black suitcase, about twice the size of my normal case. And what’s more? It was practically empty. This is what I returned with.

SAM_0031     SAM_0034


It doesn’t look a lot at the moment, but the photo on the right shows exactly how much I came back with! I got all of this yarn, most of it ICE YARN for only £30! 102 balls of wool, plus a few part balls for only £30! I plan on selling it eventually. If I can get £1 a ball then I will more than make my money back. The woman who sold it to me had it on eBay with the starting bid of 99p. I was a bit naughty and asked her if she would consider a Buy It Now price. Turned it out she had it on Gumtree for £25. I asked her if she would take £20 and yep! She also had some other yarn on eBay at 16 balls for £9.99 in two lots. I also got those for £10 for the both of them. I got a fantastic deal and she got some much needed space in her house, haha. Me and my bf went to collect it yesterday (Thursday) in Maryhill, Glasgow. I finally went to Maryhill, the site where ‘Still Game’ was filmed! I needn’t have got excited. It was pretty naff unfortunately. I managed to get a photo of the flats where it was filmed but it was only from the top of a bus.

SAM_0017   SAM_0029


Still, at least I got it! It only took about twenty/twenty five minutes to get there from Drumchapel. We went into the Tescos after we got the wool. (I managed to squeeze it into a small box and into a large Morrisons bag for life. We got a Salt and Pepper baguette and it was lovely! We managed to eat half of it before we even got on the bus it was that nice.

Got hold of a cashmere jumper today that someone has saved me from the dog charity shop. That was lovely of them as they knew I would unravel it. Unfortunately I did a stupid thing and tried it on. I love it. So now I shall wear it. They also saved me a funny snoody scarfy thingy. I think it will be easy enough to unravel. See photo above.

I am going to attempt to make some more drop spindles tomorrow. I very much enjoyed creating my last ones. And  I have thought of some nice designs to go on them. I shall put up some photos when I can.

Anyway, best go to bed, I’m shattered!

xXx Love Kais xXx



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