Yay – my fiftieth post! So pleased that I’ve been able to keep going with this blog for over seven months now! I’m really enjoying it, reading back over what I have done, as well as reading everyone elses enthralling posts. It is one of the highlights of my day seeing what everyone else has got up to with their bright, cheerful, happy posts with lots of photos! 

So, what have I been up to today? Well, it was another hot, hot, hot day today! I decided to let my beautiful chinchillas out for a run in the hallway and to have a sandbath. They were out for about half an hour when I decided to put them back in their cage. I put Evie in her cage and I thought that she was rubbing herself on her cage floor, like she does when she is in a sand bath. I realised then she wasn’t doing that, but fitting. I watched in horror until the fit subsided and then I took her in my arms and just cuddled her, hoping she would be ok. She seemed very quite, very shocked, and just lay there. I was so upset, crying my eyes out as quietly as I could, so as not to disturb her. I put her back in her cage to lie on a scarf I had put on the bottom of the floor. She didn’t want to lie on it, and kept shuffling off to lie on the floor. I added some extra hay in her cage, but she didn’t want to sit on that either. She eventually got a bit stronger ad weakly walked around her cage floor. She tried jumping to the next floor a few times, and I realised that I would have to help her up, otherwise she would constantly jump and tire herself out further, which would not be good. She struggled up to the top floor of her cage, under her bridge shelter and sat there. Amazingly she has been mostly fine all day… so as much to eat some cornflakes! She also has been chewing on willow sticks. I haven’t seen her go down the floors yet, but that is normal. She usually stays on the top floor most of the time. I moved her water up there so she wouldn’t fall down the ramps trying to get something to drink. I’m just hoping and hoping that she will be fine and will still be with us tomorrow. She is such a gorgeous girl. 


Here she was this morning, having a good scrub in her sand bath! Look at the mess, haha. Anyway, I shall check on her before I go to bed and just hope that she will be feeling so much better. Love you Evie ❤ and Molly. ❤ 

I have been working on my fleeces again! Yesterday I decided to take advantage of the hot weather and get one of the fleeces cleaned. The first one I picked out was half a ewes fleece, a Herdwick one. It has beautiful greys in it, some short staples and some longer ones, almost the length of my hand! I could comb it, using a normal hair comb, haha. 


It took a few washes to clean it, but I got there in the end, with an average of two washes per piece. I think it could have done with another one, because it still seemed a little greasy when I was combing it. 


Getting the fleece inspected… that’s my little brothers hand at the right side of the pic btw, haha. 


Here is PART of it drying in the sun. As you can see by the big puddle underneath, I didn’t drain it out properly. I should have spun it, either by hand, or by the washing machine. 

I then decided that today I should get on with another fleece, so I grabbed the Scottish Blackface one. It was so thick and fluffy and HUGGGE! Here it is with Master Freddy inspecting it once again… well, more than once… 


Such a big ball of fluff! It hides how big it actually is… 


He has such a mad expression on his face! 😀 The only problem with him rubbing on this is that his coat has turned pretty greasy from all of the lanolin. I might give him a bath tomorrow if the weather is just as hot. 

I decided to do quite a bit of the fleece at once this time, which isn’t too good an idea. NOW I know why you are supposed to tear the fleece into ‘sweater sized pieces!’ Far easier to wring out and fling in the bath. Trying to lift out so much soggy fleece is difficult! 


Before being submerged… 


Looks so yucky! The first lot of water was disgusting, a murky muddy brown. The second was paler, but still yucky. The third wash was quick and hopefully got out most of the dirt. I squeezed out what water I could and put the lot into a net laundry bag and then stuck it into the washing machine on a spin and rinse cycle. Took only 16 minutes. It certainly drained out most of the water and hasn’t seemed to felt it. Most of it has dried out, but the odd bits that haven’t will stay in the conservatory. 

This is what I use to card the fleeces. 


 Both small dog slicker brushes. The smaller one looks like a flicker comb to me, and I can’t believe the prices they charge for a real ‘flicker brush,’ when you can get a dog one that does pretty much the same thing. I could do with buying some proper mini carders though, as the normal sized ones are too big, and these ones are too small and take forever to use! I am seriously considering buying a drum carder. A HERO by Woolmakers is what I desperately want. It would match my spinning wheel and look gorgeous, so sleek lined and pretty. It is £180… super expensive, but the cheapest I have found! I’ll see if I can raise some money to buy it. It would take so little time to card my fleeces in comparison to the time it is taking now… that way I could use my time in doing different things, e.g. dyeing. 

I’m off to work on my CAL now. I’d put up a photo, but it doesn’t seem to be working…. strange. 

Nighty night all, have a great evening. 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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