It went pretty well at the school today. I got up about half seven/quarter to eight and it hardly takes me any time at all to get ready. The class was so good! The teacher already had work set which was good – it makes SUCH a difference when the teachers leave work with precise instructions, rather than some scrappy notes with indecipherable handwriting. Anyway, this class was very good, and I look forward to working with them again. I need to see the HeadTeacher tomorrow, so I’m hoping it’s about me doing some more supply for them. This would be perfect if I could, seeing as the school is only 3 minutes or so from my house!

I had a go at using my spinning wheel today – my new one that is. It was very interesting, and a lot different from the Bliss. I decided to spin some unknown, hand-painted fibre. It was full of vibrant purples, with splashes of hot pinks, blues and creams. Very pretty. This was from Woolfest at a donations stall.


Changing the bobbins on the flyer was different too. You sort of lift up the flyer and slide the bobbin off. The brake band on the bobbin also sort of stretches over the bobbin too, and hooks onto a small hook on the other side. You have to tighten this by twisting a knob at the front of the wheel. I found that you sort of need to push the knob in at the same time, otherwise the force on the brake band makes it twist around and loosen.

Anyway, back to the spinning. Here is the first bobbin full –


(That is my foot you can see in the corner – what an odd angle I must have taken this photo at!) I’m pleased with this spinning, but I’m perhaps thinking it may have needed a slightly higher twist?

I pre-drafted the fibre into long stripes rather than simply drafting from the whole thing, which I don’t tend to like doing. Some I did in centimetre thick stripes or so, and then drafting it until the fibre was as thick as I was going to spin it.

Here is my sweetheart looking after it –


I then had a break for dinner and got straight onto the second bobbin.


I like the splashes of colour now and again through the purple. I took the bobbin off and replaced it with a new one, and started to ply the wool together. At first it seemed fairly easy, and then for some reason, the treadling got harder and harder. I moved the wool up a hook, and it was easy for a minute, then got harder. This kept up until I had finished. I don’t think I did anything wrong. I eased on the brake band, and tightened it up, everything I could think of! Ah well. Maybe next time I will have a super good look at it. I took the wool off the bobbin and skeined it up using my black board. This was then tied in three different places.


What do you think?


Yep, pretty pleased about that… ๐Ÿ˜€

I was meant to write something else on here, but I can’t remember what it is… ahhh! Oh yes, I was reading someones blog about not buying any yarn or fabrics, or any craft stuff for a whole year – cold sheeping she called it! I thought it sounded insane (me, of all people, not spending? Yeah right… ) Anyway, the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like a good idea. I have too much, I know I do, I do NOT need to buy any more. Maybe I’ll start off small, don’t buy anything craft related for a month. It’s not like I need to buy anything new anyway. After my rather extravagant purchase yesterday it will probably save my poor bank account.

Ok, I say right now. I will not buy anything I do not NEED. As in, cannot live without, or I need it to survive. No clothes, no craft things, no books, nothing. I think I will also check out the prices of things I am tempted to buy and write them down. That way, at the end of the month I will see what I have saved and that will spur me on further. (Let’s see how this goes).

Had the chickens out today down the garden. (Our garden is separated into separate sort of squares. We have the yard, then the rockery, then a small shrub garden, then a tree shaded patio where the chimeneer is, and then the large grassy garden at the bottom with the apple trees, rhubarb patch and two small sheds.). Since Mum was at the bottom and it was only Donna wandering around, I picked her up and took her down. She loved it. and got to work trying to dig up some of the shrubs! Cheeky girl. Freddy was fascinated and stood watching her.

I let the hamsters out for a bit today, well, the three girls anyway. Isa stayed in her cage – being out of it too long shatters her! Such a sweetheart. They were playing in a cardboard hamster house. They seemed to like sitting under it more than anything.


I had a go at practising the needle-felting last night. I found some old material in the cupboard and with a pen, I marked out a large E. I then filled it in using my own fleece, in this case, the Jacobs mix. I need to get some photos of the finished E, M and the sheep I did. Yep, I needle felted a sheep with Scottish Blackface, Hebridean and a little Jacobs mix – it was so adorable when it was finished ๐Ÿ˜€


It worked out pretty well, so now I just need to get a simple white sheet. There should be one in the house somewhere. There I will make some triangles and needle felt more letters on it. Can’t wait! I will certainly put up some photos when I am done.

Anyway, I think I must go now. I have a hospital appointment in the morning, but that should be over quite quickly. I am having a check-up on my, or lack of, tonsils. They just want to see how the surgery went, if the healing is ok, and all that jazz. Shouldn’t last too long I hope… need to figure out what knitting to take with me. Shame I can’t take my blanket!

Right, off to bed now, have a great evening everyone!

xXx Love Kais xXx


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