Exciting news! We bought a chicken house online this evening. We should get it by Friday I hope. It is only a small one, but more than large enough for three or four small chickens. I’m so looking forward to building it up. I think tomorrow it will be my job (besides washing up, bleurgh) to sort out the yard at the top of the garden and sweep up the leaves, and grass, etc. I look forward to it! (Let’s see how many times I’ll say that tomorrow…) 

Evie is fine today! I’m so pleased. She has been up and down her cage, on top of her bridge, eating, drinking and chewing her wooden sticks. I’ve seen her the odd times lying in her cage and my heart stops, but whenever I went near she just jumps up and glares at me for daring to disturb her sleep! I’m thinking now that she had had a sort of heat stroke or something, because it was digustingly hot yesterday. Anyway, she and Molly are fine and hope they will both continue to be for a very long time. ❤ love you both. 

Today I spent a looooong time washing the fleeces again. I had washed some of the Scottish Blackface yesterday, and finished it today. I tried cleaning it somewhere else today – the kitchen sink! (I’ve used a tub outside, the bath, and the sink). I think the sink and the bath were both good, not sure which is better. It took loads of washes however, and two spin cycles in the washing machine. I then found the old air dryer rack and dragged it outside to hang the wool on. It looked pretty amusing all filled up! 


Don’t be fooled, there is hardly any wool on there compared to what there was at the start of the afternoon! And of course, Freddy is checking out the fleece quality. Overall he is pretty pleased with it 😀 

Here is an example of the fleeces… 


The top left is Scottish Blackface, with long staple fibres, unwashed. The top right is washed Herdwick fleece. The bottom fleece is carded, washed fleece. Very fluffy, light and airy. 


This is a picture of the CAL I am doing. I managed to finish the Granny Stripes that I started yesterday. Some of it was done whilst watching Frost, in between the fleece soaking and rinsings. I’m still loving this CAL. I now have to do DC, then HDC, then STARS, then HDC, and then I have to wait until Saturday morning! Not long now! 😀 

Anyway, must go to bed now, got lots of tidying up to do tomorrow. 

Nighty night all, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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