Been a long, busy week this week. Was at A’s for almost a week, and it was his birthday and our one year Anniversary! Yep, me and A have officially been out for one year. Well, more than that now, but still 🙂 

It was his birthday on the Sunday and we had a nice time. The day before we had gone to my brothers F and D’s house for dinner, and we all surprised A with a large chocolate melted fudge cake with candles. Probably a daft idea to put lit wax candles on top of a hot cake, but never mind! We put away loads but still managed to bring some back to his. 


On our Anniversary we went to a place called Di’Maggios, in Glasgow, very close to where we first met – only about five metres away to be exact! We met at the Gallery Of Modern Art on the 15th August 2012. But that’s another story 🙂 In the Restaurant, we each had a coke (neither of us drink much) and shared a starter of hot chicken wings. Amazingly I liked them very much. (I’m not really into hot things). I then had a chicken stroganoff and he had the Chicago chicken, I think. The service was very quick, very polite, and very friendly. No wonder it is always packed! It is not a place I would tend to pick but I let A choose and since it is where we went for our first date it seemed right. It was a lovely evening and I enjoyed it immensely. 

So, what’s been happening here then? Well, on the weekend I was away I was a bit naughty and ordered some more fibrey things… I know, I know, I have ‘too much’ already (Snort, yeah right) but I just ‘had’ to have these. I went back to World of Wool online, and I highly recommend you check out their website, their prices are the best I’ve seen. They deliver all over the world I think, I know for def. they deliver to the USA, as plenty of Americans have talked about their orders on Ravelry. 

I bought – 

300g of Cheviot (white) 

300g of Dorset Horn (white) 

300g of 56’s English (white) 

A botany waste bag of white fibre (500g). 

As usual, I got way more in each bag than I ordered, some of which exceeded my expectations! In one of the 300g bags, I got well over 500g! Which is excellent. 


This is my bag of waste fibre… certainly not a waste as you can see! I got some lovely silk blends and plain sheep fibres. I also got some pale, pale beigey browns, which I think were alpaca…? I was a bit disappointed the first time I saw the bag, as it was in the same bag as the 300g fibres. I opened the bag, and then the next bag it was in and then whoof! It just started to expand and expand and expand! It was like a fluff explosion on my bed. I quickly sorted it out, well, after Freddy had had his usual sniff and check! 


I also trawled the internet for almost an hour trying to find some cut silk cocoons. Do you know how hard it is to find some at a decent price?! I refused to buy the uncut ones because of the cruelty bestowed upon the innocent creatures that give us silk. I did not want to touch anything that brought short an animals life to benefit us in some way that wasn’t neccessary. (Ok, I know I’m a meat-eater, but that’s a different story. Silk is not a neccessity, it is a luxury). But anyway, I managed to find some for £3.99 for 30 cut silk cocoons. I know the money has been taken out of my account, but still no sign of them yet… If I don’t have them tomorrow, I may email to enquire why, especially since I paid for what I believed was first class postage. I wanted to try the cocoons to make my own silk hankies. I shall write a blog post about that when I get them. I look forward to it very much! 

Now, what else did I get? I got some Kool-Aid dyes from a very nice member of Ravelry. I got 25 for £10, which also included postage. I have a good variety of colours and I look forward to dyeing with them. I have some wool in to soak at the moment, along with three small piles of silk hankies. All soaking in hot water and vinegar to allow maximum dye attachment. 

Oooh, and a super exciting thing?! I got my business cards too! Well, I can’t use them until my yarn business is up and running (due to job centre, and lack of an actual job means I can’t afford to have a business until I have a part-time job… go figure!) but hopefully I get a part-time job soon. Wanna see the cards? I’m in love with them. 



What do you think? The white bits are just covering up phone numbers. I don’t mind giving out a number to a person, but would rather not flash it online! I also ordered some purple ribbon from China, almost 250 metres for £6.50, which I am going to thread through a hole in the business card and tie around the batts I make. Can’t wait to see what it looks like. All hoping I get this Kendal Woolgathering stall that is. Please keep your fingers crossed for me? Please? 🙂 

Now, for the second thing I have used my handspun wool for… 


I saw this pattern online, and just knew I had to make it. I used hot pink and whisper merino. I enjoyed making it, and it didn’t take too long at all. I usually find crochet finishes quite quickly, unless that’s just the projects I’m doing. The front of the cardigan looks a bit wobbly, but I don’t think it looks too bad. Not sure if I’m going to block it or not. The buttons were kindly given (taken from) by my brother, F. He has a great big bowl of buttons on his dining room table – what a fantastic table centre piece! I always have a great big dig in it whenever I am there. But I found these two and they fitted very well. 

My CAL has been doing very well as well. I took it to A’s and got LOADS done, at least three or four inches I would say. I bought some new yarn from Watt Brothers at £5 for 5. It’s looking pretty good, don’t you think? Looking forward to Saturdays new rows to do, even though I have this weeks to catch up with! 


I’ve put a ball of wool in the picture so you can see how big it is – you can’t really see the size from it lying on the floor. I crocheted the top three lines on the train home yesterday, and could have done more, but had left the yarn in my suitcase, which I wasn’t going to rummage through on the train. (It was packed full of JUST yarn…). So, I decided to take the plunge and use my time wisely to sew in all the loose ends that were hanging off the sides. I got one side done. So, looks like I am going to have to take another hour or so to sew the next side up. I am loving this CAL and would highly recommend it. 

I decided to have a go at spinning up yarn samples for each of the batts I have completed. I sat outside and spun up a small batt of Jacobs. I then Andean plyed it, which took agggges! 


The one on the right turned into this… 


Need to wash it and hang it up to straighten out the kinks, which I might do just before I go to bed. Hang it up and it should be ready in the morning to skein up and place with the others 🙂 I already have a Herdwick sample, and a red Scottish Blackface one, so just a Ryeland, Jacobs mix dark, and a Jacobs mix light to do. Oh, I also washed one of the Hebridean fleeces, but it’s pretty poor. I don’t think I did too much damage when washing, but it seems to have felted pretty badly. I don’t think it is going to be much use for anything other than needle felting, but I can always try. I am going to try and use it for my banner if I can. I recently threw away a bag of rubbishy fleece that had been washed – might just get it back out again and try needle felting with it; that way I don’t need to use my good stuff. 

Anyway, it’s getting late and I’ve chatted enough about what’s gone on lately. Have a good evening! 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


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  1. Oh wow, it looks like you have been very busy and you have been doing plenty of shopping! Your blanket is looking wonderful! I can’t believe you managed to crochet it on the train! Mine is huge and it would get everywhere! lol.

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