I’m so tied but I just cannot sleep… can anyone think why? That’s right…. 

It’s WOOLFEST tomorrow! I am so stupidly excited I can’t even think of the words to describe how excited I am! I feel silly, but I am really, really looking forward to it. I’m pretty nervous about it, being in a huge crowded place and all, but it is just going to be a mesmerising sight, truly wonderful to behold. I am going to take so many photos if I can. I think that I need to ask stallholders permission before I take a photo of their stall, which is annoying, but polite. It’s just I usually whip out my camera and just shoot photos pretty quick, haha. I plan on going straight to the fleece section if I can, that way I can get the bulky stuff out of the way and then have a good long, lovely look around the stalls with my Mum. I am hoping to get at least three fleeces, maybe a maximum minimum of two. (Wow, that made a lot of sense!). Gibberish in my head at the moment! 

So, what have I been doing today to keep my mind of it? Last night I was reading on someones blog that they had been doing a CAL (Crochet ALong). This particular CAL was a beautiful blanket, all made up of different stitches in the make up of it all. It has been going for four weeks. In just under half a day (overall) I’ve managed to complete two weeks of it, but that is only about 14 lines or so. I love the look of it so far – what do you think? 


I love the purple and pink together at the bottom. The purple is very pretty and I plan on using that quite a bit more in the blanket. I am half way through line 14, which is DC across row. Am very much enjoying it! I am creating a star stitch on the next row, which is very new to me. As well as creating a beautiful blanket I am learning new stitches. I am not sure how the rest of the blanket is going to turn out, but I plan on going around the whole blanket in sc or dc in a few different colours… to widen it out a little and to add more bright colours. Might need to buy some more balls of acrylic in that case, as I don’t think I’ll have enough yarn left over for that. Anyway, getting ahead of myself. 

I completed the light green merino, and spun up the dark green merino. 100g in almost one sitting! Boy, was my back tired at the end of that. I need to sit in a proper chair and not just at the side of my bed. It looked nice when it was spun, a bit neater than the citrus merino, but slightly thinner too. 


I thought they looked ok stood next to each other… 


But I don’t like the way they look plyed 😦 


What do you think? Should I continue? Or just leave it and spin the rest of the yarn in their own colours? I thought I would like the yarn so much better than I do. Maybe I just need to leave it a while, I dunno. Give me some thoughts? 

Think I will put up some gorgeous photos of my babies (pets). 

Here is a picture of me and Freddy I got today. (Please excuse my disgraceful hair, it badly needs a wash in that pic). 


Hasn’t he got a gorgeous smile? 😀 I do adore him so. Here is in playing in his new tunnel. 


Such beautiful, bright, happy photos! I always smile when looking through these. The next couple of photos are of my beautiful chinchillas when they were having a run in the hallway today as I cleaned out their cages. The grey one is Molly (a year and a half) and the beige beauty is Evie (over ten!). 



Aren’t they gorgeous? 😀 Love them all dearly. 

I have one more photo to show you of my darling Isa. She is an elderly madam just now, but such a sweetheart. 


I am so fortunate to have each and everyone of my pets. Never, EVER take your animals for granted, and always love and cherish them. I miss each and every one of my pets that are no longer physically with me, and I mean ALL of them. (I have had many over the years). The only photo I don’t have in here at the moment is of the girls, my other hamsters. They are not very old, perhaps just over six months, at most?  I think so anyway, time goes so fast! I will have to get a pic of them soon – Patsy, Eddie and Saffy. Ten points if you know what show that is from! 

Anyway, it’s now half past midnight and I really think I should get some sleep – if I can. I’ll try and do a short blog post tomorrow if I can, but it’s doubtful – so much to do! 

Have a great night everyone. I’m off to snuggle up to Freddy and fall asleep. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 



xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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