Well, today has been a good day indeed! 

Started off the morning by going to a car boot, I always love going to car boots. For the benefit of my American readers, a car boot is simply where people take all the stuff they want to sell to a pre-determined place, (usually a field on a Sunday), park in rows, and set up tables with their wares in front of the boot of their car. Very rarely do people literally sell from the boot of their car! I love these as they are generally pretty cheap and you never know what you are going to find. 

Me and Mum went and we bought a great array of things. I bought a set of 1-31 crime magazines. I find the articles fascinating, and it’s something I would love to learn more about, forensics, etc. That was £2. At another stall, nearer the bottom, there was a huge blue, sort of rectangular bin, full of wool from the magazine of ‘The Art of’ series. I think they had bought the yarn wholesale and were selling it at 5 for £1. Pretty good deal, I suppose. The bloke there said that I could fill an average size bag for £5, which i thought was a very good deal! I managed to fill the bag with 65 balls! Maybe I should have got two bags….? I know it is only acrylic, but it would have made great blanket squares. Maybe next time. I plan on selling it on eBay, along with the magazines I have from the series. I’ve put it up rather high, but if it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t sell, I can always make it lower, or use the yarn myself! I need to put the yarn out of my sight, or I will use it! 


We also got some material for F, some dvds and a book for D, some talking tapes for my Mum, and some great magazines on military uniforms for my Dad. He will probably put them in his shop – we source loads of great stock for him at car boot sales. 

I forgot to add in the photos of the cocoons I got the other day. I STILL haven’t tried using them, grrr! I will try them out sometime – after all that fussing about getting them, I’m surprised at myself. 


I need to get a small square piece of wood with a nail in each corner. This is for when I stretch the cocoons into hankies. They need somewhere to dry into shape. 

The next photo is of the fiber that I had dyed the other day. This was only a short sample fibre, and the colours don’t look too good together. The greeny yellowy colour is a bit odd, but it grew on me… 


Oh, and the book I’m reading underneath? A ‘Diana’ annual 1970 something. I LOVE these type of annuals, and so does my Mum. Our favourites are the ‘Misty’ annuals. I got Mum a CD with all the magazines on, and printed the first one out for her for Christmas, along with a charm bracelet similar to the first one on the very first magazine ever printed. 

This is what the yarn looked like after fractual spinning and plying… 


I am super pleased with it, it looks far better than I thought. 

Ok, well, the next big thing? I got another spinning wheel! Someone was selling one on Ravelry. It is a beautiful Ashford Traditional and is in immaculate condition. Dark, polished wood, with four bobbins.  The drive band is string, with a plastic brake band. It is a single treadle too, which is what I am used to. 

What do you think? 



Isn’t it a beauty? The photo below shows that bobbin and flyer. 


This photo below shows that the flyer can lift up and down. I didn’t know they could do that! This is where you can take the drive band off the wheel, or tighten it. You can also move the whole section across to line the wheel with the whorls on the flyer. 


(Ignore the fact that the box in the cupboard says lust. It is a box that had perfume in it, honest!) 


Front view – you can see the orifice hook hanging down. I would like to decorate this somehow. I have some ideas… I think FIMO clay would have a good part to play in this. 

I am planning on joining in a short competition in the Ashford UK Spinners Group on Ravelry. You have to do something ‘first’ for it. This means a first try on a new wheel, or trying a new fibre, etc. I plan on using my ‘new’ wheel, and spinning up some dyed alpaca tops from Woolfest, as well as creating a batt of alpaca fleece and spinning that. The prizes are pretty awesome! Even if I don’t win anything, I will still have fun. 

Oh, wow! By the way, I got into the Kendal Woolgathering stall! I will now be selling my own woollen produce and kits. I CANNOT wait, and have so many ideas!!! Since I only have a month and a half really to get stuff done I need to get started on lots more stock. I plan on having – 

  • Drop-spindle kits
  • Single fleece batts
  • Mixed coloured batts
  • Sparkly batts 
  • Bags of washed fleece
  • Small, needle felting packs

I am going to create a set of bunting with my ‘company’ name on it – EmpressFibres. My Mum and I are going to get a white sheet and cut it into large bunting triangles. Each triangle will have a letter of EmpressFibres on it. I will be needle-felting it onto each triangle using the odd bits of fleece I cannot use for anything else. Cannot wait! 

I am working at a school tomorrow morning – feeling pretty sicky at the thought as I haven’t taught in months. I have a P7 class, the oldest ones! As if that’s not terrifying. Well, not as scary as P1’s I can tell you! When I get home I think I need to start on my stock and working out what I need. Might practice my needle-felting on an old sheet. 

Anyway, off to get my work sheets ready and go and stuff myself with lemon meringue pie, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! 

Hope everyone has a great night, 

xXx Love Kais xXx 


xXx Do leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! xXx

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