Such a long time since I wrote my last post – 12 days in fact. A few things have happened in that time.

1. I went to a wedding of a University friends. She looked very pretty and the service was sweet. The reception wasn’t as fun for us as it was others, but I think that was purely cos’ I only knew Amanda and Andrew only knew me! It was nice at the B and B we stayed in. We both forgot that it served breakfast so we got a pleasant surprise when she asked us when we wanted it! (Most of the places we stay in are self-catering, so we get food for ourselves). What was even stranger was that the room we were in had twin beds! I didn’t think anyone else was staying at the house, so why we didn’t get a double bedroom, I don’t know… Anyway, we thought we were going to squish up into one bed but we didn’t. What an awesome night! Those beds were so squashy and comfortable and warm with thick duvets. Amazing! The B and B wouldn’t have won any awards and would have been thrashed had it gone onto the programme ‘3 in a bed,’ but it did nicely for us, and we would return. The breakfast was lovely too, and A gave me all his mushrooms, which was a bit of a struggle, but I managed, haha.


The bathroom was downstairs which is a little eerie at night, but thankfully both of us were so tired we didn’t need to go.

2. We got our first eggs! Yay! Mum had read in a book that we should have kept the chickens in their combined coop and nesting box for a few days to make them understand that that is where to lay their eggs. I was a little dubious at first but said to go ahead with it (I was at the B and B at the time). And guess what? We had our first eggs a day or so later!


We always write the date on the eggs so we know which order to use them in. And on the off chance that I know which chicken laid them, I wrote their name on the eggs too. Funny thing happened the other day. Donna went in the coop to lay an egg and was there about an hour. She laid an egg. Then Sarah-Jane went in, laid, and then Rose. They took it in turns to lay an egg! Does anyone elses chickens do that? We have had to put up a bit of netting in the yard too as Donna is such a madam and will not be content in her part of the yarn she shares with the other two. We have now got it strung just so they can’t get over the wall. I got a few angry clucks from them, but I’m sure they will be fine!


Got this lovely surprise too. Heard clucking outside, opened the door and all three were sitting in the porch! Rose is standing at the top step, with Sarah-Jane trying to sleep on the next step, and Donna lying on the bottom. So sweet.

Gave them a dirt bath box today for the first proper time. They went mad. All three of them went in the box, with Donna and Sarah-Jane having a good rummage and bath in it. Rose was more reserved about it, and waited a little while first.


They do love it. I’ll get it out for them tomorrow as well. I just dug up dirt from the bottom of the garden, and once it was thoroughly pecked through I just grabbed a handful of grass and mixed it all in again.

3. I got a drum carder! I can’t believe it, I finally got one! I got it on Wednesday last week, and it came about 10.45am. Wonderful!


So exciting! Smaller box than I thought, but when I opened it, it was perfect!


Isn’t it lovely? This is a Class Carder by Paul Brittain of Classic Carders. It is signed by him, and it was made that month! Beautifully hand made and wonderfully easy to use.


I got some instructions with it, two clamps (even though it has only one clamp hole), a doffer, and a YarnMaker magazine, which was a thoughtful addition. Read it cover to cover several times now.


It is getting pretty late at the moment, so I think that I will leave the post for now and continue it perhaps tomorrow. (When I take a moment to stop carding that is!)

Have a great night everyone.

xXx Love Kais xXx


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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