Been a busy day today in this house. I had my first go at dyeing with kool-aid. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I imagined that the dyes would go pretty watery and one packet would be a very pale colour. Well, I was proved wrong instantly! 

I started by choosing the colours I wanted and pouring the powder into a cup. Hardly any powder, maybe a teaspoons full? I then poured in 200ml or so of hot water into the cup to make up the dye. The cherry or strawberry one made a very strong red which I was quite surprised with. 

I took all my hankies and roving out of the soaking vinegar bowl they were in and wrung them out so they were just slightly damp. The first set of hankies I put into a small bowl of warm water and then spooned different dyes onto each half. 


For some reason the photo didn’t take properly… not amused at that. Anyway, this is grape and strawberry dye. Again, very surprised at how strong it is. I then covered the bowl with cling film, and popped it into the microwave for two minutes, left it for a minute, and then in the microwave for another minute. I left it to cool down as much as possible and then I rinsed it underneath warm water from the tap. It was then laid to dry on a draining rack. 

Here is an example of more dyeing I did… 


Sadly, neither the hot pink (back left) or yellow and orange worked out due to being food dyes. They must need leaving in a hell of a long time to work into the hankies. I put them in the microwave but nothing happened. I just rinsed out both hankies and left the ‘yellow and orange’ one to dye. The hot pink one I dumped in the dye of purple grape and got a lovely purple silk hankie! 

Here they all are drying… 


As you can see I also dyed some roving. This was done using the cling film method. I simply lay out four pieces of cling film on the counter, with the roving on top of it. I then simply spooned out the dye to where I wanted it to be, squished the wool to make sure they dye was all in and soaked, then wrapped it up. 


I then put it in the microwave for a few minutes, waited for it to cool down, and then this… 


I’m very pleased with it. Here is the other one I dyed hanging up. 


The green is a bit manky – it was from a ‘gold’ packet. But it might turn out ok, we shall see. I dyed a tiny bit of roving in the same colours, which I am going to test spin myself to try out fractual spinning. 


I adore the red one, it’s got such a lucious, silky sheen to it, and feels ultra soft. The one to the left of it is a mix of colours. Where it is quite white in the middle is where I put yellow food dye onto it… which washed out instantly, which is super disappointing. But never mind, I like the colours nevertheless! The purple one is gorgeous too, I’ll see if I can get a super strong purple sometime. I can def. see myself ordering plenty more kool-aid! 

I decided to use up the rest of my 56’s English Top in making some coloured batts. I got a bit carried away and made six… I enjoyed it very much and had great fun designing which colours to use. 

I made a green and white one, a three blue and white one, a pink and white sparkly one, a yellow, orange and white sparkly one, a red and white sparkly one, and a pink kool-aid dyed (!) blended 56’s English Top with the white top. Love them all. Can’t wait until I get my ribbon. Pity it’s coming from China, so I have quite a bit of time to wait! Ah well, I will get them soon, but I am thinking I had best leave my batts out flat, rather then roll them into bags. I dunno, I’ll see what happens when I eventually run out of space. Soon… 


I didn’t think to wear gloves when I was doing all that dyeing – stupid really. My hands looked like they had been dipped in blood afterwards! Still do… 


Oooh, I also got my cocoons today. Fred hates the smell of them and couldn’t get his face away quick enough! I haven’t tried them out yet, that might be something to do tomorrow or Sunday. Haven’t got photos yet, but probably later. 

Whilst I was washing out the hankies earlier, I had my back to the rest of the kitchen. I turned round to find this! 


Cheeky, huh? Fred didn’t seem too fussed they were eating his weetabix, but he had finished with them ages ago. The fuss it took to get them out the kitchen! Chickens are wily creatures and will do anything for some food! Made me laugh though, they are all so wonderful together. I am a very, very lucky person indeed. 🙂 And I’m grateful for what I have, everyday. 

I think I must go to bed now, hope everyone has a good evening. 🙂 

xXx Love Kais xXx 




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