A few interesting things have been happening this week. We went to the car boot on Sunday as usual. We were sort of in two minds about it because the weather looked very grey and downcast. We thought what the heck and went anyway. It was quite a good day when we got there! Warm enough to wander round with a nice breeze for when you got too warm. It was still very overcast though. I think there was about half the stalls there are on a nice day, but nevertheless, some good stuff. The same volume of people turned up to look around though I think… you should see the lines, they are huge! 

Me and Mum went to wander round at the far end, as usual, and Dad went off on his own. That way me and Mum can have a slow wander round and Dad can rush through the stalls and grab all the books he can find, haha. We saw a reborn doll at one of the stalls! £50! It was weighted and felt very nice. The woman let me hold it and we had a short discussion about making them. I would love to be able to make one of these dolls, but as I am short of funds at the moment, the price of the kit is slightly above my means. Never mind! I might try looking for a cheap doll and buy the genesis heat paints on their own. I’m sure there are plenty of instructional videos online on how to do it. The only thing I noticed about the doll was that the skin wasn’t quite right, but still a good first attempt. I don’t think I could have done any better, haha. Well worth the money though. 

I bought a top/dress at the car boot too. I saw this at the last one, but when I went back for it, it wasn’t there. But there it was this time, haha. It had alpaca in it, and it unraveled like a dream. 


I think it’s pretty horrible, haha, but it has produced a decent amount of wool. Over 500g to be near enough exact. 


I only bought a woolen jumper at another stall but I plan on wearing it – it’s too pretty to undo! Mum found a great big box of craft stuff, but they wanted £25 for it, so umm… no, thanks! (A bit funny and mean – there was a big gust of wind and the clothes racks fell on the woman doing the stall, haha. She was fine though, don’t worry :P). I also found a a Smurf toy I wanted to get Freddy, but the woman wanted £2 for it. Nahhh, not for a dirty toy that will be chewed by a dog! 

Dad managed to go back to the car a couple of times he bought that many books. On one stall he asked how much one book was and she told him to take the entire box for a £1! So, he did, haha. Someone else took the other one but he had loads anyway so it didn’t matter. Oh, I also bought Freddy a play tunnel! He used to have one when he was younger, but he tore it up. Why, oh why did I think this time would be different? (One side shredded in seconds). He now only gets to play with it when I am supervising him. 

On the way out of the car boot there was a large sign up saying ‘Homes4Hens.’ It was asking people to take in some hens that had been taken away from battery farms, thus saving their lives. I’ve always wanted to do that, but seeing that sign I mentioned it to my Dad there. To my surprise he began chatting about it seriously and discussing about having some! I was very pleased. Since then I think we have decided what coop to get and where to have it, and how many chickens we shall have. (A large one with an added run for £99.50, at the top of the yard so it’s easy to see them and they can have a run around, and three I think. We are going to call them after Dr Who companions – Sarah-Jane, Donna and Rose!) I am very excited. However, since I am on holiday next week and it will be Dad at home, we have decided not to get them until after we get back. It’s going to be a busy month then, because we are hoping to get a puppy soon too! I like the name Loki for a male puppy… what do you think? I am hoping for a chocolate lab, but they are very expensive. As long as the puppy grows up with the chickens, I am sure they will get on fine, just as Freddy will. Can’t wait! If anyone can offer a home to battery chickens you will be doing a wonderful, wonderful thing, indeed, any animal that is rescued. 

I have worked on my spindles a bit more. They dried very quickly, and then I varnished them. They feel so much better and dried quickly too. The varnish makes the colours stand out so much more. I am going to have a quick test of each and every one of them. I plan on making up some small kits with them, to encourage people to try out drop spindle spinning. 


What do you think? I’m very pleased with them – might make some more soon. Could do with a few more toy wheels, as two of the ones I have have been dodgy. NOT pleased. 

Oooh, yes, the dyeing! As you could see in the last post they were hanging up in the garden, drying nicely. I brought them inside and teased out all the fibers until they were in a big, fluffy pile of gorgeousness! I think due to my vigorous rinsing of the fibers, quite a bit of it was felted. 😦 I got as much as I could from each however, and was so much more gentle with the tea dyed stuff. 


I love this photo – it’s a really pretty way of holding the fiber until I need it. Here is what the tea dyed stuff looks like. It looks a lot darker in the photo, but I’ve put the white fleece next to it so you can see the contrast. This needs teased and combed out too. 


It got quite boring teasing out the other stuff, so I ended up doing it whilst watching TV and stuff. I couldn’t just sit and do that and nothing else, I’d go mad. I’ve been seriously thinking that I could do with a proper drum carder. Unfortunately they are a few hundred pounds, so that is an extravagant purchase. Maybe one day… 

I’ve been watching a lot ‘The League of Gentleman’ today. I love this show – it’s so damn funny. It cracks me up all the time, and never gets old. Ever seen it? 

I’ve been spinning with it playing in the background. I’ve done the rest of the pale green citrus merino. Now I need to do the dark stuff and ply it together – I’m getting ready by practicing Tour De Fleece! 


It’s a little thicker than I normally spin, but it’s all practice and I like being challenged. I need to get the stuff I want to spin ready for the Tour. I am also waiting to see what there is I am going to get from Woolfest. Here is my list of goals – 

  • I would like to spin up my random raw sheeps fleece.
  • Prepare a full sheeps fleece from scratch and have it all spun up.
  • Spin up each of the three Corriedale wooltops I currently have.
  • Spin up some fiber that does not come from a sheep.
  • Spin up my ‘home-made’ mixed fibres.
  • Spin a fiber of more than 200g.

Anyway, think I must go now… going to go comb out the fleece and watch Storage Hunters when it comes on. I also need to go to the job centre again tomorrow, bleurgh, to sign back on again. Getting sick of the sight of the place – what they don’t understand about supply work baffles me, but then again, what can you do but put up with their crap? I just hope they keep my sign in days and times the same. I would HATE to go in to the job centre at something like 3pm in the afternoon – won’t be able to do anything or go anywhere that day. 

Anyway… think of cheery things! Have a great night, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


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  1. I love that green yarn… your spinning is exquisite! I’m so excited for your chicken adventure, and jealous that you are getting a dog! Even if you can’t get a full-breed lab, any mix with lab in it would be nice. They are the best dogs ever. But maybe you want a herding breed for your chickens? 🙂

    • Aww thanks 😛 Oh, I adore labradors, had one before Freddy. Our other favourite type of dog is a Golden Retriever but we don’t want another on – Bo will be the only Golden Retriever for us 😦 I just love Lab puppies, just something about them. Just make me feel like a mummy with a new baby! Haha, weird I know! I can’t wait to get our chickens now 😀

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