Today has been a nice, relaxing, calming day. I had a lie in which was amazing after a busy and crammed week. I helped Mum tidy up the kitchen and then we decided to go into the local town and see how Dad was getting on. We bought him another book shelf from a charity shop for £8 which will fit nicely into his shop. We saw a small notice in the police station window for Mossburn Animal Sanctuary and on the spur of the moment we decided to go. It took us a little while to get there, but it was a fairly nice drive – albeit the pot holes! 

When we got there it looked just like a normal farm house. We parked the car and walked up past the tiny cafe in a portacabin. We looked to our left and there was a small fat pot bellied, black pig! Gorgeous! He had a massive head and a chunky belly and he was beautiful! We managed to get a photo of him. I will try and get that up later. We turned the corner into the main yard and almost all at once ten goats, a dog and a sheep turned round and looked at us. It was pretty eerie but so wonderful at the same time! There were little pygmy goats and other larger goats. One of them came up to me and gently head butted me to get his head scratched. The others all came up for some fuss and it was lovely. Even the sheep came right up to us to get her head scratched! I loved them all, they were gorgeous. A guy was playing with the goats like they were dogs and they adored it. A young Collie dog was running round them all too, and the goats and sheep didn’t mind and welcomed him round them. A young girl (maybe 14?) came and showed us round the free site. She showed us some more pigs that we relaxing in the hay in the barn. Two massive black ones and two big black ones. Their teeth were gigantic! They sort of had smiles on their faces and grunted when their ears were scratched. I had never seen more contented pigs in my life! Apparently the smaller ones were given to them to look after when their owners discovered the hard way that they were not micro pigs! Beautiful! We also saw some horses, including a teeny tiny Shetland pony. We also saw some cows, some guinea pigs, rabbits and chickens. It was a lovely walk around. We decided to go and have a cup of tea in the cafe after looking round the charity shop on site. (Didn’t buy anything but nice to have a look round). It was so nice in there that we decided to have a cheeky bacon roll – nom nom! It was gorgeous. The couple serving us in the cafe were so lovely and sat at the table next to us, and we had a lovely chat about everything about the farm and much more besides. I’d defintely recommend it, it’s beautiful. The animals are all free range and have a wonderful life. Thanks for taking me Mum! 


This is the dyed fleece that I had washed out and set to dry. The beetroot dye left the fleece with patches of different pink and it’s actually really pretty. From dark pinks to pale pinks. It rinsed out pretty easily and didn’t stink, unlike the tumeric! When I rinsed that out from the jar it smelled like old sick. Not nice. So much air freshner and perfume was sprayed in the bathroom afterwards. It took quite a bit of time to rinse it through and there still was some yellow running out by the end of the rinsing. Thinking back I probably should have kept rinsing as I don’t want my Bliss being dyed yellow when spinning it! I put them both in the bags one at a time, and spun them at the bottom of the garden. They were then pinned up on the garden bench and left to dry in the wind. Unfortunately it started pouring down earlier and I mean really pouring down, but thankfully my Dad had got the fleece in for me and hung it in the porch to dry instead. Thanks Dad! 


Here I have made up six spindles using the pieces I bought last week. The wheels were annoying me as some would just NOT fit onto the dowel rods, no matter how much I tried by sanding it down. Some of the wheels were a little dodgy which I am annoyed about. When I buy something, I expect it to be perfect. Anyway, these didn’t take too long to do, and I have another nine dowels to fit wheels onto, but that’s for another day. I painted these up using household paint from the tester pots you can get in DIY stores. Think these were from Homebase at something like £1.69 for 50ml, which is plenty. And they include a brush in each. Tomorrow I will give each a second coat and then varnish in the evening. I might give the next set of spindles I do some more details and leave these a plain, simple block colour. 


This is just a quick sneak-peek at what I started a couple of hours ago. Some light green merino in citrus. Beautifully soft and easy to spin up. I am trying to spin it thicker than normal which is a challenge for me as I feel I’m ‘wasting’ the wool. But I’m not, I know I’m not, haha. I should just experiment and have fun. I plan on plying this with a dark green merino to get a nice twisted coloured yarn. We shall see 🙂 

Anyway, going to sleep now. Got a car boot tomorrow in the morning if the ground isn’t wet, and if not we are going to go to Dads shop and sort out his books into alphabetical order. *groan* At least I can take Freddy with us, which I’m looking forward to 😀 

Nighty night! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 



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