I have been up to a few things this past week. As well as using the drum carder I have been busy doing other yarny things. 

I had a go at dyeing some Cheviot wool top using food colouring dyes. I soaked the wool top in vinegar overnight and then prepared four tubs with different colours in them. Each tub had a good splash of vinegar as well as the colour. The ones with the strongest colours came out the best, whereas some of the others were a bit weak and watery. I then immersed bits of the wool in the tubs, leaving white patches in the gaps. 


The yellow looks like it would have fixed better than it actually had. Here is a photo of the finished wool. What do you think…? 


The great big white patch is where the orange was supposed to be. 


And here it is braided. I do like the look of it, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Mum says I should call it ‘icepop’ colour as it looks like the watery ice that we all know and loooooove! I’m going to buy some white Cheviot from World of Wool and dye it (hopefully for my stall! Fingers crossed for me, please?). I plan on buying perhaps 600g of it? Maybe more, and dyeing it in 50g lots. This one was only 50g too. I spun up half of the other half, meaning to put it into the dye at the same time, but I didn’t get round to doing it. 

I bought some kool-aid packets off a woman on Ravelry. She very kindly let me have 25 packets of mixed kool-aid for £10, which included postage. I looked them up online, and they seem to dye wools pretty well. I look forward to it. 

I spun up the red batt of Scottish Blackface fleece. It spun pretty well, but when it came to plying it looked dreadful! I think I just wasn’t doing it properly, and plied it rather badly. I am also thinking that I overtwisted the singles, which didn’t work well for the plying. On the other hand, looking at the white Scottish Blackface I had spun, it looked pretty good as a single. 


It was just after I had spun this that a chicken wandered into the kitchen for a chat and a cuddle! 


I have been busy working on my CAL too. I adore it! I have sadly neglected it lately but am going to be bringing it to my boyfriends house to complete the last few weeks rows. And to crochet some more on the train – just to show it off, haha. (Not that anyone cares!). 


Think I am running out of acrylic yarn! Fortunately in Clydebank there is a place called Watt Brothers which has a great yarn section with acrylic being 5 for £5. Need to get some nice, bright yarn. 

Oh, I got the mohair finished, phew! It still feels pretty greasy, but nowhere near as bad as it could be. I started picking the locks apart, so I could line them up in a row, ready to card. 


I then carded it all up… so soft and floofy! 


I then made it into a batt and tied it together with a green ribbon. I hated the mohair before and I hate it now. Horrible stuff! (I don’t mean it really, it’s just given me so much hassle!). I don’t like the way the batt is, it still seems greasy. Might go into the … reject pile… NOT looking forward to carding the rest. I also carded 200g worth of a mixed Jacobs fleece. That is so soft, and was an utter delight compared to the mohair! 


The white one is the mohair, and the big, brown one is the Jacobs mix. The little bag on top is the 100g bag of fleece I have been working with. Earlier I sorted out ALL my washed fleece into 100g bags and put them into some boxes, ready for when I can do the odd bit of carding, instead of getting the whole fleece out and making a mess like I usually do. 

I washed a bit of my Hebridean fleece today, took four rinses! I was a bit sad with this fleece, mainly cos’ I had to throw half of it away. Yes, it was free, but thought it could have been a little better…? Anyway, it took four rinses, and then I spun it out in the washing machine. I’ve just realised (11.41pm) that I’ve left the fleece lying outside on the table. 😦 I’m not going out in the dark on my own (even with Freddy) so it’s going to have stay there. Here’s hoping it doesn’t rain! 


Heres a picture of my baby again. I do love him. 

Nighty night all! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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