Helloooooo again!

It’s been a while, but I have had an excuse – been super busy!


OMG, it was amazing. Me and Mum set of at about 8am in the pouring rain, haha, and we nipped into ASDA before we really set off. I bought some new trainers (which I desperately needed) and we got some bits and pieces. It really didn’t take as long as we thought to get there. About half an hour before we got there, it suddenly got really misty, like super, super misty, like Silent Hill misty. It was pretty eerie, and we couldn’t see much at all. But it eventually just disappeared and we got Cockermouth, following the instructions all the way to Woolfest. It didn’t much look like anything was there when we got into the auction mart place, just followed a bumpy path/lane across to a field where a few cars were already parked. We walked down the steps to the back of the mart and waited in a short line – we were maybe 20th in queue? Couldn’t believe we were there before almost everyone, haha. When we walked down the steps we could see (and I kid you not) tents. People had been staying there the night before! (I feel sorry for them cos’ it POURED down).


Down the steps people had placed yarn bunting – it was very pretty.


You can’t really see much of the stalls until you really get in there. We bought our tickets when we were in line as two people were going up and down the lines so as to get people in quickly when it was ten am. We didn’t have too long to wait.

When we got in we could hear music playing on the loud speakers set up everywhere. Me and Mum headed straight to the fleece section as I wanted to buy my fleeces straight away so I could stick them in the car and not drag them round with me everywhere.


Isn’t this a lovely sight?? I ended up buying five fleeces straight away, for something like £25, I’m not too sure. I bought Herdwick, two Jacobs, a Suffolk, and a mohair fleece. Later on, just before we left, I bought two more, more Jacobs I think. The mohair was £10, which was pretty expensive. But the locks of hair were beautiful and oh, so soft! Bit dirty, smelly and manky at the moment though, haha. They were selling mohair tops for 100g at £6. So, I thought I would buy a whole fleece for £10 and make the tops myself 🙂 I’m not too sure how to go about washing the mohair so I will need to research that first.

Afterwards, we had a good wander round the first section of the stalls. There was so much on offer! Beautiful alpaca fleece on sale, as well as the spun yarns, loads of wool tops and fleeces, so many pretty objects and the astonishing amount of spindles and amazing spinning wheel parts! Amazing!  I bought some magazines from the Ravelry section, and omg, a Ravelry badge too 😀 I was so proud to get the badge and wear it, but I didn’t see too many other people wearing one sadly 😦 I didn’t recognise the people at the Ravelry stall, by their names I mean. They were selling magazines at 50p each, so I bought a Yarnwise, A yarn Forward or two, three Simply Knitting magazines, a Crafty magazine and I think some other bits too. I also bought a Spin Off magazine from a donation stall, as well as some hand painted fiber from there too, all for a donation to the Air Ambulance I think.

I bought some mixed merino wool fiber bags from a stall in the top corner – one bag of mixed bright colours, and one a darker shades of mixed colours. Both £4 per pack. I kept thinking I wanted to buy some trilobal nylon fiber (angelika)but it was so expensive on each stall, and I’m glad I waited!

My favourite stall was Scottish Fibres I think. It had sooooooooo many things on it! This is what I got from it (with other purchases in the picture).


I also bought (on their stall) Shetland wool 100g (£2), Yak sample (£1), Trilobal Nylon Samples x 2 (gold and white, 50p each), Camel Tops (£.170) and Dyed Alpaca Hyacinth (£2.04). Gorgeous stuff! I wanted to buy the hand carders there so badly – £6 each, but I thought… perhaps I better not. I’m kinda regretting it now, but I can always buy them online at Wingham Wools for £6 each since I know the size of them now. Very decent size actually, nice and comfortable, and far better than the massive ones I saw. (FAR cheaper too!).

The four big bags at the back are alpaca fleece. This is something I badly wanted to get and I’m glad I did. They were at a ‘fill a bag for £2’ stall with loads of other alpaca fleeces. It was so wonderful and soft and I’m glad I got them. I bought two at first, and then at the end I raced back for two more bags. The woman there told me to fill the bags right to the brim and boy did I do that! They had alpacas next to the stall and they were beautiful. Smaller than I thought, but so pretty, but so slim without their thick jackets on… not that they needed jackets there, so warm!

SAM_0184 SAM_0186

I think the sheep are Teesdale or… something else… I can’t remember their names 😦 Beautiful sheep though. I got loads of photos of them in their pens… just beautiful. There was one on his own baaing – he seemed to want to be with the other sheep. He got so many compliments from the women at the show!

SAM_0187 SAM_0176

Just a few more pictures of the inside of the show. Sadly I didn’t get too many, but this was because I was too busy having fun and being amazed by the wealth of colour and fibre! I cannot wait until next year! Oh, and the photo underneath? This is how we left Woolfest… with an ENTIRELY filled boot. Loved it 😀



Have a great night… I’m off to work on my CAL… which I am SOOOOOOOo enjoying right now. I have a few lines of this week to do, and then I’m eagerly awaiting the Saturday morning to come so I can get some more lines done. Can’t believe how enjoyable this has been having a few lines at a time. It gives me a good incentive to go on, so I cannot do too much to bore myself with. Anyway, lets see how much I get on, and if I can get a couple of photos up later.


xXx Love Kais xXx

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