Our chicken house arrived broken this morning. 😦 I was so disappointed. It arrived about eight thirty this morning which was brilliant and I was excited about getting to make it up later on in the day. The courier dropped the boxes by the door, I signed for them, and then called my Dad outside to help bring them in. I grabbed one of the boxes to get in the house and he grabbed the other. He opened a bit of the box and the top and said, ‘it’s broken.’ I thought that he was joking at first, but nope! When I peeped inside the box I could see that the wood had been split on two different piece where the screws where. It looked dreadful, and on close inspection it looked like the box had been stepped on!


The wood pieces had just snapped under whatever weight was on them. When I looked at the other box it had clear black footprints all over them.


I was furious. How dare someone thought it was ok to tread all over someones property? Dad rushed up to see if the courier was still there, but he had literally just gone. I got straight on the phone to tell the company and they quickly agreed to replace the full broken box. I’m just hoping that they actually bring the right box with the right pieces in it, and that none are broken. I am going to ensure that I check the box and its contents before I sign it off again. I had a good search through the non-broken box but all of those contents were ok. It looks a bit weak, some of the wood, but it’s perfectly useable and good nevertheless, and a bit larger than we thought, so super! I don’t know when we shall get the chickens as we need to weather proof it with animal friendly creosote. Mum and Dad will be taking Nanny back home soon so I will try and have the chickens there and ready before they get back – awesome suprise! Haha. 

Today I have tried to do some more of the mohair fleece that I attempted yesterday. I got fed up with doing it bit by bit and dumped the whole lot into a bath of hot water. I repeated the process three times, spun the water out and hung it outside to dry. But it’s still so greasy. I hate it so much! I had been looking forward to this fleece lots and lots, but I’ve disliked it intensely. I don’t know what to try next… maybe try splitting it into smaller sections and washing them again. It’s just the horrible, horrible grease I can’t stand. If it doesn’t behave itself soon, then I will have to just get rid of it unfortunately, or find someone else who would like to have a go. At £10 a fleece it wasn’t cheap and I’m annoyed. ANNOYED! 

Here it is in the wash, isn’t it manky? The amount of filth and dirt that was in the water after each wash was astonishing. 


On the other hand however, I attempted to spin my first Herdwick fleece. I’ve gotten the raw fleece, washed it, dried it, combed it and spun it. I’m very proud of it. First I tried it on my drop spindle… 


And then on my gorgeous Bliss… 


It’s a little bit stringy feeling and tough at the moment, but I think once it is plyed and washed again, it will feel so much softer and useable. I use whatever conditioner is in the bathroom at the time, so my wool always smells lovely and fresh and cleeeeeean! 

I am still desperately wanting a drum carder. I managed to sell some of my yarn in the past few days which was a very nice feeling, and I am going to put that money towards a drum carder. That way I’m not losing any money when I buy it, I’m just not making any money for NOW. I’d like to buy up raw fleeces, wash and card them and sell them on as nice, tidy batts with lots of different colours and sparkles! 

I am going to do a car boot sale with Mum on Sunday if possible. I would like to sell lots of yarns and I have got some nice little starter drop spindle packs. What do you think? 


I spent ages making instructions tonight and they just need printed off and photocopied to be put into each pack. I also got a small paragraph of the history of drop spindle spinning and I am going to stick it on the back of each pack. I would like to create my own logo to go onto the packs, but that’s not really a priority at the moment – got to get the spindles finished first! Here are a view of the spindles, some painted and varnished, some simply painted. Can you tell which is which? 


I varnished the painted ones earlier, but unfortunately as I was taking them upstairs they rubbed against each other and on the wool they were being held upon (as by the hooks). It kinda rubbed bits of them the wrong way so in the morning I need to revarnish them. I will do them when I get up I think, so they will be dry and ready to be put into the packets to be sold. I also need to print out the instructions and some labels for the car boot stuff. I’m starting off my spindle kits at £4 each. I think that’s a good price for a car boot. I can command a higher price online, but lets see how these go. I don’t hold out much hope, but you never know – people should come to our stall because there is lots of wool, which is starting to get rare at car boots! 

I finished the rows on my CAL, and I’m looking forward to the next lines, which should be in a few hours! But I shall be going to go to bed now, try and get some sleep with these hamsters hammering away at their wheel… so damn noisy! 

Have a good night everyone, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 

xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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